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        The feature of education reform is that develop from the known to the unknown. Professor Dylan Wiliam, who lectures on education throughout the world, refers to a whole range of education initiative that have failed to deliver their promised outcome.

        The abiding theme is that standards of teaching dictates the quality of children's learning. The problem with radical educational change is that it is a step into the unknown. What is promised may not be delivered.

       There have been serious concerns raised about the Scottish Curriculum, which is a more established version of the Welsh Curriculum. The Scottish Government is reviewing their curriculum.
  It must be seriously questioned whether the Welsh curriculum reforms can deliver its promises.

       One the most commendable government curriculum developments initiative was the introduction of the primary literacy and numeracy hour development. A vast amount of work went into researching and developing the initiative. Research suggests that it had a minimal impact upon raising children attainment in those basic skills.

      The National Curriculum was composed by curriculum subject working parties. Each subject working party pushed their subject to the nth degree. The fundamental problem was that no one considered the curriculum load as a whole.


Scottish Welsh Curriculum Crisis