The Pisa Virus-

       Pasi Salsberg a leading Finish Educationist has referred to the Pisa international school ranking as a virus. Dylan Wiliam, who lectures on education across the world, has explicitly illustrates in his new book that Pisa does not allow comparisons to be made about countries educational performance based upon Pisa results.

      Many of the arguments that Dylan Wiliam's refers accord with what Howard contends in bid researched. The difference between the difficulty of languages make it difficult to make valid comparison between children's performance in different languages. English is one of the most difficult to learn languages in the world.


     Dylan Wiliam refers to Pasi Salsberg contended that one of the main reason for Finish educational success is that Finnish is a very regular language. It is easy to learn to read in it. Finland has a reputation for being avid readers. 

      There are a myriad of variable that influence Pisa scores in different countries. Pisa only assess the outcome of children's developing education for over a decade. In pure terms the roots of children's Pisa 2036 attainment are being grown in nursery schools throughout the world.

     There has never been an attempt to assess and rank counties in respect of their pupils attainment. There are Americam States that are bigger than Pisa countries. If the 49 states was assessed and ranked in inidivuallly, The would be a huge range of scores including very high and low.

       Dylan Wiliam also refers to fact the despite the United States performing relatively poorly in P.I.S.A. It does much better on the TIMMS tests, which applied at different ages to PISA and in a different format.