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       Howard Gunn is a retired professional teacher, who possesses a initial and higher educational (Teaching) degree in maths and science. He has had training at initial and higher degree level in curriculum development and assessment; educational research methodology; readability and the presentation of teaching materials; child development. He is an authority on readability and the presentation of teaching materials.

     Howard has also undertaken classroom based research at initial a degree level.

      Howard also possess a post graduate diploma that covers the primary curriculum. He is Q.T.S. qualified to teach English and Welsh.

     Howard is an authority on formative learning. He has no political affiliations. He is a generalist who has a cross curricula perspective on learning, who has teaching subject specialism in maths, music, science and history. He is a Q.T.S. qualified advanced skills teacher.
        Howard has done some part-time work teaching adult learners with learning difficulties.

 Howard in his retirement has research second language acquisition, language cognition and working memory. He has written five privately published book.

 Howard improved his Welsh language in his retirement. He has written a leading edge Welsh language learning methods, which he wrote for Welsh adult learners, but owing the disinterest in his work, the personal abuse and prejudiced that he has received, he no longer has an interest in developing his Welsh language work.  He has a basic understanding of Welsh.

 Howard has created H.Gunn Educational Consultancy (hgunn.uk) website where he is offering free professional advice, where the issues referred to in this website are discussed in more detail. He is not selling his services for financial remuneration. Howard remains a member of his professional association.
       Wallace (2009) in the researched Oxford Educational Dictionary states that:-

       "Although like most other professions. teaching requires a lengthy period of training and adherence to a professional code of conduct, many would argue that that are not normally accorded the parity of status with the other professions, such as law and medicine." 

 There are far too many "Tom, Dicks and Mary" believing they are authorities on education and some are even playing at being tutors.

     Wallace (2009) in the researched Oxford Educational Dictionary also states that only legally qualified Q.T.S. and Q.T.L.S teachers are entitled to call themselves teachers. Even university academics, are tutors.     

      Amanda Spielman, new head of Ofstead contended

 Education is the great force of human advancement, of advancement of civilisation."

and that :-

“It a lovely combination of the human and the intellectual- it’s big, it’s
omplicated, but above all it has such a profound influence upon people’s lives!"

Professional teachers have the expertise to understand the implications of educational initiatives, how children respond to them and what children are capable of achieving.