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#.2 Pisa Petition 

#.2 The Contempt for Teachers in Wales

#.3 Welsh Langauge Academics are not Teachers 

#.4 University Academics not authorities on Bilingual Education

#.5 Welsh Medium Education

#.6  The Official Secrets Act - The American Dream   

#7 Xenaphobic Welsh Language Prejudice.

#.8  Low Welsh for Adult Inspection Standards

#.9 School Year Changes

#10. Welsh Langauge Dreams

#11. There is No Majic Bullet

#12. Overview

#1. Introduction
       Teaching is complex science. The historical master apprentice view of education I can teach Welsh and I will show you how to learn it is unacceptable. The brain is very plastic. There are children in Wales who has learnt Welsh to educated through the medium of it who have lost their Welsh Langauge and nothing in education is simple. Simple answers to complex educational problems yields oversimplistic results.

#.2 The Contempt for Welsh Teachers             

        In countries like South Korea and Finland, teachers are respected. In South Korea, equivalent to Oxford and Cambridge university 3,000 students applied to be maths teachers only 36. Pasi Shalberg refer there are thousands wanting to be teacher in Finland. 67% of teachers believe their status is not respected.

       Dylan Wiliam is a professor of education and he claimed it in Ireland students choose to going into medicine because it rejected for a teacher training place. In the United Kingdom and the goverments are struggling to recruit teachers, especially maths teachers.

           QTS teachers highly trained and work around 60 hours a week. The public do not appreciate that they have to prepare lessons and mark assignments after the school day ends. They have to cope with with children's behaviour. They are often restrained from speaking out for fear of upsetting their school governors.

         Q.T.S. Teachers are registered unlike university academics. They are highly accountbale for their practice and conduct. We never hear of failing university schools.  Students drop out of their course, schools fail their learners. They cannot leave school even if they want to.

         We never hear of professional misconduct in univerisities the media. They have a reputation for letting their intelligent students do all the work.


        Q.T.S.  are being pressurised into improving schools standards. They are striving for continous stadnards. The university of reading states that teaching is  second only to medicine and nursing. Teachers like Howard with a teaching masterate is equivalent to a consultant in medicine.

University of Reading

Advanced Skills Teachers:

Advanced skills teachers: professional identity and status

This refers to status being second to nurses and doctors.

#3. Welsh Language Ph.D.'s academics are not Teachers.

       Professional people go to university schools to be trained and acquire the corporate intelligence that exists in the professional domain. Doctors go to schools of medicine to become trained doctors. Solicitors go to schools of law to become lawyers. Teachers go to schools of education to become professional teachers and educationalists. They do not go to school of Welsh.


        Teaching is a legal process. It pertains to proven methods. Schools of education research teaching, not schools of Welsh. Teaching resembles law and medicine in that there is a range of specialists in different fields. Practitioners are required to apply equitable standards.

      There is a failure of governments and the public to understand that there is a professional definition of Q.T.S. teaching. If Professor Margaret Brown is considered, for instance, she is a Professor of Mathematical Education. Professor Sioned Davies who informed on the Donaldson curriculum was a professor of Welsh. 


          Proven research is what has been practised by large populations of learners and pertains to research accepted by practitioners, especially authorities in their field. Millions of teachers practice teaching every day, but not in all countries. The core teaching process is practised across all subjects.

        Q.T.S. are legally entitled to practice anything they like, but they must be able to prove it. They may be able to prove the world is flat, it appears so, but they will never prove that professional teaching is ineffective nor that the quality of teaching creates standards

#4. University Academics not authorities on Bilingual Education 

    Whilst accepting that Colin Baker is a very distinguish Welsh speaking world authority on biligual education, his research is top down and there is not evidence he has advanced teaching qualifications. 

      Whilst accepting that Colin Baker is a very distinguish Welsh-speaking world authority on bilingual education, his research is top-down and there is no evidence he has advanced teaching qualifications.

        Professor Susan Gathercole C.B.E., who recently retired from Cambridge University of the brain, which investigates children's learning difficulties, stated she was only a jobbing scientist and that teachers knew more than her. Professor Michael Thomas cognitive scientist educationists has said that teachers need to understand neuro-science, but they do not need to understand it in detail.

       Howard has researched evidence that suggests that the Welsh Language Board was populated by university academics who have made two fundamental errors in their evaluation of the value of Welsh medium education. New research raises serious issues about.

         It appears that the National Welsh Language Learning College is now required to inform on Welsh medium education. They are not qualified to inform on it. The evidence is that they are not legally qualified to inform on it. They have no understanding of the issue.

#5. Welsh Medium Education

     Although every Tom, Dick and Mary appear to believe that they are entitled to inform on Welsh medium education.  Research suggests that bilingual education is extremely complex. Howard has written a research book on Welsh Medium Education, and he will be asking Sutton Trust to independently evaluate it. This is because all Welsh Language are so highly political issues in Wales.

#6. The American Dream  has Died Across the Word

        Children in Wales have a legal human rights are reached their full learning potential. The word opportunity must be injected into the right because learning something children can only acquire for themselves through responding to appropriately presented learning materials.

            The American dream is that no child should be left behind. Cognitive research illustrated that it is a dream. It is an unattainable one. Nicola Sturgeon former First minister of Scotland set  objective of closing the attainment gap. It was a disconnect with reality aas Michael Gove's promise promise to eliminate illiteracy in his lifetime. It unclear if he believed he had divine powers.

