Proposed Change on Summmer Holidays 

     The source of the proposals for shortening the school summer holiday was posited by Professor Lee Major who is an authority on social mobility. He has no legal teaching qualifications. He has not promised a improvement in children's attainment. He admitted that social science is not an exact one.

     There has been failure understand that children's are constantly loosing a proportion of what they are taught every school week. The proposals failed to consider the issue of learning retention and recovery. All children revise for summative end of term assessments to recover what they have lost.

     The proposals appear ill-concieved and ill-thought through.  See Papers P1 to P5, especially P3

Proposal to Create a Million Welsh Speakers by 2050

he ambition to create a million Welsh speakers by 2050 is a meaningless marketing soundbite. The word speak of language can mean absolutely anything. The implication that if learners learn Welsh they will become able to confidently speak it.

Research overwhelmingly illustrates that it takes a lot of hard work and thousands of hours to successfully learn a new language. Languages cannot be learnt from websites or in classrooms. It is extremely difficulty for English speakers to learn Welsh because it not all around learners.

       The catch-22 is that research indicates that the tipping point of a living language is 66% speakers. It is the rich language environment that learners need to experience to become fluent native like speakers. Most children in Welsh medium education speak English outside of school. There is the issue of how a sufficient speakers can ever be created to create rich Welsh speaking environment. See Papers P11 to P15, especially P13

Welsh Medium Education

               Welsh medium education was introduced because native speaking Welsh speaking children were struggling to learn through the medium of English that is all around them. It was not introduced to learn a new language to be educated through the medium of it, which is not their native language, it not the language their parents can speak and the Welsh Language is not all around them.

          Research illustrates that children will always learn more effectively in their most fluent language. It takes around five years for an average child to reach the standard of nativr children in class in a majority language. Welsh is not a majority language.

        The has never been any research into Welsh medium Education. The public has been decieved about Welsh medium education.  See Papers P11 to P15, especially P12 and P13

The Welsh for Adult Service

      The Welsh for adult service is the only Estyn community service tutoring up to A‚ÄôLevel provided by university academics who are not registered and have no legal teaching qualifications. They have never been trained in schools of education.

    There has been a requirement to apply proven methods in the service, but the academics have been applying rote teaching, which is not a proven method, and they were viewing their own D.I.Y. methods as superior to school teaching. They have been supporting quacks playing being teaching and researchers. 
See Papers "Utopia Deferred Paper".