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  Read about Aran Jones, the Welsh language campaigner, who has no recognised teaching qualification, Saysomethinginwelsh website where he claims he invented a miracle version of Wlpan the 1950s Skinnerist learning method. His claims are abjectly silly.

        Aran Jones has been claiming on his Sayanthinghelikes website that

"Whilst some people take years to learn Welsh, some people can learn Welsh in a couple of weeks and that they can be happily chatting away with anyone they meet." He has claimed he learnt Manx from scratch to a conversational level in five intensive hours.
  Aran has referred to his miracle 'fast memorisation'  method of language learning as the new way forward for language learning and that it could be done in any language.

Paper on Wlpan Type Method

      Aran Jones is applying his own unique version of the Welsh university Wlpan method of learning. It is a behaviourist method of learning. What Confuscious, who died in 489 B.C. as a 'Feed the Duck' method of learning. Human beings are intelligent species, they are not animal rats or pigeons.

          Dr. Margaret Newcombe (2008) claimed that Wlpan was a proven method of language learning that does not suit all learners needs. Wikepedia suggest that Wplan, which simply the Welsh for Ulpan that in Israel,  "A government study in 2007 has shown that even after five months of intensive Hebrew study at Ulpan, sixty percent of new immigrants over the age of thirty cannot read, write or speak Hebrew at a minimum level."   

   The method is being applied in Scotland where learners are required to memorise sets of phrase each week like 'parrots'. It is behaviourist animal training method. It provides learners with a empathy of what is like to be a parrot.

  Hunter and Turner (2006) contend that the authorities were concerned about the high discontinuity rates of Welsh Adult learners. Aran's method is based upon a misinterpretation of Krashen methods.

This is Aran Jones Amusing Methods and Claimsz

1, Aran Jones has no recognised  legal teaching qualifications or training on how to research educational, learning issues. Much of what he asserts is clearly 'made up'.  

2.  Why he believe that he can create and discover a 'unique' miracle method of language learning is delusional. There is a vast amount of research on how we learn.

3. Why he  believes that his 'fast memorisation' Bostick instant fix method of language learning has validity is a complete mystery.  It is animal training methods, a brain dead method for tutor and learners, Conficious 848 B.C. refers to it as the 'feed the duck' method of learning.

4. He claims that is possible for learners to learn to speak Welsh to anyone they meet in a few weeks is delusional.  Research suggests that it takes 10,000 hours to develop fluency in a new language.

5. Aran Jones' 'brain shock' learning methods are fictional also. The only shock the brain can have is concussion.

6. Aran Jones believes that new language should be listed to a double speed. They will struggle to understand it a half speed.

7. He believes that many people are blind, they can only learn aurally. Perhaps they have not been to Specsavers.

8. His 'insanely intensive' course are insane.  
Cramming information retards learning.

9. A review of his course on Amazon UK Kindle suggest it was type of language you would be expected to be given for nothing at the bus  stop.  i am not sure that is even valid, they would not pick up at bus stop either.

10. Aran Jones advises learners to cut out the complicated stuff and he is methods are unique.
 When all the complicated stuff is taken out, then all is left is over simplistic trash.

Review of Aran's Kindle Book

“The introduction is just a 'hook' reeling you in for your wallet. The whole thing is an advertisement. It seems the author usually sells his services on line for ten - fifteen pounds and hour.

    Full of patter and no content, not even in English, for how to apply this so called method which doesn't really extend beyond speaking words out loud and learning them in blocks followed by a long period of neglect!

    To be honest I would expect someone to tell me that much for nothing in casual conversation at a bus stop.

  There are references at the end to the great Michel Thomas (which incidentally I have used extensively and MOST CERTAINLY AND UNRESERVEDLY DO HIGHLY recommend) and also the famous Pimsluer courses, just in case you're a language wimp not up for the two levels of Spanish produced thus far or the more extensive Welsh
 the authors efforts in the first place.