            There is no evidence that a Welsh Education Minister has ever had the openness and honesty to inform the public that the learning potential of children has a can never be equal. This is illustrated in the Pisa rankings because they refer to the standard distribution curve, which is like a bell shape with most children clustering around average, that applies to all countries in the world.

           The brutal reality is that the more children are educated the larger spread of the attainment becomes special in the basic skills because it's related to working memory.


#.7  Xenaphobic Welsh Language Prejudice

       Gareth King Welsh speaker in his book, Modern Welsh, states that native speakers acquire their language naturally. Research illustrate is their aquistion is biologically primed. It is referred to bilogical primary. Older children and adults do not learn it naturally. It bioligcally secondary.

        Adults and older language learners cannot jump back into the pram. 

     This means that if any Welsh speaker demands that all children should learn Welsh to be educated through the medium of it they will be engaging in xenaophobic prejudice. They are demanding that their children should learn through their native language(s), but native English speaking children should not.

     Any Welsh speaker who deliberately devieves the English speaking Welsh Language Learners and gives them reckless learning advice is also engaging in xenaphobic prejudice. 

      Welsh Language Learning and Welsh Medium Education is in the domain of Q.T.S. teachers and anyone who informs on them who does not have that qualificaition, including the police, can only offer their unqaulified personal opinions and prejudices. American research suggest that issues pertaining to bilingual education are very complex.

#.8 Low Welsh for Adult Inspection Standards.

      Learning a new language is a difficult for learners to learn as maths. There are many children in England who are opting out of second language learning because it is optional.

     The responsibility of Estyn inspectors is to police standards. There is evidence of the Estyn Welsh Language Welsh for Adult inspectors are condoning abjectly incompetent tutoring.

      The Welsh Government invests a vast amount of public money and Welsh Language Learners invest their hard earned money and hundred of hours of practice to develop evena basic Welsh Language speaking capability. The situation is unacceptable.

     It appears there is one impoverished standard for Welsh for Adult tutors practice and another for everyone else. They are allowed to do anything they like because they are not registered and universities have no legal teaching expertise.

 #.9 The Proposed Change to the School Year

        The Welsh Government's proposal to change the school year does not appear to refer to any clearly articulated research that suggests it will be a worthwhile initiative. It is unclear currently whether the proposal refers to just a reorganisation of the school year and, or increasing school hours.

          Professor Susan Garthercole s CBE, which is in Cambridge University the brain, which investigates children's learning difficulties, stated in her Learnus lecture that research illustrates that over 50 years  standards in schools have not significantly changed since that time. In one of the most commendable initiatives that was ever undertaken was the introduction of Tony Blair's primary school maths and numeracy hours, but it was found that there no significant change in children's attainment.

      A revolution taking place since around 2018 in education because of the finding of cognitive science supported by reliable neuroscience research. Professor Michael Thomas a cognitive neuroscientist education in his Learnus review of Professor Robert Plomin genderists findings contended that schools do not have the influence on children’s learning as popularly believed.

              There is the issue of is there sufficient evidence to illustrate the learning value of the proposal or whether it is aimed at providing a magic bullet improvement in school standards.

#.10  Welsh Languagd Dreams    

        Although predominatly all Welsh people respect the Welsh Language as an integral part of Wales national identity and culture, a language is simply  a tool that lives and the tip of our tongues and the point of our ears which we use to communicate. Life on planet earth is dictated by science. The future of the Welsh Langauge will be dictated by science.

        It is very easy for people to demand what other people should do when they do have to do themsleves. It will generally takes years for English speaking person to reach a significant Welsh Language capability. What makes learning Welsh difficult is that it is  that it generally not all around learners.

      There are to quote Dr Margaret Necombe  Cardiff School of Welsh book a large proportion of the thousands of people attempt to learn Welsh every year drop out. She refers to native Welsh speakers not be prepared to speak Welsh to learners.

      Many English speakers have made more of commitment to save the living Welsh Language than those who bleat they should learn Welsh. English speakers are not second class citizens in Wales. It unacceptable that bus drivers in North Wales being abused for not speaking Welsh. English speakers needs must be respected.

#.11  There are no Majic Bullets

       Education is currently becoming a science. Professor Paul Howard Davies, who is neuroscienece educationalist, contended that professional teacher have the same impact on the brain as neurosurgeon. It fashionable even in schools to quote science, but the neuro-myths are being diproved.

        The America dream that no child should be left behind is unattainable. Neuroscience research has established that more intelligent children have more effective neural wiring. The connections between the brain hubs can be observed.

       Professor Neil Thomas a educational neuroscienist reviews the research of Professor Robert Plomin genetistis on a Learnus Lecture that illustrates that schools have far less influence of children educational attainmnent that is popularly believed.  Professor Sue Gathercole, who has retired from being head if the Cambridge University of the Brain refers to research referring to fifty years of schooling that illustrated that school standards have not changed significantly.

       It is reasonable to suggest that one of the most commenable educational issues ever was the Tony Blair introduction of the primary school numeracy and literarcy hours. They were in the two most researched subject in the school curriculum. There was intensive training. Standards only marginally improved.

         Cambridge University of the Brain is sponsored by the Health Service to investigative children's difficiculies and she states there are no magic bullet solutions to resolve their learning difficults. Our brains are as individual as our faces in its form and what is contains. Nothing is simple in education.

#12. Overview   

          There is notion that learning can be poured into the brain like petrol into a tank. It is what Confiscious xxx B.C. referred to fill the duck.  The quantity of learning does not necessarily equal the quality of it. 


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