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Most of the citings relate to people exploiting children for p
olitical purposes and also, people who do not speak the language of education misrepresenting issues they do not understand.

The Chairman of the C.B.I., Paul Drechler, has called in the Times Educational Supplement for a commission to be created to protect teachers and children from political interference in education. .

      We all accept products and services in good faith, because we do not have the understanding to evaluate

Read Professor John Swellers Paper on Language Learning.

This what Coleman and Klapper (2006) claimed in their researched book:-

"Yet Junior lecturers are required to spend a lot of their time teaching language classes, and it might be thought unsatisfactory, not to say unprofessional, that they are not being better prepared for what is a complex task. In the absence of dedicated training, most new academics are likely to remain only vaguely aware of the substantial pedagogical research base of their subject, reinforcing perceptions among colleagues in English language teaching and second language acquisition.....While language centres are able to draw on a reasonable pool of tnined teachers, often with exprience in secondary schools and FE, and regularly promote an active culture of C.P.D. in language pedagogy, academic language departments face a tougher task"


Ulpan (Wlpan) Scotland

      Ulpan Scotland is making misrepresentations that  Ulpan/Wlpan is a new fast way of language learning. It is a 1950s Skinnerist method of language learning. It is recognised as a brain dead method for tutor and pupil. It is slow and ineffective.

       The Skinnerist methods of new language learning died out by the ends of 1950s. The Wlpan method practiced in Wales was based upon a misunderstanding of Krashen's theory. Bangor University were still practising the

       It was not a successful method of teaching Welsh in Wales. Tutors cannot be taught a language as is being claimed in Scotland. Wikepedia claims the method is failing badly in Israel.

      It is not longer practiced in Wales in its raw form apart from Aran Jones' practice.

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Susan Davies et al. - Children in Need

Susan Davies et al. - Children in Need - No one can dispute the fact that the more learning support that deprived children receive, the more they will reach their full learning potential in their schooling, but genetic does have an influence upon children learning potential, especially working memory. It influence is around 50%. Genes can change, but not in the way suggested. 

 The problem is that single gene can have a profound influence on a element of spoken language capability, but very often whole clusters of genes have an influence of specific skill. They are blended together.

     The notion that all children can catch up is myth. The report appears to have been headline grabbing through referring to Havard University and of poor standard.

The difficult I have with catch up is that is implying that children who do not catch up are behind. Sue Holland Children's Commissioner, who claim there is no simple answers to children's social deprivation in education is about right.   

This Paper illustrates that All Children are capable of reaching the same educational standard is a myth,

Scottish Ulpan - Full Citing

         Dieseal “Ùlpan is a fast and effective way to learn a language” I am afraid it is a slow and totally ineffective way to learn anything. It is brain dead method of learning for tutor and pupil. Learners are learning ‘parrot fashion’. Human’s are intelligent beings, not parrots. You are making misrepresentations with that claim.

      This what is said about Ulpan in Israel:-

“A government study in 2007 has shown that even after five months of intensive Hebrew study at ulpan, sixty percent of new immigrants over the age of thirty cannot read, write or speak Hebrew at a minimum level. The situation amongst the Russian immigrant population is even more dire with seventy percent of immigrants not being able to understand the Hebrew television news.”

The significant difference between learning Hebrew in Israel and learning Gaelic or Welsh is they are minority languages, they are not all around them, and they cannot be learn through immersion. Hebrew is an Arabic language that is written from right to left, which makes it difficult to refer to written language, when it is aurally applied.

It has been claiming that:- 

“It has been used for over 50 years to great effect in Israel, where it originated, and in Wales, where it has brought thousands of learners to fluency in Welsh.”