Save Our Children from Political Interference in Education

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We all automatically believe what we read or we are told without  pausing to think about it.

  Forward is dedicated to promoting research based challenges and information

Socpie is slowly moving away
from challenging unacceptable practice & misrepresentations
towards having a more proactive role.
The next campaign is that it must be accepted 
that children's learning potential is not equal.

   Children only have one education. Politicians come and go. Initiatives that please the media or score political point and, or win votes in the next election will do little for children's learning interests. There are political pressure groups fighting their causes also.

 The damage that ill-conceived and ill-though through educational policies can have upon children can  be as great as poor medical care, but the effects of it are often not seen by those who posit them. Children only have one education.

 There are a lot of  'fake news' and 'neuro-myths' being circulated about educational issues. The person in the street often fails to understand that teaching is a deep science. An aim of this website is to cite those who posit them and to offer references to support the citations.
 John Howard-Jones neuroscientist, educationalist, contends that professional teachers  "Rewire the structure of brains in ways that can be as biological and ultimately as life changing as the effects of neuro-surgery.

  Ann Mortz, Editor of the Times Educational Supplement, made the appeal to save children from political intereference in response to the criticism of the contraversial rigorous English 2015 primary Sats in her 15th May 2016 editorial.  

 Socpie , which is being developed into a professional association of qualified teachers, respects the fact that children's education is too important to be left to political rhetoric, hope, optimism and guesswork. 

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The concerns that Socpie will address are:-     

  • the misinterpretation of the Pisa international school rankings that is causing political points scoring in the United Kingdom and is creating a doom and gloom attitude about school standards that has created pressure on governments to implement 'knee jerk’ reforms;
  • the unwillingness of politicians and the media to accept that children’s learning potential is not equal, which is damaging children’s education by creating unrealistic attainment targets; 
  • the political interference and the ‘fake new’ that is being disseminated in Wales about school Welsh language learning issues and generally, children learning interests must come first;
  •  the low morale and impoverished public status of professional teachers.t.

About Howard

       Howard Gunn is a retired professional teacher, who possesses a initial and higher educational (Teaching) degree in maths and science. His full CV is on About Howard. 

 . Howard remains a member of his professional association, the NAS/UWT. 

    There are also free access to two pdf copies of books on more professional articles on:-
H.G. Educational consultancy- (Clck)         

 Wallace (2009) in the researched Oxford Educational Dictionary states that:-

       "Although like most other professions. teaching requires a lengthy period of training and adherence to a professional code of conduct, many would argue that that are not normally accorded the parity of status with the other professions, such as law and medicine." 

 There are far too many "Tom, Dicks and Mary" believing they are authorities on education and some are even playing at being teachers.

 Wallace (2009) in the researched Oxford Educational Dictionary also states that  only legally qualified Q.T.S. and Q.T.L.S teachers are only entitled to call themselves teachers. Even university academics, are tutors.      

      Amanda Spielman, new head of Ofstead contended

 Education is the great force of human advancement, of advancement of civilisation."

and that :-

“It a lovely combination of the human and the intellectual- it’s big, it’s
omplicated, but above all it has such a profound influence upon people’s lives!"

Professional teachers have the expertise to understand the implications of how educational initiatives, how children respond to them and what children are capable of achieving. 


Educational Standards

 The Cockrcoft Report 1982 into mathematical education, which took five years to research and compile, referred to concern raised about standards in the subject dating back to 1886. He contended in the early 1980s that there was unrealistic expectation of what children can be expected to achieve in the subject. A new book "The Testing Charade" by Daniel Kortez illustrates the cheating and other problem that has arisen in United States , because of the unrealistic educational targets being set.

     Although it appear politically unpalatable for politician's to admit, research clearly illustrates that the learning potential of children is not equal. Every person brain is as unique as their faces. Enabling children to reach their full learning potential can have a profound influence on their future lives.

   There is no simple answer to problem of differentation in education, but children are not clones, and we cannot expect all children to reach the same standard of attainment. Success will always be more difficult to certain children to achieve than others, however hard they work, especially in basic skills like English and mathematics.