Articles and Points

        The are ranges of article and points made about edcuational issues, which are available on pdf form. which can be printed.

Socpie Explained - The Full Mission Statement
          This a printable full version of Mission Statemnent.

Socpie Explained.docx.pdf

Why the Learning Potential of Children can Never be Equal.

       There is now convincing researched evidence that the learning potential of children has and will never be equal. Children's individual differing learning needs must be catered for.

children's potential.pdf

Welsh Medium Education

       Most people do not understand Welsh medium education in Wales. It was introduced to catering needs of native Welsh speaking children who were struggling to learn through the medium of English. It was not created to teach English speaking children Welsh.

Welsh Medium Education v2.pdf

Pisa International Assessment  
       The Pisa international assessments  have been viewed like the football World Cup across the World, but the evidence is that they are fundamentally flawed. They do not provide a valid comparison of countries education performance. 

Pisa Internation Assessment.pdf

Why it Will be Impossible to Create a Million Welsh Speakers by 2050

         The problem exists across the English-speaking world is is that there is as misconception that new languages are easy to learn. It takes 1,000 hours to learn a new language to native language fluency. The Welsh Government's ambition to create million Welsh speakers by 2050 sadly does not add up. 

Welsh Language 2050.docx.pdf
The Myth that Exist about Welsh Language Learning

Aran Jones Playing being a Teacher and Researcher

  Aran Jones has been playing being a teacher and researcher for 10 years. He has not legal teaching qualifications. He has been giving reckless learning advice and he is making ridiculous claims about what his learners are achieving which he cannot substantiate. 

Aran Jones SSIW Conduct.pdf

Aran Jones Citing - Main Cases without the Documentary Evidence  
Aran Jones, has been playing been a teacher and researcher, has been cited by This is a summary of the citing. Click for full citation with evidence

Aran Jones SSIW CITING.pdf