Mission Statement Socpie

        The human brain has been referred to the most complex thing in the universe. The process of teaching is not an art, it is science. Teaching is a deep science where there are and will never be simple answers to any learning issue. There has been far too much political interference in education, as the Donaldson Report (2015), into the Welsh Curriculum concluded.

  There remains a very narrow minded notion in the United Kingdom that children are inaminate objects and that education can simply be poured into them and what they learn will be retained for the rest of the lives.       

The "Tom, Dicks and Marys", who make demands upon what should be taught in schools and who castigate educational standards, are only reading words on paper. Just because they sat in a desk in school does no mean they have an insight of what transpires at the pit face of learning in schools!P
    Pasi Shalberg a Finnish authority on education, refers to a Pisa as a germ, virus attacking schools across the world. It is arising because of the perceived need to change the school curriculum to cater for the needs of changing technological world and the 'negative' impact that even average Pisa rankings have had on educational ministers. It has been superficially viewed as the educational world cup.                        
     Every country wants to be top or highly ranked, but it is impossible for all of them to do so, this illustrates what a poor grasp of mathematics education ministers have across the world.
      The Cockcroft Report (1982) into mathematical education took five years to research and compile in one of the most difficult subjects to teach and well researched in the world. The major finding was that factual learning was transitory, which means that rote teaching is ineffective. 

        Michael Gove, former journalist, when he was educational minister castigated a 100 educationalist, who he called 'blobs, ' because they claimed that there were too many facts in the National Curriculum. Cognitive research illustrates that 50% of the factual information we learn is lost within a hour of learning it.
     Since the introduction of the National curriculum demands are being made of what should be taught in schools. The fact that something is taught in schools does not necessarily mean that if it will be retained for the rest of their lives.      

      The fundamental problem in professional teaching is that the philisophical teaching base was established by Cockcroft in 1982, but what is lacking is a philisophical learning base. Insufficient attention has been given to what is in children's interests to learn and achieve, because the content of the National curriculum had become fossilised. fixed in time in the curriculum development cycle.

    There has been a failure to recognise that education is fundamentally a process of what it enables children to do currently and in future, as opposed to a destination that must be reached.
   Kirsty Williams, Welsh Government Education Minister has called for more epirical research to undertaken. Amanda Speilman, new Chief Inspector Ofstead, has also referred to this nee also. The education of children is too important to be left to political rhetoric, hope, optimism and guesswork.