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Synthetic Binge-Learning of Welsh

  Professional teachers undertake intense training to obtain their certified accredited teaching capabilities. Aran Jones has no teaching qualifications and he is playing being an educationalist. He has created a Say-anything-he-likes Welsh language website course.

       Aran went to Isle of Man claiming he learn the Manx in Day to basic conversational level. Find out why this is impossible. 

        You can find the truth about leaning Welsh that Aran does not want people to know at the end of this presentation.

         Aran Jones claims Professor Tess Fitzpatrick approved his methods, but she is not qualified to inform on pedagogic practice. She is not a legally qualified teacher. 

     Aran Jones appears to have decided to earn his livelihood through giving his website Welsh lesson, because funding of Cymuned,  a Welsh Language Pressure group  dried up in around 2010.

       Aran  Jones appears to be a very ignorant person in both meaning of the word, who goes around slandering professional teachers across the word. An American teacher responded to his abuse by say "I did not know U.K. schools were so bad". He clear believes that E.S.T.Y.N. the school inspectors are incompetent.

        Professor Tess Fitzpatrick apparent supported for Mr Aran Jones practice appears to illustrate her ignorance. She is a linguist. See to gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of pedagogy.

         In the Isle of Man Aran Jones claimed on their T.V. channel (See Below) that he had invented a new way of learning languages. He claimed he binge-learning method would be the new way forward for language learning. 

      Where many words about little sense is found appears to sums up Aran Jones edIcts. He is playing being a teacher and researcher.

   Anyone who has paid to learn through SSIW please email howard.


    This is what he said in the Daily Post:-

Language activist offers to teach Cartrefi Cymunedol ... - Daily Post › News › North Wales News › Welsh Language

      20 Mar 2015 - Former Cymuned chair Aran Jones wants to give housing group's two new ... Best of North Wales .... Aran Jones makes language offer to CCG ... Cllr Sian Gwenllian quits housing association board in Welsh Language row ...

      What Aran was claiming is that if they used his offer to do his language course for a 'few weekends', they would become fluent Welsh speakers in a few weeks!!!  'Few' normally means 3 to 9, not 10. If they learnt from 6 to 8 hours, this would amount to 12 to 16 hours per weekend maximum. Professor Sarah Eaton Canada went to live in Spain to learn Spanish. She contends that it takes 10,000 hours to develop mastery, native like language fluency. Aran appears to believe this can be achieved in 110 to 146 taught hours.

         This illustrates that Aran's concept of learning is that it is like filling the brain with language like petrol in  a tank. He is so lamentably ignorant that he does not understand that new language learning requires a huge fluent vocabulary of words to be learnt and grown into fluency. Learners will find it difficult to fluently develop a fluent vocabulary of 500 words in three years of learning  on non-intensive courses and practising daily.

         It appears that Aran Jones is under the delusion that novice learners will be able to instantly subconsciously absorb 100 or more words merely through arbitrarily listening to them.

         There is nothing special about learning Welsh.  It is predominantly no different to learning any other language. I witnessed learners learning Welsh for up to six years who were only able to apply very basic Welsh language fluency after it.

       It appears astonishing that someone with no teaching qualifications, who has a behaviourist 'feed the duck' view of language learning, where learners are expected to repeat  phrases 'parrot fashion, can invent a miracle fast method of language learning.  Aran does not appear to be aware that we are intelligent human beings, not animals.


      Aran Jones has claimed he discovered a fast memorisation method of language learning:-  

This man will attempt to learn the Manx language in one day via a live ... › News › Wales News › Pwllheli

5 Jun 2016 - He will spend an intensive day learning Manx on a live videocast, taking a shot of Bifrost ... chance for the thousands of people who've learnt Welsh with SaySomethinginWelsh to get a little revenge ... Join us on social media.

Learn Manx in a day | MT TV | iom news on demand

28 Jun 2016 - Manx Language Office Adrian Cain talks to Aran Jones, the co-founder ... learning website, who took a crash course in learning Manx in a day.

        It is amazing achievement. Adrain Cairns Manx Language officer confirmed that Aran Jones learn Manx to a reasonable conversational level in 11 intensive hours. They even claimed it was the new way forward to language learning. They also referred to their research on working memory.  

