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Aran Jones - S.S.I.W. -  playing being a teacher and researcher.  He is a quack. Howard to the police for criminally harassing him for professionally criticising his methods. . Read.

Dafydd ap Iestyn - S.S.I.W. - playing being a teacher and researcher. He also reported Howard to the police for harassing him.

Neither have any legal qualifications. It is an offence to make false and malicious assertions to the police.

Mr Alan Jones - Chair of Trustees Popeth yn Cymraeg - Lack of respect for English  Speaking Welsh Langage Learners and Speakers, and professional teachers.

Mr Dyfrig Berry - Trustee Popeth yn Cymraeg -  Lack of respect for English Speaking Welsh Langage Learners and Speakers, and professional teachers.

Welsh Language Activism
        A Welsh Language Acitivist, who is playing being a teacher and research has report Howard to the police in 2016 and 2022. It is not a criminal offence for a professional teacher to critise anyone making false promises and giving reckless learning advice.  It is an offence to lie the police. 

       We do not live in a police state. Freedom of Speech is a sacrosanct political value.  

The Brutal Truth about  Language Learning

          There is dream of creating a Welsh and Gaelic speaking in Wales and Scotland respectively. The brutal reality is new languages cannot be learnt in classrooms, they must be lived through. This applies to children in Welsh and Scottish Medium Schools. Children go to school to be educated not to learn a new language.

        Keith Field refers to school second language learning as a preparation for future learning. Undergraduate students, who have obtained A Level's in a language normal go in residency to a country where the language they are learning is a majority language for three months to year so they can live through that language.

       The harsh reality is that Welsh and Gaelic are minority languages, especially Gaelic. This makes it extremely difficult for to them to learn it. There are only 50,000 Gaelic speakers in Scotland who all can speak English. There is the question how everyone else will be able to practice Gaelic with them to develop fluency in the language.

      Welsh r activists are deliberately decieving learners who easy it is to learn Welsh

The Donaldson School Curriculum Report
            Professor Dylan Wiliam, who lectures on education across the world, has explicitly claimed that the evidence is that all educational initiatives have failed to raise standards in schools. This has been explicitly illustrated in the fact that the Blair literacy and numeracy hour initiative, which every teacher in the United Kingdom would have agreed was a worthwhile initiative, did not translate into tangible improvement in in-school standards.

           The problem with the Donaldson Curriculum is that it was conceived in 2004. It is based on the "Curriculum for Excellence" that was implemented in Scotland, there is no clear and explicit evidence that it has not improve standards. There have been arguements made for radically reforming the curriculum in Scotland. The Donaldson Curriculum was completed in 2015. It is now 2022.

         Professor David Reynolds and Daniel Mujs aspiration that teaching should resemble medicine is beginning to materialise. The problem with all educational research is that the learning potential of children is not equal and that so many variables influence children's attainment in schools. There is growing ever-increasing cognitive base that is providing a more secure indication of the learning issues.

      It cannot be disputed that the curriculum has no delivered a curriculum of excellence and whether the Welsh Government can deliver the promise of avoiding the Scottish mistakes is far from certain. The Cfe is 20th Century Curtuculum because it has been developed from what was known at that time.


The Role of Welsh Language in English Medium Schools 

             The appears to be a lamentable lack of qualified research into Welsh language learning in schools and Welsh medium education, which is reflected by the fact that Profesor Sioned Davies, who informed on the Donald Curriculumstrictly speaking it required had no legal teaching qualifications.  It needed a leading educationalist who could understand the whole curriculum to inform upon it. And how it is that person.

                 There is now no evidence that increasing the time that children devote to learning Welsh in English medium schools is going to significantly improve their Welsh Lounge capability or contribute to saving Welsh language. Teaching is a legal process. And Howard never says anything on this website cannot substantiate.

             Learning a new is not like learning history or geography. It demanding as learning maths. The fundamental problem with learning Welsh is that generally not around all around children.

         Professor Dylan Wiliam contends an incorrect developments that good things should be excluded from the curriculum so that more and more important things can be addressed. They only have one education. They only have one. 

Can Heritage  Languages Survival

David Mitchell (You Tube)

         The issue of heritage languages is a highly emotional political issue in United Kingdom, especially in Wales. David Mitchell and his very perceptive review of the future the Gaelic Language Gives the facts the proper twist. As he clearly states languages are a tool that used to communicate. I need refers to there being 50,000 Gallic speakers in Scotland all of whom speak English. on the principal purpose for English speakers to learn Gaelic in Scotland he sentences enable them to speak to Gaelic speakers.

        David Mitchell contender for language is dead it cannot be resurrected. and this reflects the fact that languages are not simple codes they have shared common ground meanings. and these will be lost if a language has been dead for years. but he's very right in saying attempts to resurrect Cornish language would be a complete absolute waste of public money.


      David Mitchell refers to language is becoming extinct because people choose not to use them. This reflects the fact that language is being learn is very plastic. The extent that a language is kept living reflects how much it is used. This cannot be divorced from the opportunity to use it. And a problem that faces the future the Gaelic language is it 2% of the population speak Gaelic is how can the population of Scotland will have opportunity to speak to them as David Mitchell contends. and Languages can't be developed native like fluency in classrooms.

          The fudamental issue that David Mitchell is that there is failure to understand that it will take around 10,000 hours of practice to learn a language to anything resembling native language fluency in minority language.  Aran Jones when to the Isle of Manx and claimed he learnt Manx using his SSIW website from scratch to a basic conversational level in seven binge learning hours. The Manx Islanders believed him.

What Children Can Realistically Achieve

Children's Futures

         Howard is amended to make most of his privately published research books  available in the next two years on Amazon Demand.

Children's Futures