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Too many Welsh for Adult have tried to learn Welsh in Wales
and have failed to develop even very basic fluency.

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This petition will closend, but a submission is being presented to Welsh Government to put the whole service into Further Education Colleges.

The Welsh Adult Learning Service should be taken from Universities

We the undersigned call on the National Assembly for Wales to financial support for the Welsh for Adult service from the Welsh Universities and to allocate the funding to Further Education Colleges. This is needed because universities are academic teaching institutions, who do not have the understanding of how to cater for non-academic learners needs, especially the elite universities. Universities academics have the licence to practice anything they like. Further Education teachers are required to be registered and to conform to exacting standards of teaching practice and conduct.


Additional information:

There are many important subjects taught in Further Education Colleges, such as A’Level Maths and English that are not taught by university academics. The Welsh for Adult service in Gwent is provided in a Further Education College. The reason why Further Education tutors are registered is to make them highly accountable for what they practice because many adults lack confidence and do not have the confidence to assert their rights. Learning a new language will be difficult for them. The Schools of Welsh have been making up their own D.I.Y. vintage Welsh speaker’s method of language learning. The Wlpan method dates back to 1947. They are using unconventional methods and are abandoning English forcing learners to learn through the medium of Welsh for no good reason. Professional teachers would be placed upon a competency procedure for practising the methods they are practising. It is inevitable that learners find learning Welsh difficult and that learning discontinuity rates are high. There are no alternative courses. The Welsh Government is making demands that English Welsh people must learn Welsh, such as teachers, but the universities do not appear to have any interest in offering a quality service. Public money is being wasted.

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Rationale - Key Points

1.   Universities are  dedicated to catering for the needs of academics, School's of Welsh are language institutions not teaching ones. They are institutions that are not publicly accountable for their work, because of their academic licence, and they have no corporate expertise in catering for community learners needs.  

2. A Ph.D. is not needed to teach community learners Welsh, teaching skills are needed, not academic knowledge, important community subjects like A'Level Maths and English are not taught by university academics. Legally universities academics are tutors,  not teachers, they have never been to university schools of education.

The academics had been allowed to create their own E.S.T.Y.N. inspection standards and there was no requirement for them to conform to accepted teaching practice, standards or values.  The system has now changed,  but it is absurd that E.S.T.Y.N. is inspecting universities, because they do not have educationalists in them to direct best practice and ensure the appropriate educational processes are applied.

4.  Professional school and further education teachers, unlike university academics, do not have the academic licence to practice anything they like, their only interest in fostering learning using proven methods and practices (University schools of education inform on researched best practice). Legally they are required to apply proven practices and conform to exacting standards of conduct, including honesty, in their public lives. How they teach is not negotiable. University academics are not registered.

5.   Anyone who has attempted to learn Welsh as adult in Wales will be aware that learning discontinuity rates are very high. Colin Miles in his honest 2011 Welsh Affairs paper contended it was virtually impossible to learn Welsh and he explained he did not want to learn pigeon Welsh. The universities are practising rote teaching, 'Feed the Duck'  tutoring methods that are not appropriate for community language learners needs. 

6.   There is no difference from learning Welsh than any other new language, there  has been a tradition of developing D.I.Y. Welsh for Adult tutoring methods, Welsh speakers way of practising tutoring Welsh, as opposed to developing and applying proven second language learning methods. The Ulpan/Wlpan methods that still underpins most practice in the Welsh for Adult service dates back to 1947. Cwrs Mynediad is a Wlpan method. Vintage tutoring and learning methods do not improve with age. The academics have been undertaking a feeble attempt to reinvent the educational wheel. 

7. Working memory dictates that learning a new language will be difficult for community learners. There are far too many learners,  as Hunter and Turners honest Welsh language tutors recognised, who are being entrapped into learning Welsh through  dishonest marketing claims that the Welsh language is easy to learn without understanding the amount of work needed to learn it. 

8. However passionately Welsh for Adult tutors and Welsh speakers feel about the Welsh language, life on planet earth is dictated by science, sadly there evidence is that it is virtually impossible for adult to successful to learn and develop Welsh language fluency in most parts of Wales unless they are living in Welsh speaking families
. This is not a reason why adults should not learn basic Welsh.

9. Adults, who chose to learn Welsh only have one interest, they want to learn the Welsh Language. The Welsh for Adult service is not a Welsh speaking one, it one for English speakers and the whole purpose of their attending classes is to have the opportunity to be offered to support that will make learning the Welsh language digestible, easier to learn.

10. There has been far too much political window dressing in the Welsh for Adult Service, such a tutors claiming to have invented 'miracle' methods of language learning. The service is not provided to provide employment opportunities for Welsh speakers, many of whom appear uncommitted to developing their English language skills to tutor effectively, and there has been an unwilligness to read the English researched literature into second language learning and related disciplines.

11.  The harsh reality, as Dr. Margaret Newcombe Cardiff School of Welsh honestly admitted, few learners in Wales will become fluent Welsh speakers, but they should be given positive learning experience and tangible progress, a secure very basic level of Welsh language fluency.  It cannot be right that in one  Welsh for adult service (Private contract) the tutor has a delusion that adults can adsorb Welsh subconsciously if they listened to children's pantomime and he also gave them what was essentially Kareeoke sessions.

12. The over simplistic myth in Wales that encouraging more English speakers to learn Welsh will save the living Welsh language has not validity. Dr. Margaret Newcombe, referred to Welsh speakers, who can speak Welsh, but they not sufficiently confident in using it to be able to work through the medium  of Welsh. Learners deserve high quality learning support to learn Welsh.

  The reason why the Welsh Government introduced registration for Further Education teachers is, because they have high expectations for all learners and it is designed to ensure that public money and learners private time and money they invest into their learning is not wasted. Community learners, especially adults are generally lacking in confidence and self-esteem. We all accept products and services in good faith, because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them.

       The Welsh Government is increasingly demanding that English speakers must learn Welsh to obtain the Welsh speakers only job opportunities and some are facing the prospect of loosing their jobs, like teachers unless they successfully learn Welsh.  English native speaking parents often learn Welsh to support their children's Welsh language learning. There are people who go to Further Education colleges to obtain qualifications to gain employment opportunities. They are protected by tutor registration. There is strong argument for this, especially when public money is scarce 

       The Welsh for Adult Service is a monopoly one. It is reasonable to suggest that it will be a breach of adult learners human right unless the Welsh for Adult service becomes a registered service and racial discrimination if remains unregistered service in comparison with all other community learning in Wales. Poor practice impinges on English speaking parents, who chose for their children to learn through the medium of Welsh to support them, and access for native English speakers to obtain the Welsh speakers only jobs are being made virtually impossible for them to achieve.

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Ulpan Tutor Training Scotland (Two Days) 

Ulpan/Wlpan Method Described


    Learners around the country, from colleges to councils. Price, location, dates and times will vary, but the course content will be the same no matter where you attend a class

How does it work

  Ùlpan uses communication as a means of learning. You'll be speaking Gaelic from the first class onwards, and the tutor will use as little English as possible.

  You'll learn 12 or more phrases in each class along with activities and dialogues based on them, and much more besides.

  There isn't a lot of emphasis placed on teaching grammar as a subject in its own right, because you will learn that from inside the language, instead of talking about it in another language.

  A little theory is useful when you're further on and it's crucial when you start writing, but that's a skill which is easier to pick up when you are already full of the sounds and rhythms and the musicality of the      

Welsh for Adult Tutoring - Failed in Wales

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