Live streaming of Manx language crash course - Manx Radio

27 Jun 2016 - Co-founder of new online service aims to learn Manx in a day. ... Aran Jones - who is also the chief executive of - is hoping to have a functional conversation in the gaelic ... More from Isle of Man News.       

      I can understand why Aran has not placed his research into the literature so educational establishments can learn the 'secret recipe' for their methods. I do not believe it is because they have lost the back of the stamp it was written upon! can explain what they did.

    See Below for full the full articles

How Did he Do It   H.G.

     The evidence is that Aran had learnt the phonology of the Manx language like singers do. He just repeated phrases parrot fashion after they were said to him reading them from a computer screen on his podcast. The 20 minute conversation he had must have been prepared and rehearsed and read from his computer screen.

     Only those who can speak Manx knows what Aran really achieved. Adrian Cairns had vested interests. The one thing that is assured is that Aran did not have a reasonable conversation in Manx away from his computer to anyone.

       It is strange that Adrian Cairns did not take the opportunity to become a reasonably fluent Welsh speaker, before he sang the praises of Aran's methods in the Welsh media. I think we know we know why.

      The fact that Aran Jones advised learners to drink Manx Vodka to improve their language learning appears to be so he, they could receive financial sponsorship. He has never referred to it before or after. This was more than a crime against humanity.

      Cognitive research illustrates that engaging in a new language is a higher order skill. It requires hours of practice to develop once conversational fluency once basic language fluency is acquired. Aran Jones had a reasonable Manx conversation with him according to Adrain Cairns. Both appear to be a pathological liars. Unless Aran Jones is super-hero he must have known he could not engage in a general conversation in Manx.

        There is the issue that if it was so easy to learn Welsh in this way, why Adrain Cairns was never featured having a conversation in Welsh with Aran Jones, which reflects the fact that only Manx speakers would know what Aran had done.     

      Research illustrates that takes most learners around three years of practising daily to develop around 500 words fluently in minority languages.  

     Unless Aran Jones is super-hero he must have known he could not engage in a general conversation in Manx.

Standard Language Practices

       Aran Jones claims:-

You should listen to radio so that you can learn Welsh. H.G. There are no gaps between spoken language so learners cannot identify the specific words, let alone learn them, especially when languages are applied at speed.

You should listen to language twice to three times normal speedH.G. Learners need to listen to it at half speed. They would struggle to listen to language at three times normal speed.

You should not refer to written work, language should be learn aurally. H.G. Visual learning is the strongest sense in all of us, unless we are blind, some learners are stronger aural v visual learners. New language learners will benefit from developing literacy skills (See Coleman and Klapper).

It is crazy to to believe grammar needs to be learnt.  H.G. It is insane not learn learn it, because learners need to learn to construct language, not reguritate phrases like parrots.

Learners should not learn through translation, positive language transfer.  H.G. If you not want to learn a new language, this what you must do, grammar learning provides a meaningful scaffold for language learning.

Language cannot be learn from text books. H.G. This newspeak to suggest do not use courses that use text book.

Some learners can learn to speak Welsh to anyone they meet in short-time scales. H.G. This is absolute nonsense, it takes around six years to learn Welsh and there are range of different dialects in Welsh which means that they learners will struggle to speak to all Welsh speakers. See Dr Margaret Newcombe (hyper link needed)

H.G. Aran Jones has created the 'Cut of the complicated stuff' binge 'Feed the Duck' method of learning, where learning is poured into learners like petrol into a tank.

he McAlister and Blunt Report referred to many referring to Aran Jones website, but learners were too frightened to use Welsh because of lack of understanding of grammar and a fear of getting it wrong. 

 Aran Jones advises learners not to both to learn grammar.

More information and references below the references.



 Aran Agored Cymru Handbook 

Letter from Agored Cymru denying Relationship Existed (t.b.s)

Universities Promising what they cannot deliver PLEASE READ

Fraudulent conduct exists when promises are make that cannot be delivered.

Aran's Personal Abuse  Aran claims the questioning of his Manx in Day stunt as liabus.

