Welsh Medium Education

          Welsh medium education tends to be a highly political and emotional issue in Wales. It is associated with issues of saving the living Welsh language, but children go to school to be educated and they need to be prepared for what is likely to be a very uncertain world, it cannot even be assured that all children who educated in Wales have a future in the country.

  Socpie vision for children's education is that it should be like health. It is entitlement that every child is entitled to achieve, but children cannot be expected to achieve equal standards. Cognitive research is making clearer learning issues and how language are acquired and retained. 

  The reason why Welsh medium schools were introduced was so that Welsh speaking children who were not sufficiently fluent in English to be able to effectively learn through English needs could be catered for. A lady on S4C once admitted that she was brought up on farm on Angelesey, where she heard little English until she around five years of age.  It must be accepted as Dr. Margaret Newcombe, Cardiff School of Welsh claimed that English has been the language of commerce and law since the 1636.

 Whilst no one wants to see the decline and or  loss of the Welsh language in Wales, developing fluency in English is essential for all children. Ford () warns of threat of impeding outsourcing of jobs overseas and the effects of automation. He refers to the former as being a more imminent threat. He refers to countries like India, who have trained English speaking graduates, who have been trained to offer tax law and legal services to America and  the United Kingdom from India.

  The notion that every academic text book can be translated into Welsh is simply not going to happen. It recognised that developing reading fluency, which will always related to matter of degree, is the avenue to social mobility. The opportunities to use Welsh for self-study and research will always be limited. 

   Political dreams are one thing, practical realities are another no one will be able to enter predominantly all professions without speaking English. In Europe many degrees courses are increasingly being promoted through the medium of English.