Is Professor Graham Donaldson Curriculum Vision A Dream

 The Welsh Government must be commended for its educational policies. There is evidence that education is becoming de-politicised in England now after Michael Gove Education disaster. 

 What Graham Donaldson asserts is commendable, such as his advice on school inspections, but what he is proposing is radical reform of education and the question is whether he can deliver his reforms. There issues of whether standards can be improved in subjects like maths. 

Howard pursued his educational degrees from 1984 to 1990 part-time as a teacher. He retains documentary evidence of that illustrates what was planned for 1990s National Curriculum was never delivered.

    Dylan Wiliam, who is recognised world authority on education was associated with Paul Black, who advised on the National Curriculum. and also Margaret Brown,  who was a leading mathematical education. He claims that curriculum reform does not improve educational standards. Apparently he was appointed to inform on the development of the new English National Curriculum under Michael Gove Education Minister directorship, but he resigned. It is understandable why.

    There has been recent deep debates that has been undertaken in the Times Educational Supplement. It is reasonable to suggest that there is fundamental revolution taking place in education. There are and will never be simple answers to educational problems, but there is developing certainty about certain issue.  There recognition that we cannot no longer assert that children have equal learning potential. Not every child is capable of achieving five G.C.S.E.'s. Their learning potential is not equal.

     Donaldson concept of curriculum development is a bottom up one. It could be viewed as a left wing curriculum, because it empowers schools to develop their own curriculum. This is reverting back to the curriculum that existed in the 1980s. A right wing curriculum is where governments provide a rigidly imposed curriculum. This was the weakness of the National curriculum in the 1990s.

      The Cockcroft Report 1982 contended that a curriculum such developed from what the least able can achieve. 

      The is now an interesting series on the curriculum in the T.E.S. and this issue will be considered after the series has been completed.

Socpie Aims for 2019

  Socpie addressed important issues in 2018 in respect of the proposal that all children in Wales should be educated through the medium of Welsh. There public had been misinformed and a lot of "Tom, Dicks and Mary's" became embroiled in the debate, who possessed an impoverished understanding of what a deep issue it was. Children will always learn most effectively in their native language.

Socpie first 2019 aim is to address the issue of Welsh for Adult tutors, who has been misinforming the Welsh public about learning issues and who are offering parents and even children impoverished and even reckless learning advice.

Accepting that there is and there will be simple answers to complex educational problems children's learning interests must always come first, however politically unpalatable tbst is. 

1. Welsh Language issues are very emotional issues in Wales, but there are no simple answers to how the Welsh language can be saved. Children's learning interests must come first. The issue of language learning and Welsh medium are deep educational issues.

2. The Pisa international rankings and estimated scores are farcical. They do not allow valid comparisons of children's performance in different countries. Doing well in Pisa should not be the sole focus of countries educational policies.

3. The taboo that all children's learning potential is equal most be cast to the history book. Children who are below average should not be viewed as failures. There are no simple answers to this problem.
4. The concept of a 21st Century Curriculum is a commendable one, but it must be based upon pure pedagogic foundations. There are a myriad of political educational initiatives that have been tried and failed. The classical curriculum should not unquestionably adandoned.

5. There are no other profession that has to confront "Tom, Dicks, and Mary's" misleading the public through playing being teachers, researchers and authorities on education. Legally only Q.T.S and Q.T.L.S. teachers in Wales and Scotland are entitled to call themselves teachers. These people need to be exposed.

6. The Welsh for Adult Service that Teachers must use to learn Welsh for Teaching purposes and parents, who do not speak Welsh, who want to learning Welsh to support their children's learning remains substandard. There has been 'fake news' disseminated about learning issues.

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