Anyone who has paid to learn through SSIW please email howard


Colin Miles  - It is Virtually Impossible for an Adult to learn proper Welsh.

Mortimer, D. The Confessions of a Welsh Learner

Hunter. H. and Turners  - Welsh Tutors - Miracle Methods of Learning.

Hurd and Murphy - O.U. - Miracle Methods of Learning.

Petty - Learning is Not an Instant Process like Pouring Petrol into a Tank

B.B.C - 500 Word Fleuncy after 3 Years of Learning.

Researched Paper - Wlpan + Aran Jones Methods

Researched Paper - H.Gunn  Language Learning Difficulty

Research Principles of Language Learning 

Research Book: Available in pdf form

Gunn H.J.D. - Political Dreams: Practical Realities: The Future of the Welsh Language and Welsh learning. presentations.

Stand  It iso
Second Language Learning

Working Memory

All Howard's Researched Books

 Evidence Manx in Day Stunt was invalid

Harvard University Book Extract 

H.G. Learning is process of cognitive growth. It is chemical process.

The harder it is to learn, the more the brain tires.

SSIW  Say-anything-he-likes-in-English

Aran Jones Method (Click)

Aran Jones History (Click)

Aran Jones Jeremy Vine What Aran Jones did not tell him is how much money David Vine gave Aran Jones to pay him to give him free lessons. The B.B.C. was entrapped into giving him free advertising and money. Just because David Vine said something about the Welsh language. 

Criticisms of Aran Jones £0.99 Kindle Books

Aran Jones £15 Bob Sled Runs

It is unclear what learners get for their £15 or the £150 per Aran Charges Learners


    I believe that you will translate it into dozens of different languages so that more people than anyone would have though possible all round the world will learn Welsh. I believe that will lead to a transformation in the Welsh tourism industry. I believe that you will start and run groups and meetups and make it easy and fun for anyone who wants to become a Welsh speaker, anywhere in the world, to do just that.

      I believe that all the people learning Welsh through different languages will make it suddenly real and fun to speak Welsh - because huge numbers of them won't be able to speak English, so if you Skype them, you won't have the age-old temptation of slipping back into English!

      I believe that increasing numbers of you will move to Welsh speaking communities, and will create your own Welsh speaking communities in parts of Wales where the language hasn't been heard on the streets in a hundred years - and in parts of the world where it has never been heard on the streets!!!!!
          H.G. It appears that Professor Aran Jones believes he on a mission to create Welsh speakers across the world from Moscow to Australia.

Why is an hour the standard length of a lesson?

However, when we are in active learning mode, the brain requires even more energy. Learning is costly.

Seeing as there’s a finite amount of energy in our body, this means there’s a finite amount of time that we can spend in active learning mode before burning out. The official term used to describe this phenomenon is cognitive fatigue, and if you’ve ever attended an all-day professional learning conference, you’ve likely experienced this process. After a couple of exciting sessions, attention starts to wane. After another couple of sessions, it becomes difficult to follow complex arguments. Finally, by the end of the day, you’re remembering almost nothing – you’ve reached cognitive fatigue.

H.G. Learning a new language, unlike repeating it like a parrot is very demanding cogntively. The paper illustrates it would be impossible for a human being to learn intensively for 11 hours.

It is unclear how many new words Aran used in his 20 minutes conversation.

I am afraid he did not appear to know what a library is. It never entered his head that all his deceitful methods can be proved. A Little Learning is a Very Dangerous thing.

We are in age of the neuroscientist and such deceitful claims can easily proved cognitively.

See "Learning Concentration Rates"

If Aran Jones are valid that all learners can reach a basic conversational level that all learners will be able to achieve this within 5 days practising the method for two hours a day. No one else in the world has discovered this.

Slandering Teachers

This paper illustrates Aran Jones slandering all teachers in the United Kingdom in 2013.

He denies his claims are offensive to someone claiming in America that did not know the U.K. education system was a bad a he claimed (See last page).

H.G. It is unclear if Aran ever went to school, he certainly does not know how to teach or learn. It appears he wants schools to practice his methods. I am unclear which school of education he went to develop his expertise. Perhaps he summit he methods for appraisal to Christina Hinton neuro-sciencist educationalist in Havard Graduate School of education.

