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        deSuggestopedia is an smusing pseudoscience method of language learning. It was created by the late crank Lazanov, who was a clinical physician. His method were delusional. 

      The only people that can be reduced to a child like state are children. Very young children learn language naturally. They are evolutionary primed to learn their oral native language. It is referred to biologically primary learning. Later language learning is biologically secondary.


The Welsh services has historically been run on the master apprentice model of learning. I can speak a language and I will show you how to do it.  The evidence is at the University academics are still a trying to reinvent the educational wheel.

         There has been a failure for E.L.W.A. would advise the Welsh government advised the  Welsh government to provide the rationale service in universities to understand that the Welsh for adults service is a further education one, not are you an academic. The needs of catering for the village postman as opposed to undergraduates is significantly different.

           The elite universities have had a reputation of allowing their intelligence students and do all the work. Community adult learners are generally lacking in self-confidence and self-esteem. And they need quality learning support.

          Viewed from a cognitive learning perspective is no significant difference between teaching children and adults. And whilst raddled services primarily aimed at teaching Welsh up to school A'Level. An academic maths lecturers in universities do not teach maths up to a level in the community, but this is what's happening in the Welsh for adults service.

           Teaching a new language resembles maths  is a very difficult subject to teach effectively is very difficult for learners to learn. While professional teachers  it would undertake extensive training and practice to offer children quality learning experiences university academics believe thatthen tightened the entitled two of the community service receiving impoverished training.

              There is clear evidence historically that the schools of Welsh in Wales were playing being teacher training colleges, but they had no access the corporate intelligence exists in schools of education. In the rep plan method that the academics have been applying is a 1950s Skinner is behaviourist method of learning. Any professional teacher would be struck off for practising it.

            All University academics were doing was expecting learners to practice phrases parrot fashion in the summer and waved to musicians practising scales. The method has recognised the brain-dead method tutor and an learner. Thousands of learners are being condemned to unnecessary learning difficulty and failure because of the use of the method. Many conscientious choose a grassroots level was very critical of the method.

           Bangor University was still openly practising with plan in 2018.  The method was over 70 years old. The were supposed to be applying CPS continuing professional development. Educational methods do not improve with age like wine and the method can only be described as putrid.

          Dick Mortimer in a blog explained his war to learn Welsh and reach a standard where you could use the language of native speakers and he very politely referred to very many nice Welsh tutors, but he argued until there are professional teachers courier service will remain impoverished. Colin Miles wrote a very perceptive Welsh Insitute of Affairs Paper where he argued it virtually impossible  to learn Welsh and he referred to been taught by rote.

The Need for Change                     

         Dr William Salaman was a very respected H.M.I. once said that the teaching skills need an understanding needed to teach a subject can be as great or if not greater then the subject that needs to be taught. The fact that someone can stand in front of learners and treat them like parrots does not mean that they'll ever get the expertise to teach irrespective how intensively they are trained.


       In the 10,000 hour rule applies to all mastery. Speaking a languages is the pass the skill of the human brain can process. And this is why it takes around 10,000 hours to develop native -like fluency in a new language. It is why it takes five years after training for a professional teacher to become a basically experienced teacher.


         All professional teachers have common training which is common to all subjects. Even nurses trained to be teachers to teach nurses because it is very important that nurses are taught effectively.  The Welsh government take children's education extremely seriously. As long as  English speaking Welsh are condemned to teaching the continued discontinuity rates will continue to be extremely high. 

         Welsh government is spending a vast amount of money on Welsh adult education.  In English was speaker spending a vast amount of time and money attempting to learn Welsh.  And there cannot be any other way to offer them a reasonable quality of service other than to app experience professional Welsh teachers to direct the Welsh for adults service in the six for Welsh for Adult Centres.

       It is difficult to really conceive what the Welsh National learning College has contracted contributes the Welsh language because as the Welsh learning authorities and schools of education. 

        saw him one more good cardIt is a crime against humanity the Welsh for adult tutor was totally incompetent, he was not tutoring anything has not failed in a Estyn inspection. There is no point in Welsh for Adult inspections taking place because a waste of money. If you appointed professional teachers are in the role of inspecting Welsh for Adult Service, especially the registered,   they should be the prospect of improvement standards in the Welsh for Adult Service.

           I would largely written  a Welsh learning scheme that could transform transform English-speaking learners experience. It would take the teaching out of tutors hands.  It would offer a teaching service. It would cater for differentiation, but he has decided that learners are better off not learning Welsh. The sooner learners discontinue the better.               

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