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      The law exists to protect the citizen. Howard has been unlawfully arrested by South Wales Police and summoned to a magistrates court for making a formal professional complaint to a registered Further Education College because a Welsh for Adult tutor claimed Howard he was criminally harassing him for making to the complaint. 

       The tutor was not registered. Howard was not convicted of a criminal offence. The C.P.S. decided the evidence meet the test even for Howard to make a plea in the magistrates court.

         All professional qualifications are legally accredited in the United Kingdom. South Wales Police are not legally entitled to inform on pedagogic issues. They were not legally entitled to decide what should be practiced in the Welsh for Adult Service. 

        The tutor was ultimately accountable to the Chief Inspector of schools, not South Wales Police. Research suggests that 67% believe their professional status is not respected.

         Professor Graham Donaldson. who informed on the school curriculum, professorship is only honorary. Howard has the same qualifications as him. The Welsh Government has been independently advised to recruit teachers with teaching mastrates because it want to create world class teaching in its schools. It is an advanced qualification educationally.

        Those with teaching mastrates are trained to fostered practice and defend criticism. They are the equivalent to consultants in medicine. South Wales Police appear to believe because they wear a police uniform and they have extreme powers that they can anoint themselves a experts in any field.

         The police are required to uphold the law, they are not contractually entitled to make it up. They are not contractually to apply policing in a spirit of hope, optimism and guesswork. No one appears to care about standards in South Wales Police.

         It was a fantastic achievement for South Wales Police to stitch up Howard without giving him any pain killer because they were under the delusion it was a criminal offence for him to professionally criticise a quacks method and he  was overwhelmingly guilty of the offence because he had a teaching masterate.

       Challenge is fundamental to academia. A challenge invites a defence. Teaching practice issues are civil not criminal offences. They are none of the police's busines.

          Howard would have known what it was alleged he did. The only person who would deliberately chose to be prosecuted for unknown reasons would have been mentally ill.

          The police prosecuted the harassment law in attempt to legally ‘gag him. Howard, who spent twelve hours in police cell has been given an empathy what it is like in a police state. He was never going to allow free speech to be suppressed.

          If it were an offence for a Howard to professionally criticise a tutors methods, then all school and police inspectors would be criminals. The police demonstrate no interest in those that make false and malicious allegations to them.

          There is ever increasing dissatisfaction with the quality of policing in the United Kingdom. The police have no respect for professional teachers and they inclined to go around telling people what they have done and ignoring them. The only standards that appear to exist is the standards of the police cover ups.

         Howard has considered offering my experience for a "Carry on Constable" sequel but it is likely to be declined as being too far fetched. The only place police officers are entitled to play being a teacher is in a Wendy House. Too many of them appear to be playing being police officers.

More evidence to follow.