From Aran Amazon Fictional Kindle Book

1. "Surprisingly, it turns out the same may be true of neurological circuits that let you speak another language. Studies have shown that a month after learning new words, learners who do no revision at all actually start to use those words more like first language speakers".

"One of the first people I trained in this method, was Louis (who's security architect, Sydney, Australia) did one full day's training for Spanish. He'd never learnt any Spanish before, but at the end of the day he had real, enjoyable (if slightly limited!) conversation with a  work mate from Mexico".

H.G. This is delusional trash. Refer to Petty reference. This could be easily disproved in month. 

2. "You hear dialogues that include all the materials you've learned. These dialogues are at least 2x normal speed. In  matter of a week or two, your brain adapts by recognising these formulaic blocks twice as quickly - so when you hear them being used by a first language speaker, they appear slow and clear."

"This incredibly powerful technique is based upon neuro-scientific research."

H.G. This is delusional trash.  Learners struggle to learn language a normal speed. He appears to under the delusion that learners learn subconsciously. Human being learn languages. Not the brain. They are not inaminate computers. They need to consciously learn languages.

3. "With H.I.L.T. whatever pattern of sprint and intervals you choose, you will become capable of speaking a new language."
"1 hour a week - you will be ready for your first conversation within 3 months"
"or even just 1 hour a month - in a year you will be starting to talk people"
"or you could do one super intensive day each month - a year of that and you will be having genuinely interesting and entertaining conversations".

H.G. This is delusional trash. Aran appears lamentably ignorant that languages are learnt through the word. In cognitive terms there is no different from learning words and bringing them into flency.

4. "High Intensity Language Training gives you a very different experience. It makes you say things in your new language. Over and over again - different stuff every time. It gives you a neurological work out that will leave you absolutely exhausted".

H.G. This is valid. It will learners totally exhausted. This why rugby players make mistakes when they tire at the end of the day. Speaking a new language is very demanding. This why it is impossible to learn a new language in binge learning session. Aran admits it himself.

5. "Traditional Language education used to be heart-breakingly painful."
"The two progned 'soul destroying approach to languages."
"First, you need to learn daunting amount of grammatical rules."
"Second, you had to learn depressing lists and verbs."
"Sadly, some of this is probably familiar to you from your own time in school." 
"Ready to stab yourself in the eye with spoon yet! Hold on we have not finished..."

H.G. I have almost finishing. What Aran Jones is doing is offering a 'Del boy' market traders quality service defaming John Lewis so he can attract gullible learners to use his website. New learning terms of learning difficulty is similar in difficulty to maths. All Aran really expects learners to do is memorise phrase like parrots.

H.G. Professor Aran  Jones clearly believes that languages can be poured into the brain like petrol in a tank. Children and adults developed their communication skills through interacting with other speakers. What is referred to as negotiations? If a speaker does not understand what is said to them, they seek clarification.

        It would be very interesting for him to go on Welsh television with a fluent Spanish speaker to demonstrating his amazing language skills. I assume he has devoted 11 hours to learning Spanish.

     This is the type of book Professor Aran Jones has never read. He only has  a poxy degree in Welsh as he admits (See later). This has twenty-three university second language authorities contributing to it.  It is unclear of whether Mr Aran Jones could not find the time to read it or  perhaps he could not understand it. There are about 20 pages of references included in it.


       It strange that all the following 11 cognitive authorities on  language cognition failed to discover Aran Jones fast memorisation method on language learning.  It is must be disappointment to everyone that Aran Cairn's Manx language offer have not published their paper.

       It amazing how Aran Jones made such wonderful discoveries from 'scratch', total ignorance. All he has been practiced the 'fast thinking' method of research, saying the first thing that comes into his head. This a book writing Saville Troike an American authority on second language learning. This is very difficult to Aran Jones cheap £0.99 Kindle book, which is work of amusing fiction.

This what is being represented on the SSIW website. It is reasonable to suggest that Leanne Woods is not qualified to evaluate his practice. Aran has no testimonial from reliable sources who have learn through his website. The only thing that works is the money that Aran Jones is making from it.

