Advice to Parents -

              Although it a taboo for politicians to admit, cognitive and genetic research illustrates that our brains as a different as our faces in terms of structure and content. This does not mean that children's attainment is predetermined, but it does mean that certain children have got to work a lot harder to reach a  given level of attainment that others.

             Plomin genetist contends that parents can have two children of different learning potential. One is told 'well done'. The other is told to  'work harder'. Both children may be doing their best.

          There are natural individual limits that we all have. 

            An important aim of is to encouraging parents and society not to equate intelligence with self-worth. Child geniuses could be described as being lucky in life.

          The problem in Wales is that the Welsh language is a very emotional political issue. There is a widespread misapprehension across the world that new language are easy to learn. There have been Welsh language campaigners who have been deliberately misleading the Welsh public how easy it is to learn the Welsh language.