The Aran Jones Story -

Mr Aran Jones had been chief executive of Cymuned, which was a direct action Welsh Language pressure group, and it appears as the money will run out in around 2009, he decided to give Welsh lessons instead. And this is despite him having no teaching legal teaching qualifications.

 Mr Aran Jones greatest achievement was in the Isle of Man, where he succeeded in convincing the islanders that he learnt  Manx from scratch using his S.S.I.W. Manx in seven been learning hours. (Re - Media Wales) Account). He was observed having a 20 minute conversation with Adrain Cairnes Manx Language Officer. It was all featured on a live podcast.

 Mr Aran Jones is on Manx TV claiming he discovered a new fast memorisation method of learning a language that could be applied in any language and that it was the new way forward for language learning.

 There was only one problem with his cunning plan. Mr Aran Jones has no legal teaching qualifications. He was only playing being a teacher and researcher. He did not have a clue how to teach or how learners learn. His £0.99 Amazon Kindle Book was fiction.

The problem with ignorance people do not know what they do not know. Mr Aran Jones does not appear to read an academic book in his life. He did not know what was in the literature. He did appear to know there are scores of cognitive psychology across the world.

 The notion that a Welsh speaker with a degree in Welsh literature was no teaching qualification, who must be lacking intelligence because he does not know how to learn, could invent a miracle method of learning languages is simply not sustainable. There are libraries of research books on human memory. What he was claiming was cognitively impossible.


          There is evidence that Mr Aran Jones was exploiting English Welsh language learners as cannon fodder to present him as expert Welsh langauge teachers and researcher, his politicial interests by making out Welsh was easier to learn than what it is, and earning his livehilood. He was charing £15 for his Bobsled runs in around 2016.

        The dream he was selling to the Manx islanders was the same dream he was aggressively marketing in Wales. Martin Shipton Media Wales gave Mr Aran Manx in Day publicity stunt. It had been sponsored by the Manx Vodka company. This why he claimed he was experimenting to see if drink Manx Voda would enhance learners learning. He has never claimed this before or after his stunt.

       Prior to this Mr Aran Jones promised some English speaking newly appointed North Wales housing minister where he claimed in took intensive lessons they would learn Welsh in ridicilously short time scales. He appears to be trying to humiliate them into rejecting his offer.

Mr Jones is former leader of Welsh communities organisation Cymuned and now runs his own ‘Say Something in Welsh’ language company.

He said: “We have been running experimental intensive courses for a few weekends. If they can spend six to eight hours a day learning Welsh, then it’s possible that they will be able to speak it confidently and with ease. Then, it’s a matter of spending 30 minutes a day practising and speaking so that CCG’s main internal language remains Welsh.”

       What did he say:-

Mr Jones said he’d be willing to travel to CCG’s headquarters or invite them to his home in Mynytho, Llŷn for the one-to-one sessions rather than in the “boot camps” classes he normally runs.

He said: “If they really want to learn Welsh, then they could start now so that they will be able to speak it by the time they start work with CCG in June.”

This article was dated 20th March. He was claiming it could be achieved in two months.

       This the ridicolpous promises he make on the SSIW website:-

     Some people spend YEARS learning Welsh – but never cross the bridge to becoming a fluent user of the language. If you’re reading this, you probably already feel that you haven’t learnt Welsh as quickly as you had hoped. Maybe you’re worried that you might be trying to learn in the wrong way, and you’d like to know how to do better, and how to find learning Welsh easier.

        Mr Aran Jones appears reasponsible for deliberately decieving English and Welsh speakers. He appears responsible for certain Welsh speaker claiming that English speakers are too lazy and apathetic to learn Welsh.