Aran Jones and his friend appear to believe they know more than the authors of this book, which is 436 and has thousands of reference. Perhaps Aran Jones he learnt what it contains in a day. The rationale for his methods would not cover a back of stamp. It teachers who translate such research into practice. If Aran wants to be a teacher and research, then he should practice it in Wendy house.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam porttitor augue a turpis porttitor maximus. Nulla luctus elementum felis, sit amet condimentum lectus rutrum eget.

More Information

North Wales Post

     Welsh tutor Aran Jones, 46, used Twitter to contact Cllr Gwenllian and initially said he’d be willing to do five intensive weekends with Mr Atkinson - for free.

       Today Mr Jones, who has learnt Welsh himself, extended his offer also to teach Mr McGrady so that they both can “confidently hold a conversation in Welsh”.

        Councillor Gwenllian said: “Aran Jones should be thanked for his generous offer.”

         Mr Jones is former leader of Welsh communities organisation Cymuned and now runs his own ‘Say Something in Welsh’ language company.

          He said: “We have been running experimental intensive courses for a few weekends. If they can spend six to eight hours a day learning Welsh, then it’s possible that they will be able to speak it confidently and with ease. Then, it’s a matter of spending 30 minutes a day practising and speaking so that CCG’s main internal language remains Welsh.”

      Mr Jones said he’d be willing to travel to CCG’s headquarters or invite them to his home in Mynytho, Llŷn for the one-to-one sessions rather than in the “boot camps” classes he normally runs.

        He said: “If they really want to learn Welsh, then they could start now so that they will be able to speak it by the time they start work with CCG in June.”.

Manx in the Day Stunt

The intensive day’s learning will run from 8.30am through to 7.30pm, when Aran – who has never previously learnt any Manx – will attempt a live conversation in Manx with Adrian Cain, Manx Language Officer for Culture Vannin.

The whole event will be broadcast on a live Google Hangout - including the attempt at a conversation - a chance for the thousands of people who’ve learnt Welsh with SaySomethinginWelsh to get a little revenge as they watch Aran struggle with a new language.

We’re excited about helping one of our sister languages with this new course, although I’m personally more than a little worried about the vodka,” he said.

“It was suggested to me as a challenge on one of our immersion Welsh Bootcamps. I’m very bad at saying no to silly challenges.”

Adrian Cain said: “It’s been a real coup for us to work with the team at SaySomethinginWelsh. Their unique methodology is a real eye-opener, and we think our learners are going to be amazed by the complex sentences they’ll be able to use within a remarkably short period of time.”

Other would-be Manx learners who feel they also deserve to be fortified by vodka can get their own bottles at .

This is a Cardiff University Publication (Click) 

 H.G. Summary

      Aran Jones is dismissive of his Welsh literature degree. He has not no teaching qualifications. People may be using his website in 60 countries, but this does not mean they have made any tangible progress, apart from saying a few phrases in Welsh. Thousands of learners are failing to speak even basic Welsh in Wales.

      The fact Aran Jones may have 40,000 visitors to his website does mean they all made tangible progress. It would impossible for him to monitor each of their progress. 

     Whoever documented these claims must be very naive.
     I am unclear what Aran was reading on his train. I am unclear what be reported to the linguists. I am clear if he was doing an fast memorisation linguistic degree. It unclear whether he referred to his fast memorisation theories of learning Welsh to them.

      I am unclear why the two academics had such an interest in someone who only appears to have a 'Micky Mouse' Welsh language literature degree. Aran Jones admits that.  

       Aran Jones teaching status is that of "Tom, Dick and Mary". He not qualifications in linguistics. If want to proclaim himself a linguist, then he should take a course.

       I find it strange that the academic did not understand that the authorities on teaching are professional teachers. When I did my degrees we given general training and specific subject training. There were nurses training with me to teach nurses. University academics are not authorities on community teaching.

       The academics appear to be ignorant of the fact that is a researched second language literature and how to teach. It appear absolutely amazing that extremely well paid professors do not even appear to know how to teach.  I am unclear whether they bothered to read Aran Jones ridiculous learning advice.

        It reasonable to suggest that as Aran Jones has no teaching qualifications it defies credibility that a professor should endorse a method that  'flies in face of establish language theory and method'. If she was registered teacher, there would be only one outcome. The concept of teaching is not negotiable.

