Socipe Challenges

  The problem that exist in society is that many "Tom, Dicks and Mary's" believe they can teach and they
self-proclaim themselves as authorities on teaching. No one would want a St. John's Ambulance nurse to treat them in hospital. Socpie not only challenges bad practice or misrepresentations about learning issue, it offers constructive learning advice. People who are cited ignore or do not respond to challenges. 

  This website is related to where there are range of resources and researched papers, interesting Times Educational Article and papers that Howard has reached. Both sites will be developed in the next few months.

Curriculum Debate

      There is an extremely interestingly debate in the Times Educational Supplement, which Howard intends to contribute to.

The Professional Status of Teachers -

            There appears to be an endemic lack of respect for professional teachers in Wales. They are highly trained, they have legally accredited teaching qualifications, they are trained in schools of education, and they must be registered to practice like solicitors and doctors. Legally anyone without Q.T.S. and Q.T.L.S. qualifications are tutors. 

     The time appears long overdue when the Welsh Government stops discriminating against conscientious, hard working English speaking adult Welsh learners and give all Welsh for Adult tutors registered status to protect them being exploited and to ensure public money is not being wasted. 

    All other community services have registered tutors. Learners should be entitled to trust their tutors advice. Registration will allow them to be assured of this.

       Ioan Talfryn who was trained by Lazanov an eccentric Bulgarian clinical psychologist has threatened to sue Howard for defaming his charector. What he is ignorant of it is 2019, not 1970!

       ioan Talfryn appears to be under the delusion that professional teachers cannot teach. If he methods work, then he should be awarded the Nobel Prize. Not even Christine Hinton  educationalist, neuro-scientist in Harvard have heard of his methods. Professor Sue Garthcole of the Cambridge Institute of the brain does not appear to know either. Professor David Reynolds a leading educationalist does not appear to know.  He has only written 33 researched educational books. Ioan Talfryn does not even know what the word teaching means. 

 Perhaps they will award him an honorary doctorate to go with his Welsh language degree.  Perhaps on Oscar would be an more appropriate award. Even Wikpedia account of deSuggestopodia suggests the method for adults in not appropriate for children.

The Donaldson Report    

  Howard has written seven research papers on the Welsh curriculum recommendations. He hoping to be able to publish them on the Welsh Institute of Affairs website this year. He has also discovered some  recent research, which the Welsh Government, is unlikely to be aware of that questions the whole validity of his recommendations. It research from a source in Harvard University.

Read Papers on

Second Language Learning

  Howard is in the processing of writing a book on  how to learn languages. It will drawn on evidence from his researched books. It will have a cognitive learning perspective.

        It will be on second language generally, but it will advise on how learners can learn Welsh most effectively. It will relate to the research he has undertaken.

        Howard is confident that Welsh for Adult learners will welcome it. He is Q.T.S. qualified to teach Welsh. He is struggling to get it right currently.