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    Teaching is a legal process. Legal evidence will always be furnished to support citings. All those cited have a right to reply and to offer proven research to support their claims.  See Socpie Citing Response for those cited to email a response and more details of the response process.
       A full explanation of aims and objectives is provided on website
    Socipe citing are only made when those cited refuse to answer challenges
      Howard is as qualified as the Chief Inspector of Schools, education is legal process, and he he has been trained to foster practice and defend criticisms. The has been a vicious attack on Howard integrity and the integrity of, which is a serious infringement of 'freedom of speech'. Complaints have been made to the authorities concerned.

        Howard detests people playing being teachers and researchers. He has been subject to vicious personal abuse from certain sources from minority of people who are the equivalent of Covid-beasts. If someone played at being a police officer they would be arrested.

       People who make innocent misrepresentations are not cited by  until they are approach privately. 
     The Welsh language is a very emotive issue in Wales, the fact that people may express professional concerns about Welsh language issues, does not mean that they are anti-Welsh language. There too many "Tom, Dicks and Mary" declaring self-declaring themselves as experts on the Welsh language and Welsh language school issues.

       The is evidence that Welsh medium education can damage children education. The population of Wales are entitled to know this. We do not live in a police state. 

Current Socpie Citings 

        There are unlikely to be many citings in future. This is because most people who have been approached have accepted their citings and the issues have been resolved without pubilication. is moving towards are more advisory role.