    Registered professional teachers would be disciplined for such conduct. I never heard a school have parent having discussion in schools with parents how to teach. There appears to be any moral high ground in Welsh universities.

      Unlike linguists teachers know how to teach and learners learn. They research things they do not know.  They are no allowed to do anything they like as in universities. Academics appear to be allowed proactive in the spirit of hope, optimism and guesswork.
     Advanced teaching skills are needed to teach second languages to community learners. It is entirely different to academic tutoring elite academics. The evidence academics in universities lay back an expect their learners do all the work as University academics appear to do.

Here is Another of Aran Jones' Interview (Click)

At the time you were starting planning ‘Say Something in Welsh’ there were still lots of ways to learn languages in the “old fashion style”, things like Michel Thomas, Pimsleurs, Linguaphone and lots more. Were you trying to be different to them right from the start?

I never thought of being ‘different’ as an objective in itself – what I wanted was something that focused on the work that was really needed, and leaving out all the stuff that really doesn’t help. I think there are strengths for every language course I’ve used – including Linguaphone, and Pimsleurs, and Michel Thomas – but I think there are also weaknesses, and that the process can be more effective. In a way, I was trying to simplify things at the beginning.

As well as offering Welsh courses. You have been offering courses in other languages for a while now. I know that you don’t necessarily write each course individually – or at least not in the target language – and sometimes you hire people to write the target language course. So, what I really want to know is.. have you ever learned another languAge through SaySomethingIn?

Well, I had to write all of the courses when we started trying to make other languages ​​- and that did not work very well, so that’s why we started working on an algorithm to make it possible for others to write with the same methodology.

I have just published the Manx course without any work – we hope to launch 5 to 6 new languages ​​next year – and yes, I have done the Manx lessons that are available so far in two intense days. I also had an intense day with Dutch, but I had seen a lot of it in helping to form the course, so I just made the ‘Corner’ as if it were. I’m looking forward to doing another intense day with Manx when there are more lessons available – so far, I don’t have quite enough Manx to hold a conversation, but I think I’ll be alright in the end!

I know that everyone has different experiences, and one of the great things about SSIW is the fact that you can go as fast or as slow as you want to – but what do you think is the ‘Perfect way to tackle SSIW?’

We’ve been doing some intensive training on the ‘2 days a week for 5 weeks’ model – I think that’s about the kind of ‘sweet spot’ – but I also tried to experiment with a period of 10 days of intensive learning when enough lessons are available in a new language.

H.G. This can only be described as delusional trash. Logarthims that are extremely complicated mathematical formula that involve repeated computer based calculations. The Pisa school international ranking are based on logarithms they are so complicated no one understands.

       Colin Miles contended that Welsh sub-titles do not translate exactly into English. Aran Jones is so ignorant he does not that. Grammar checkers cannot detect exact grammar.

         It appears Aran is trying to claim that he did not work on his Manx course. His problem is that he knows if he claimed to have learn Latin, Dutch or Spanish then  speakers of that language would be able to assess his capability.

      Why has he not bothered to learn the languages he creates his methods in?

He only has devote a hour a week to learn them according to him? His words mine.

The Decline of Scottish Gaelic

Plenary H.G.

       The definition of professional expertise is that it is person who can express professional opinions in minutes that it would take novice thousands of hours to study and practice, which is assuming they have the understanding and skill to acquire.  The evidence that Aran Jones just says the first thing that come out of his head.
The notion that novice can become an expert teachers and authority on teaching with no training is more than absolutely ridiculous. The complicated stuff he refers to are proven methods.

        Adults cannot learn languages like young children. Their language learning is biologically primary. They do not learn new language instantly. They are actively involved in their language learning and it is structured. Language cannot be poured into learners brains like petrol in a tank.                  

       Colin Miles refers to the rote teaching that was taking place in tutoring Welsh.  Dic Mortimer referred to it also.

       The problem with ignorance is that people do not know what they do not know. Aran Jones appears to be concrete thinker, who possesses a very instrumental view of the learning process, he does not know how to teach or how learners learn. He goes around castigating professional teachers. 

