Donaldson Report -    .

        Donaldson Curriculum has been modelled in the “Scottish Curriculum for Excellence”, which was introduced in Scotland in 2010, but the preparation of the curriculum started in 2002.  


          The curriculum for excellence has been questioned in Scotland that is reached the 10 year maturity. 


          Although the concerns arose because of changes in a couple of thousand’s Pisa points in Scotland’s 2018 Pisa assessments, concerns have been raised by the Scottish Inspectorate about Scottish schools failing to reach levels of excellence.


          The fundamental problem with the “Curriculum of Excellence” is that it philosophical teaching base dates to around 2000. Howard has established in his research the philosophical teaching base dates back to the 1960s.


           Professor Michael Thomas who is a is a neuroscience educationalist, refers to changes in educational fashion, and he contends that educational research will arrest these cycles of changes. It will provide greater certainty.


           The problem with the Donaldson Report is and was completed in 2015. It must have been written before that. New educational and cognitive research fundamentally questions the validity of the report. There is no evidence of subject blending can be justified cognitively. There is also evidence for philosophical learning base is fundamentally flawed. The proposal that Welsh should feature in every lesson is silly.