      Other people (you might already know some of them!) seem to dip their toes into Welsh and then within a few weeks be chatting away happily to any Welsh speaker they meet. If you do know someone like that, you won’t be at all surprised to hear that most of us feel a
mixture of real admiration and frustrated jealousy when one of our friends learns Welsh so

For as long as people have been learning languages, there has been a myth that you either have a gift for languages, or you don’t – and if you don’t, it’s just bad luck. This is absolute nonsense! Okay, some rare people have extraordinary abilities with languages – just like some
rare people are brilliant mathematicians or world-famous concert musicians. But 99% of peopl who learn languages are all on almost EXACTLY the same level as each other.

But some people spend YEARS without getting where they want to be, and others are holding relaxed conversations in a few weeks – because of small but VITAL differences in

HOW they go about their learning.

The good news, if you are one of the many people who aren’t learning Welsh as quickly as they had hoped, is that the changes you need to make are neither complicated nor difficult. In fact, the whole purpose of this short paper is to show you EXACTLY how to transform your
approach to Welsh so that you too will be one of those confident people happily chatting away in Welsh in just a few weeks from now – whatever course you’re using!

We’re going to look simply and clearly at the problems, and then I’m going to show you straightforward and practical solutions. By the time you finish reading this short paper, you will know EXACTLY what to do to take your Welsh to a whole new level of excitement, entertainment and achievement.

Research suggets it takes around 10,000 hours to develop native like fluency in new language.

When Aran Jones words about little truth is to be found.

He is honest about his Say-Anything-He-Likes website presentations.

The enclosed extract is from  a 2009 book written by Dr Margaret Newcombe

She refers to other Welsh for Adult academics contributing to her book.

She refers to course providers offering miracle methods.

She also refers to Welsh being more difficult to learn than other languages.

She quotes Hieni Gruffud stating that it takes 200 hours of classroom study

and 1.500 of active community speaking to become a confident Welsh speak.

Something Mr Ioan Taflryn claims can be ahieved in miralce time scales.

Click below to read the reference.


John Sweller - English as a Second Langauge  - Paper
This paper explains why adults cannot learn languages like young children, because their language is acquired as biological primary skill.

Colin Miles - It is Virtually Impossible for an Adult to learn proper Welsh. 

He claims he wants to learn proper Welsh speaker.

Mortimer, D. The Confessions of a Welsh Learner


Hunter. H. and Turners - Welsh Tutors - Miracle Methods of Learning.

These are honest Welsh tutors advise learners not to use Welsh in week lesso

Hurd and Murphy - O.U. - Miracle Methods of Learning.


Petty - Learning is Not an Instant Process like Pouring Petrol into a Tank

Petty refers to proven cognitive research has illustrated that 50% of factual words and phrases would be lost in hour of learning.

Repeating words parrot fashion after hearing them while reading them from a computer screen is not learning. The evidence is Aran had learn to prounce.

A novice learner would have learnt nothing in the seven hour binge learning session.

B.B.C - 500 Word Fleuncy after 3 Years of Learning.

This a very interesting article referring to Canadian Research that states some practising for a hour a day in minority language will take around 3 years of daily practice to develop a fluent vocbulary of 500 word. Aran would have needed to learn at least a 100 or more words for his Manx in Day Stunt.

At his claim rate a 100,000 new words could be brought into fluency over three years. One Welsh tutor claimed that a learners could subconciously absorb a 1,000 words in lesson.

Aran Jones appears to believe that learners can subconsciously absorb new words through listening to the radio.

Words are facts. Facts are stored in declarative memory.

Another language myth is the music enhanced language learning. This is referred to as the Mozart effect. It has no validity.

Research Principles of Language Learning

Gunn H.J.D. - Political Dreams: Practical Realities: The Future of the Welsh Language and Welsh learning.      

Professor Sarah Eaton - 10,000 to Develop new Fluency

Neuroscientist Professor David Eagleman; Cognitive scinentist - Professor 

Many Others.

Review of Welsh Language Learning Margaret Newcombe

Cognitive Load - Split Attention - Listening to music and oral language causes interference, it does not enhance learning.

The Cockcroft Report 1982 - Lazanov must disprove this report to demonstrate the validity of the methods

Christina Kirch - Krashen's Input Model has No Validity (Click below) 


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