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Most of the citings relate to people exploiting children for p
olitical purposes and also, people who do not speak the language of education misrepresenting issues they do not understand.

The Chairman of the C.B.I., Paul Drechler, has called in the Times Educational Supplement for a commission to be created to protect teachers and children from political interference in education. .


       Ioan Talfryn is a Welsh for Adult Tutor, who decided that adults could absorb the Welsh language subconsciously if he gave them a Welsh children's pantomime. He has been misrepresenting how easy it is to learn Welsh and giving reckless learning advice to Welsh public.

     Aran Jones is a Welsh language political activist. He has been deceiving the Welsh public on how easy it is to learn Welsh and he is offering reckless learning advice. He even claimed he learn Manx to a communicative level in seven intensive hours. He has no respect professional teachers.

We all accept products and services in good faith, because we do not have the understanding to evaluate. Ioan Talfryn and Aran Jones were both citing 'fake science' to deceive the Welsh and English speaking public, but they are so ignorant of the research that exists they have been caught out. What they claim is so extreme it is cognitively impossible.

     Glasnost is an anti-Welsh language protester. He is self proclaiming himself as an authority on education. He is castigating the Welsh Education system and school standards to support his prejudices about the role of Welsh language in schools. There is some validity to his concerns, but he is making claims he cannot substantiate.

The evidence is the evidence is that Glasnost is simply expressing his personal prejudice to make his anti-Welsh and political response. He is clearly ignorant of how Governments work.

  Cymdethias Iaeth - The Welsh Language Society -   is a direct action pressure group which does not represent all Welsh speakers in Wales and they only appear interested in their members narrow minded interests. They have been demanding that all adults in Wales should learn Welsh without understanding how difficult it is for them to learn it. They are demanding that all children in Wales should learn through the medium of Welsh without being aware of the damage this will to native English speaking children, especially those with low learning potential.

 The evidence that Cymdethias Iaeth is only interested in protecting its members narrow minded interests. It does not appear to be committed to addressing the 'real issues' and 'hard work' that needs to be addressed to save the living Welsh language, which cannot survive in its current form.

Susan Davies et al. - Children in Need - No one can dispute the fact that the more learning support that deprived children receive, the more they will reach their full learning potential in their later schooling, but genetic does have an influence upon children learning potential. Genes can change, but no the way suggested. 

     The notion that all children can catch up is myth. The report appears to have been headline grabbing and of poor standard.

Susan Davies et al. appears not to have done their homework and to have been 'head line grabbing claims' through citing Harvard University.   Socpie Citings    (Full)

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