Ioan Talfryn - deSuggestopedia -

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deSuggestopedia is an amusing pseudo-science method of language learning,  It is normally used by  those learning English as a second language by tutors who do not know how to teach.

It is  a crime against humanity for any tutors to deliberately make promises they cannot deliver and to give learners reckless learning advice.

The method has been taught by Ioan Talfryn who is now in thee  Welsh for Adult Service for thirty years:

Ioan Talfryn is a quack. He  is a "fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill" or "a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, qualification or credentials they do not possess; a charlatan or snake oil salesman". He has been playing being a teacher and researcher.

Ioan Talfryn dreamt up that learners could learn Welsh subconsciously if he dressed his adults up as three year olds and he gave them a children's pantomime

Young children go through evolution. They can recognise faces and objects, but they cannot draw them.

Why adults need to  refer to 'Cave Drawings' is a complete mystery. They cannot learn like three year olds

Here Ioan Talfryn's learners are prepared for their first lesson.

They were given animal masks and christen with  Welsh animal names. Derek Brockway was christened as Squirrel.

One naughty boy refused to wear is rabbit mask

This SC4 program was sponsoered with public money.

Here is Ioan Talfyn giving out homework ro his learners.

This is one of  his sining sessions with the toys on the classsroom floor.

This is where his celebrities are speaking Welsh to toy animals. 

Derek Brockway was demonstrating his school learnt O'Level Welsh.

       The interesting feature of the method is that learners are only expected to mouth words, bark at print and listen to language. It is assumed that they will pick up the language subconsciously.  

       It is the '"Do not bother to teach method" of Welsh language where tutors entertain learners and let their learners do all the work. He was  expecting them to mouth words, bark at print and listen to language. He gave his learners an English and Welsh language script of his pantomime story. He was expecting to memorise the pantomime story and work out the translation from English themselves.

      Ioan Talfryn reported Howard to the police for mocking, professionally criticising his methods. He was summoned to Magistrates Court. It is not a criminal offensive for him to professionallly criticise an unqualified tutors method, but this did not concern South Wales Police. Howard was acquitted.      


   Ioan Talfryn wanted his learners to memorise a story about woodland animals. 

     Why the adults need to learn to speak about woodland animals in their first Welsh Lessons is a complete mystery.

Here Ioan Talfryn is singing and dancing as his S4C celebrities read the verbs from a wall.
This the methods he was practicsing in is Welsh for Adult service.
Dressing up was probably extreme, but it was his method.

 The notion that music enhances language learning is a myth. The Mozart effect was claimed to improve spatial learning, but it has never been claimed to enhance word learning. The best way to relieve anxiety in learning is to provide learners with high quality learning experiences that caters for their needs.

     Learners should be given lessons not concerts.

         The notion that languages can be picked up without being taught it is silly. Young children learn languages in this way, but they are actively consciously involved in their learning. Adult cannot learn like three-year olds. Their oral language learning is biologically primary. They are biologically primed to learn it.

     Adults have much higher working memory and they need to learn languages in accelerated timescales.  There is no teaching going on the programme.  Any Tom, Dick and Mary can practice the method with no training provided they are good actors.

       There is only one proven language learning method. It is called teaching. The word has a professional meaning.

          The enclosed decription of Derek Brockway in the Barry Post illustrates that Ioan Taflyn deSuggestopedia is a psuedoscience. It is absolute trash.