Covid Catch Up -    .

           What could be described as the Covid disaster for Education could be described as being a vast speculative experiment on a vast population of children across the world.  The problem with the school curriculum, casting aside the constant bleating about unsatisifcatory attainment, is we know that the classical curriculum worked, it has created educated children, but we do not know how it works, how the parts contributes to the whole.

         The problem with all educational issues is that they are clouded with complexity. My own experience of the traditional grammar schools history was that I learn how to become a scribe and to destrory the quality of my handwriting. We spent hours of lesson writing dictated notes. There was very little real teaching taking place in them.

        Professor Dylan Wiliam contends that well-taught children learning a bad curriculum will always learn more, than children taught badly in an excellent curriculum. The harsh reality is that intelligent children will survive in an education system, because they will have the capacity to learn inspite the quality of what they have been taught. 

  Second language learners need to bring an ever increasing vocabulary of word into secure fluent usage. they will exist at the tip of their tongue and the point of their ears. Unless they are constantly used they will drift out of fluency and be lost completely. Second language teacher know that learners learn a lot of their language over holidays. 

         Factual memory is very transitory. In a history a great deal of what is to taught to children in the subject will not be retained in their everday memory, but it will be reguritated through revision for summative examinations and they will then drift out of their memories. There is evidence is that children with higher levels of fluency in written language and more intelligent, which does refer to those with higher working memory capacity will be more efficient revisors.



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