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            It had been said that you take one more hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen that you will make water, but that it requires something different to make it water.  We know what water is, but we do not know why it is.

          This applies to the school curriculum. Children have always been taught art in school, for instance, it has has always contribute education, but it is not explicitly clear what contribution it makes to education.  Children are not glorified encloypdias. The brain is very plastic. What we learn will often not be instantly learnt and it will not be permanent retained.

           Covid has created a vast speculator experiment on a large population of learners. The damage the lost schooling will have on children's education will be very complex. The quantity of learning does not equal the quality of it. The damage will not be equally distributed amongst children.

      There will need to be an informed debate amongst educationalists what are the core learning priorities in the curriculum. What does not need to be discussed is that if the curriculum stripped naked to its core priority, then it would be literacy,  because high levels of fluency needs takes thousands of practice to achieve fluency in it. Fluency is always a matter of degree. It is so enabling.