         The reference to 'fast memorisation' sums up his methods.  He wants learners to memorise phrases like 'parrots'. He expecting them to learn them instantly. He has no concept of of what he is doing. The Welsh for Adult tutors were using 1950 Wlpan  Skinnerst behaviourist learning methods reflects what be practises. It is an animal training method.

       Rote teaching, which is instruction, is well research as Aran Jones states. All subject boundaries are artificial constructs. The Cockcroft Report 1982 mathematical education, which took five years to research and compile, which referred to what was known about cognition at that time, established that rote teaching is totally ineffective. It was proven to be ineffective in second languages teaching at that time.

         Cognitive research reinforces those findings.  Cramming causes cognitive interferenceAran Jones is advising learners how not to learn. He is playing be a teacher and researcher.
     Readers are invited to read my website which illustrates the depth of understanding professional educationalist develop.

       If Aran Jones or anyone else want to declare themselves expert language teachers and researchers, then they should go and get some teaching qualifications, before they go out and charge learners for the lessons they give.         

       The evidence suggest the academics who supported Aran Jones appear did not understand what proven methods are and that they have been only interested in promoting themselves. I am unclear if they were Welsh speakers. They must be held public account for supporting Aran Jones conduct.     

    It is questionable with the forthcoming austerity whether Wales can afford a university Welsh for Adult Service. The Further Education Colleges have high expectations for their Welsh learners and they do not go around patronising unqualified those given language lessons like Aran Jones 

      As I proud Welshman,who can speak some Welsh, who does not subscribe to concept that the Welsh language is the intellectual property right of those who speak it, I find it extraordinary difficult to translate the words of Calon Lan into English.

        What is means to true Welsh people, English and Welsh speakers, cannot be translated into English. but the translation is:-

I don't ask for a luxurious life,the world's gold or its fine pearls,

I ask for a happy heart, an honest heart, a pure heart.

A pure heart full of goodness Is fairer than the pretty lily, None but a pure heart can sing,

Sing in the day and sing in the night. If I wished for worldly wealth,

It would swiftly go to seed; The riches of a virtuous, pure heart

Will bear eternal profit.

It is what people do in this world that is important not what they say.

I believe in a pluralistic Welsh society where the contribution that each of citizens are respected and valued. Welsh may just be a language to those who 'woke up' with it, fluent native speakers, but many English people cherish their very limited Welsh language capability.

Aran is a Luddite, who has been exploiting English Welsh learners by making promising learners what he cannot deliver and giving them reckless advise.

He committed to providing them with opportunity to learn Welsh he has never bothered to take a training course to develop his skills, he just goes around castigating the proven methods that those committed to tutoring, teaching learners use. "The complicated stuff" Defined as " used to express indifference towards or rejection of "

The most appropriate word to use to describe his methods is "trash". Defined as "anything worthless, useless, or discarded; rubbish." All he inviting his learners to do is undertake a community service memorising phrases like parrots.

Calon Lan

Calon Lan 2

Mae Hen Wladd fy Nhadda

   If Aran Jones want to declare himself a leading teaching authority, then he should go out and get some qualifications. Otherwise he should go and play being a teacher in Wendy House.

More to follow - Swansea University has been contacted

What is Valid Research

     The first step in valid research is to research what is known. There is no point in research that the world is flat because that has been proven. 

     Much research is so well proven in education the source information is not referred to. All professional teaching is researched based. 

       Valid research is that which is accepted by a large populations of suitable authorities. Professors of linguistics are not authorities on teaching. It is teachers who translate pure research into pedagogic practice.

      Blackmore and Frith refer in "The Learning Brain" an approach to maths teaching that they would not apply. Teaching has a distinct professional meaning.

     Professional teachers are trained and assessed in research methodology. Research is taken into language learning across the world. A person with no teaching qualifications is as unlikely to discover a new method of learning as he, she is likely to make a scientific discovery.

     Aran Jones is invited to respond to this if he can obtain professional verification of his claims. He will not.

     There are sheep and shepherds in all professions. There a few countries in the world that have to put up with 'quacks'  Aran Jones playing being at teacher and researcher so he can earn income from gullible English speakers.

