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Do We Really What Pisa Ihumane Educational Standards


         Rote teaching is a very over simplistic view of learning. It is well Confucious referred in xxx. Researchers feed the duck method of learning. And children are not empty vessels that can be filled with education like petrol in a tank. This appears to be the vision that exists in the Far East of education.


         The Pisa are school international assessments Pisa are clearly designed to promote competition throughout the world so countries will fight to have Pisa ranking and they know that in Western countries those who do not achieve them are punished by their Media.


              Forbes claims that some students in Vietnam eat their food on motorbikes going home from school so they can devote more time to their schooling. In Singapore, a primary child was studying up to 11 o’clock at night in preparation for the Singapore equivalent of the old 11+ examination. In South Korea they were studying up to 10 o’clock at night in their night classes.


             Medical doctors revise for three to four months for their final examinations. Dean Burnett a neuroscientist and author states that doctors quickly lose what they have learnt for their examinations. If this was not the case they would not need to revise for them.


         Far East children are primed to retain everything they know, but there is nothing to suggest it creates significantly higher learning capabilities. Western children succeed in universities. Children ae human beings, not inanimate learning objects. There serious mental health issues amongst children in the Far East. Is this ihumane world we want to create for United Kingdom children?

Welsh for Adult Learning  

   A concert pianist needs to practise for 10,000 hours to develop this skill, and they practise for it for 3 to 4 hours day.  And this applies to language fluency. I'm native language speakers applied language at turbo speed. Is the fastest scale the human brain can process. We tend to apply our native languages effortlessly 'because it's been so well practised.

        The Welsh language in Wales is the national language of Wales and its is an integral parties culture. A lot of rush because we're speaking slang and turn around 5% of the Welsh population who are native Welsh speakers. And irrespective of how unpalatable and brutal it sounds the future of the Welsh language will be dictated by science.

        If the Welsh Government decreed that it wanted every person in Wales to possess a G.C.S.E. in maths it is unlikely it could be achieved. Students who possess A’Level French or Spanish who go to universities to study languages go on residency to countries where it is spoken, where the language is all around them. Language cannot be learnt in classrooms, it is only a preparation for future learning, because language needs to be lived through.


         The Welsh for Adult Service appears to be the only further education service in Wales not directed by qualified Q.T.S. teachers. If someone wants to do G.C.S.E. maths they do not have university maths academics teaching them, they have highly qualified maths teachers. 


     Advanced teaching skills are need to teach in the community, school and college, not academic subject expertise. Teachers are trained in schools of education not schools of Welsh..

     Any can learn Welsh, attend a class, but learning a new language is one of the most challenging tasks an adult can engage it.  The learning potential of adults in not equal. Most are unlikely to become able to actively speak Welsh. 


      Many community learners are lacaking in self-confidence and self-esteem. They can spent years trying to learn Welsh and they deserve quality learning support.  When they discontinue with their it sould contribute to their professional develop. Taught properly it can improve their English.