    In my opinion the author ought to be prosecuted under the trades descriptions act for selling an advert in the guise of a book. I might add that I am also well disappointed with Amazon for colluding in that.

    No doubt there will be other points of view out there, but, those are mine, and I have no relationship whatsoever to any individual or group mentioned in this review beyond that of a customer. Nor have I ever
written a review for payment of any kind.

Evidence of Fraudalent Behaviour

If Anyone Makes Claims they cannot Deliver they are Committing Fraud

Read Daily Mail Case

Contact Action Fraud


 Aran was claiming to have an association wIth Agored Cymru for two years despite the fact he had no relation with them

 Aran Jones Prospectus for his Bogus Agored Cymru Accredited Assessments

Other Letters from Agored Cymru

Letter to the Police from Saysometinginwelsh

 How did he do he Manx is Day Stunt?

       Aran had been working for months with his partner Estyn ap Dafydd to create a Manx version of his website, he had learn the phonology of Manx.

  Aran is very good a marketing his miracle methods of Welsh leaning.  He makes ridicolous promises he cannot deliver. He claiming his courses insanely intensive, they are insane,  he is just promising things he knows he cannot deliver.
Definition of insane "In a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill."    He is admitting the claim has not validity. It is ridicolous.
   He has no recgonised teaching qualifications. The Wlpan type method he is positing died out of usage in the 1980s

    Aran Jones is simply apply is unique form of the Wlpan method where he castigates every element of proven practice. 

      Aran's methods are so unique that no one else practices them on planet earth. He appears to say the first think that comes into his head. He makes up ridicolous promises he cannot deliver.

  Aran  has no teaching qualifications. He has never read a book in his life. He does not know how to learn           

    Aran is just playing be tutor and researcher. He use ridicolous language.

Aran Jones - Amusing Justification Wlpan

Aran claims it crazy to believe that grammar should be taught.  His pathetic excuse is that English don't speak perfect grammar. Learning grammar is in pure term learning the appropriate word order to construct meaning. Languages cannot applied without an understanding of grammar. (The Mac Allister report refer to many Welsh learners being to frightened to speak Welsh, because of lack of understanding about grammar).

Aran claims that schools get children to read and write because it is easier for them to teach children in classes of 20 to 30Aran advises learners to listen to language at double speed in his Kindle Book. What is so clearly ignorant of is that spoken language is very transitory, there are no gaps between spoken word unlike written' ones, and written language supports the development of aural language. Iliterate people have very poor oral language skils.

Aran castigates what he believe schools failing children through not giving attention to speaking and listening.  Anyone who applies his silly advice of listening to radio and at double speed will be wasting their time. He does not have a clue how learners learn.

  Aran Jones final brainstorm about listening to radio Wales at  normal speed suggest he appears to be illiterate or he has never met a Welsh learner. It defies stupidity. Learners will find it extremely difficult to identity the unfamiliar phonemes of language at slow speak. It is going to take thousands of hours before they would able to identify word on radio program designed for fluent Welsh speakers.

  Aran is marketing his course to Welsh learners who are struggling to learn Welsh, who are finding Welsh difficult and making ridicolous promises he cannot deliver. Learners are applying self-imposed community services of practicising and trying to memorise phrases like 'parrots'. It gives them a false sense of progress on a journey to nowhere.   

This is how Aran Jones is trying to market his money making schemes to learners struggling to learn Welsh. If the University are not solely dedicated to making learning Welsh as easy and accessible to their hard working conscientious learners, then they should find another job.

          If you are struggling to learn Welsh then Sayanythingyoulike is the website that you should use. All you have to do is give Saysomethinginwelsh your money, practice phrases like parrots, and do a community service of practising Welsh. 

         The reason why no on else of planet earth uses Aran Jones methods is because they do not work. The Wlpan method based on research with Palov and his dogs. It animal training method.

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