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The Real State of the Welsh Language

Dr Margaret Newcombe 

Cardiff School of Welsh

Walter thinks that learners are less fearful of trying to use Welsh in Patagonia than they are in Wales. However, as happens in many schools, children are educated in Welsh and then use their first language, Spanish, when playing with other children .in the yard and at home.

Despite the encouraging statistics and positive attitudes, however, there are still only a limited number of Welsh learners who attain fluency and become integrated into a Welsh-speaking community.

The struggle is only half over when the language has been, mastered in class. Speaking skills must then be transferred to the community.

If learners have used Welsh only in class and have not practised with first-language speakers, they will usually struggle outside the classroom when the course ends.

If learners are to become integrated into Welsh society it is vital they realise that classes are only a foundation springboard into the world of Welsh language and culture.

One of the main hindrances for learners who have attended Welsh classes for some time and have a good grounding in the language is the lack of opportunity to use Welsh in the community. Many complain that it is difficult to persuade first Language speakers to hold a conversation in Welsh.

First-language speakers switching to English. It is often the more advanced learners who are most distressed by first-language speakers switching to English.

    Haydn Hughes in 2003 also made a connection between the learners’ accent and language switch. According to one, Elwvn Hughes, first language speakers in north Wales were willing to speak Welsh with learners from south Wales with a Welsh accent and intonation but spoke English to those who spoke Welsh with an English accent.

Similarly, Roger Fenton reported there were many bungled attempts before he eventually succeeded into speaking to her regularly, but he was socially able to speak Welsh to his friend in Pembrokeshire.

While course books are produced in north- and south-Walian versions, it is not possible to include all dialectal variations or slang, indeed would it be beneficial to learners.

WLPAN intensive courses vary considerably in the north, south and west of Wales. but it does not contain do not cover all the dialect versions of the patterns learnt sounds and sentences.

There are dialect variations in vocabulary, sounds and sentence structure, and it would be discouraging in the extreme for learners to be taught so many different versions when learning basic language patterns.

When interviewed she said that she has great difficulty in understanding Welsh-speakers and thinks this is probably because they use dialect.

The world outside the classroom can be a frightening confusing place for the learner and, even in homes where there are ready-made opportunities to practice. Learners often stumble upon problems.

While tutors attempt to expose learners to the Welsh they will meet in the community, there will problems with dialect, low-level registers. Welsh/English combinations, abbreviations, for as Alan stressed at the focus group, the “bwlch” is great.

Dialect issues can be particularly troublesome for learners who try to practise when away from their home area. In the 1990s Steve Morris recorded examples of learners’ attempts to converse with patterns which were not identical to the local dialect.

       In the light of on-going controversy about the standard of Welsh used by the media, it was interesting that learners wrote in journals that they did not like slang or Welsh-English combinations.

    The road to fluency is usually quite a long one. Adults sometimes expect too much too early on in the language learning process and become disappointed. Time investment is necessary in order to gain fluency quickly.

  Cardiff Caerdydd is changing slowly and it is still only the more determined of learners who search out opportunities to use Welsh in Cardiff and the surrounding area on a regular basis. 

Ultimately language is a social phenomenon, and learners need to find a domain, such as a Welsh society, a choir, a chapel, sports or public house where they can practise their speaking skills or pub or a public house where they can practise their speaking skills.

Similarly, learners need a basic knowledge of Welsh before they can start conversing outside class and then. If there is enough confidence to keep at it, fluency will eventually follow.

Ulpan (Wlpan) Scotland

      Ulpan Scotland is making misrepresentations that Ulpan/Wlpan is a new fast way of language learning. It is a 1950s Skinnerist method of language learning. It is recognised as a brain dead method for tutor and pupil. It is slow and ineffective.

       The Skinnerist methods of new language learning died out by the ends of 1950s. The Wlpan method practiced in Wales was based upon a misunderstanding of Krashen's theory. Bangor University were still practising the

       It was not a successful method of teaching Welsh in Wales. Tutors cannot be taught a language as is being claimed in Scotland. Wikepedia claims the method is failing badly in Israel. This is the method Aran Jones was using. 

       Diesal, Ulpan (Wlpan) has closed. There has been a huge scandal over Gaelic in Scotland.