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      Although most of the Welsh for Adult service is provided in universities. The service is a further education service. It is not a service for academics. It is primarily providing a Welsh language learning service up to GCSE level and a small proportion go beyond that up to a A Level Welsh standard.


            University academic have no legal teaching qualifications. No one would allow unqualified health inspectors to inspect food hygiene. There is evidence Welsh Speaking academics with no legal teacing qualifications are Estyn inspectors, inspecting the Welsh for Adult Service.

             Maths university academics do not teach subjects up to A-level in further education colleges.   Teaching skills are needed in a community further education service, not academic expertise.  Schools and further education colleges teachers are intensively trained to teacher in university schools of education. Viewed from a cognitive learning perspective teaching adults and children is not significantly different.

       While professional teachers are intensively trained to teach a new language, the university academics attempt to do the same task with feeble training. They do not possess legal teaching qualifications. The evidence the schools of Welsh have been playing being a teacher training college, for the Welsh for Adult service, but they have no access to the corporate intelligence that exists in schools of education.

        Colin and Klapper (2006) who are authorities on university second language teaching to undergraduates.  They refer to 22 leading authorities contributing to their researched book, contended that:-

         The Welsh for Adult  Service historically been based upon the master apprentice model of learning. "I can speak a language and I will show you how to do it". The is evidence that the academics were awarding PhD's to students for researching their behaviourist methods of tutoring languages.

     Coleman and Klapper contended that second language teaching is complex. The problem with ignorance is people do not know what they do not know. There has been a failure for the academics to respect how highly trained professional teachers are. It is a malaise of society that every Tom,  Dick and May believe that they can teach.


          The Oxford University dictionary claims:-        

 University academics cannot obtain that status because they have no legal professional teaching qualifications and they have not been to schools of education.

Legally they not teachers. Only those with Q.T.S. or Q.T.L.S. teacher are legal teachers.

All qualifications are legally qualified United Kingdom "Q.T." means qualified teacher. 

No other qualification has.

 The have been Welsh speakers in Wales playing being teaching and researchers.    

University academics are not qualified teachers because they have not been schools of education.      

The problem with the word teaching is there is ha layman's meaning of the process as opposed to its profession meaning.   

There is no evidence the university acadmics understand this.

Professional teachers are highly trained as solicitors but they rarely get respect.

    While solicitors and doctors obtain high fees for offering their professional opinions all professional teachers get is contempt for theirs 

      Howard has been interrogated by a poxy police officer because an unqualified Welsh language tutor accused him of harassing him for mocking his methods

     Research suggests that 40% of the population believe that pharmacists  are glorified shopkeepers who they do not possess a Ph,Ds  They having a very highly intelligent people were people's lives in the hands.

      Teachers have experience similar contempt because they they do not generally possess a PhD's. 

      There is no currency in university degrees. Many business courses are viewed as Mickey Mouse degrees. It appears that Welsh language degrees do not appear challenging for fluent Welsh speakers.

      Just because someone has  a PhD in the Welsh language does not make them a teaching expert.

      Dic Mortimer describes the war he fought to learn Welsh and succeed in speaking it to natives is clearly very perceptive because he recognises that professional training is needed for tutors to provide a satisfactory Welsh for Adult Service.

       No one would allow a health inspector to visit a shop to assess its hygiene unless they were qualified. Unqualified Welsh for Adult language inspectors appear to be unqualified and it appears incompetent tutors are passing Estyn inspections.

     The Welsh Government  is claiming it wants world-class standards for school teaching, but it is providing four world standards in its Welsh for Adult Service.

       A knowledgeable person may be able to teach a subject like history or geography without training, but second languages are difficult to teach and learn as maths.

       Dr Margaret Newcombe's Cardiff Scool Welsh of provides an account of the Wlpan Method.

     The Wlpan method was developed in Israel after the Second World War. It allowed any Tom Dick and Mary to teach Hebrew.

      The practicising of the 1950s Skinnerist behaviourist Wlpan method provided intelligent learners with the experience of what it is like to be parrots. It is an only animal training method in the developing world.                               

    Learners were required to simply drill phrases like musicians practiced scales. It is recognised.the brain-dead method of learning for tutor and learners. It is method any Tom, Dick and Mary can teach.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    The rearched referred to could have only have been undertaken in  the schools schools of Welsh in Wales.  They have buried thousands of learners in the process as Dr Margaret Newcombe admitted.                                                                                                                    

     Research illustrates it is an appallingly ineffective method of tutoring anything.                                                                                                                                                     

      If any school claimed they were using a method that did not suit all learners needs, then they would be cremated.                                                                                   

      There is evidence the Welsh for Adult Service has been streaming through methodology for generations.    

    Bangor University practised the Wlpan method around 50 years. Learning methods do not mature over time. They get putrid.

      Professor David Reynolds and Daniel Mujis, are both highly acclaimed professors of education not Welsh.

     Welsh speakers are constantly demanding that they have high quality Welsh Language services.

      The Welsh for Adult Service still appears to be trying to reinvent the educational wheel

     The fact that they possess degrees in Welsh language does not mean you never have the depth of understanding need to teach effectively/

     It takes 10,000 hours for teacher to reach basic mastery.  There are sheep and shepherds in all professions. 

It takes a great deal longer for someone to become a leading authority on teaching issues.

 I can reasonably claim to be the leading authority on the process of learning Welsh in Wales.

I offer my expertise the Cardiff School of Welsh in 2010 at my work was totally ignored. 

All learners will be wasting their time until the Welsh model services directed by

newly qualified Q.T.S. teachers were at least 10 years teaching experience.

The experience needed take the service cannot be grown  in a couple

All the Wlpan  tutors have no experience. They have nothing to offer the future of the service.

Dic Mortimer was very right in referring to the Welsh service as being ametuer.