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        We all accept service and products in good faith because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them.  Learners in all sections of education all sectors of education have a right to be  given realistic honest advice of what they should be capable of achieving and they are entitled to have absolute confidence in the learning advice that they are given.
        There have been individuals challenged by was misrepresentations have been innocent. They have never been cited on this website. It is a crime against humanity for anyone to deliberately deceive learners.

 Aran Jones - SSiW - SaysomethinginWelsh

      Aran Jones is Welsh language activist, who was 
formally Chief Executive of Cymuned, which was direct action pressure group. He has even had death treats.

   Aran has no legal teaching qualifications. It appears he decided to give Welsh lessons to earn his livelihood when the money for Cymuned ran out.

     Aran has been exploiting English-speaking learners as cannon fodder to promote his personal, political and money making interests. He is a pathological liar  is most welcome to consult solicitors to sue to attempt to, but he will need to instruct educational solicitors and he will not be able to defend criticism.

          Aran Jones is a quack,  a  "Fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill" or "a person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, qualification or credentials they do not possess; a charlatan or snake oil salesman".[2] The term quack is a clipped form of the archaic term quacksalver, from Dutch: kwakzalver a "hawker of salve".[3] In the Middle Ages the term quack meant "shouting"

He deceived the people of the Isle of Mans that he learned Manx in seven hours using his S.S.I.W, metho monks in seven intensive hours to a basic conversational level in seven binge learning hours.  He claimed it could be done in any language. Any claim to invented a new fast memorisation method of language learning learning.

           Arran Jones is a pathological liar. Hieni Gruffud honest Welsh manual tutor claims it takes 300 hours of classroom learning and in 1,2000  hours of using Welsh and community developer confident Welsh speaking capability. Aran Jones was claiming on his brain shock podcast, which is now remove the obvious reasons. Learners can achieve this in 8 hours.


IIestyn ap Dafydd

        Iestyn ap Dafydd is very clearly a very disreputable character. His clearly lacking intelligence and offer no respect for anyone. No police officer I have read the letter that centre Howard which could not have been shown to a police officer. A community mental health hospital would not Giving advice to contact the police.

        Iestyn ap Dafydd has contempt for the police and no respect for professional people. He should have been prosecuted for wasting police time.  It is unclear whether his getting remuneration from the Aran Jones.

        I am confident I speak for the vast majority of Welsh speakers in Wales speakers in Wales that they would be disgusted about his behaviour. He has been acting like a three year old. The SSIW has been marketing to struggling learners can only describe as morally repugnant.