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  Read about Aran Jones, the Welsh language campaigner, who has no recognised teaching qualification, claim he invented a miracle method of language learning.

        Aran Jones has been claiming on his website that whilst some people take years to learn Welsh, some people can learn Welsh in a couple of weeks and that they can be happily chatting away with anyone they meet. He has claimed he learnt Manx from scratch to a conversational level in five intensive hours.
  Aran has referred to his miracle 'fast memorisation'  method of language learning as the new way forward for language learning and that it could be done in any language.

Professor Tess Fitpatrick, Swansea University, has been patronising his methods for unknown reasons.

  Martin Shipton Media Welsh Chief Editor enquired "How on Earth Would he do it?". Perhaps, how he got away with it is more appropriate words to use!

Communicating is new language is much higher order skill than simply presenting a dialogue, talking about something. Learners do not learn a new language phonology, a significant number of words and language instantly. Alcohol inhibits the creation of memory. The Manx conversation had to be 'rigged'.

  Aran Jones is offering a website service, not face to face lessons. He cannot possibly assess the thousands of learners he claims have learn Welsh using his methods, especially those across then world. He applied to have the assessments approved by Agored Cymru, but they rejected his application.

 How did he do it?

1. He has been working for months with his partner Estyn ap Dafydd to create a Manx version of his website, it is assumed he learnt the Manx language phonology.

2. Aran was never heard constructing any Manx in his lessons, he was just copying phrases that were said to him.

3. All he did was repeat phrases that were said to him for seven hours, which he interjected to take sips of vodka, he was just playing being a 'parrot'.

5. Aran had his computer in front of him to allow him to read his lesson phrases from.

6. Aran must have arranged the Manx conversation he had with Ardain Cairns. He probably read that from his computer also.

The enclosed from Petty (2009) proves that Aran claims are nonsense

      This is a Amazon review of Aron's Jones Kindle book:-

“The introduction is just a 'hook' reeling you in for your wallet. The whole thing is an advertisement. It seems the author usually sells his services on line for ten - fifteen pounds and hour.

    Full of patter and no content, not even in English, for how to apply this so called method which doesn't really extend beyond speaking words out loud and learning them in blocks followed by a long period of neglect!

    To be honest I would expect someone to tell me that much for nothing in casual conversation at a bus stop.

  There are references at the end to the great Michel Thomas (which incidentally I have used extensively and MOST CERTAINLY AND UNRESERVEDLY DO HIGHLY recommend) and also the famous Pimsluer courses, just in case you're a language wimp not up for the two levels of Spanish produced thus far or the more extensive Welsh
the authors efforts in the first place. 

    In my opinion the author ought to be prosecuted under the trades descriptions act for selling an advert in the guise of a book.
I might add that I am also well disappointed with Amazon for colluding in that. 

    No doubt there will be other points of view out there, but, those are mine, and I have no relationship whatsoever to any individual or group mentioned in this review beyond that of a customer. Nor have I ever
written a review for payment of any kind. 

  Dr. Margaret Newcombe expalins how difficult it is for uses to apply Welsh

Dr. Newcombe.pdf

   Aran Jones describes his having an interest in language and he has a relationship with the Welsh universities. 


Aran Jones has claimed that:-

  • whilst some leaners spend years learning Welsh some can be speaking to anyone they meet in short time scales (Website). It takes around 10,000 to develop a new language fluency and around 6,000 for basic fluency, but even when learners succeeded they may not be able to use every website

  • it is possible through high intensity training to learn languages in accelerated timescales to a basic communicative level using his website methods,  five intensive weekends in one claim and seven hours in another [Various sources]. Learning of not new information is not a instant process, words and grammatical form need to grown into accuracy and fluency,  attempting to learn too much superficially will cause interference and tiredness.

  • it is crazy to believe that grammar should be learnt [Website]. Grammar relates to the word order that must be learnt to apply meaningful language, however it learnt. Mc Allister refers to SSIW being the most visited Welsh language website and that learners are too frightened to speak Welsh for fear of getting wrong.

  • learners should not learn through translation, what is referred to as positive language transfer, and he refers to professional translators to support his claims. [Webite]  All learners will use their native language to make sense of new language, it is scaffold that equips them to learn language more effectively]

  • learners should not learn written language and professional teachers use it because it easier for them to do it with classes. [Website] It is well documented that spoken language is transitory, it cannot be stopped in time and analysed, and that written language offers valuable learning support.  This is why illiterate people have impoverished oral language skills. 

  • learners should listen to Welsh radio and language at double speed. [ Kindle Book].  New learners cannot cope with language a normal speed, there is no spaces between words in spoken languages so they will not be able to identify specific words.

  • learners  are either aural or visual learners [Website]. This is misunderstanding that exists amongst Welsh tutors including Jen Llewellyn (re. her book), some learners are stronger visual learners than other, but all people are stronger visual learners than others. They are misinterpretating the concept of accelerated learning.

  • learners cannot learn through using books ]Website]. This appears to be part of Aran Jones attempt to discredit every alternative language learning method that exists to make his method unique. Books are used across a whole range of subject learning. There are even academic text books for cognitive science students.

 There some claims made that are so confused it unclear of whether Aran Jones understands them. He is clearly saying the 'first thing that comes into his head ' to justify his unique version of Wlpan.  There is noting special about his claimed miracle methods apart from his ridiculous claims.

  Aran Jones claims he wants people to speak Welsh across the world and that he wants people across the world to communicate with each other through Welsh as opposed to English. He wants to create colonies of Welsh speakers to come to colonise Wales. He is creating his courses in a range of different other languages to make money out of them.              

   Aran Jones is referring to his methods as being more effective that the Welsh for Adult ones. He has creating his own 'Welsh boot camps' to compete with the charity 'Nant Gwethryn' charity Welsh language centre. His has been agressively marketed his website courses. 

  The problem is that people believe that new language can be easily learn and that all that they need to do is to learn phrases like 'parrots'. Aran Jones is exploiting this myth.

        All Aran Jones appears interested in is playing politics and taking money out of learners pockets. It appears he was financially remunerated for advertising Manx Vodka in his Manx in a Day stint.

   Cardiff and Swansea University approved his methods. Professor Tess Fitzpartick endorsed his methods.

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Professional Status of Teachers

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The original Kindle attack:-


Hurd and Murphy (2006) wars about claims about learning languages in weeks.

Hurd and Murphy.pdf

Hunter and Turner (2007) Honest Welsh Language tutors state the learning of grammar is essential.

Hunter and Turner.pdf

If Aran Jones is really interested in saving the living Welsh language, why isn't he offering his lessons to enable Welsh speakers to improve their Welsh, as Hurd and Murphy claim is needed,  bearing in mind how quickly he claims novices can learn it.

Hunter and Turner 3.pdf