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      We all accept service and products in good faith because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them. There has been an attack of by certain Welsh speakers giving Welsh lessons, who are practising unacceptable methods and making misrepresented claims about learning issues and giving reckless learning advice.

      We appear to be living in a society where people appear to believe that they are entitled to bully and abuse complainants. The recent attack on Mr Mick Antoniw A.M. in the Sened illustrates this unacceptable conduct and the upset it can cause. Freedom of Speech is a
  very cherish human right in a democracy.

      The vast majority of citing are resolved privately. There have been approaches to individuals that have informed. as opposed to giving citations. Only those who do not respond to challenges have their challenges cited. Howard has received unlawful harrassment warning from the police and attacks from solicitors about citinings that cannot be published for legaly reasons.

How to Respond to Citing

       Most citings resolved without being published on this website.  Normally those were cited on this website ignore the challenges and they delibertely continue with the misrepresentations. Citing Response Advice.pdf

Aran Jones Conduct

         This is overview of Aran Jones Conduct. Aran Jones conduct is so serious that it is presented on a seperate page with the supporting evidence. "Aran Jones S.S.I.W." citing". 

Aran Jones SSIW Conduct.pdf
Aran Jones Citing 

         This is the main case against Aran Jones without the evidence, without the documentary evidence, he has refused to answer the challenge.

Aran Jones SSIW CITING.pdf

Eviddence Mr Aran Jones Lied about his Manx in Day Stunt


Iestyn ap Dafydd Citing

     This a citing of Iesyn ap Dafydd Citing, who is Aran Jones partner, the letter he claimed he showed a police when S.S.I.W reported him to South Wales Police for harrassing him is on the  Aran Jones S.S.I.W." citing.

Iestyn ap Dafydd Conduct.docx.pdf

Dr Breecha Mundell - Culture Vanin

         Dr Breeha Mundell appears to have colluded with Mr Aran Jones to deceive the Manx and Welsh Public.

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Socpie Citing No2.pdf