The English Government is preparing a 'school catch up' program. Whether is going to be a merely political initiative as opposed to an educational one needs to be seen.

        Children are not inaminate objects that learning can be poured into them like petrol in a tank. The quantity of learning does not necessarily reflect the quality of it.  Expecting children to stay longer at the garage of learning will not necessarily help them to catch up most effectively. will be contributing to the debate on 'catch up'.  See News about Aran Jones conduct.

Howards Donaldson's Concerns

      The problem in Wales is that we are very small country. Our country does not have depth and breadth of expertise that can inform on education.  

 Howard has written seven papers in respect of the Donaldson Report and he will be approaching the Institution of Welsh Affairs to publish them on their website shortly. They are available on this website.
       The Welsh Government has been referred to have 'fallen in love' with Donaldson's Report, but problems have arisen in Scottish Education.

      The Scottish Pisa results are not sufficient to ring alarm Bell's, but has some serious concerns about the Donaldson's recommendations. More serious concerns have arisen.

        These will be addressed in 2020 with reference to the Times Educational review of the curriculum and the continuing debate on the curriculum.
          May I refer readers to Professor Sue Garthercole Learnus lecture, which is present on, with accompanying  notes.  She has just stepped down from being head of the University of the Brain Cambridge University.  She is a very brilliant lady.
       In the lecture she gives to teachers she modestly states she is just a cognitive science and that they know more than her.  Howard is currently writing his seventh research book that considers what should be the core values of the curriculum that reflects what has been discovered. 
        It was virtually complete in January, but it is being revised because of the new educational discoveries.

Mark Drakeford Admission Welsh Meidum Education

        The Welsh language is a high political issue in Wales, but there cannot be a lack of openness  and honesty in respect of Welsh languages issues. Mark Drakeford in his Covid interview about schools reopening has admitted that parents who children to learn Welsh to be then educated through through the medium of Welsh are unable to support their learning of Welsh at any time. 

      Howard is preparing papers on this issue to be published on the Institute of Affairs Website.


Aran Jones
        There is profession where 'Tom, Aran and Mary' believe they can self-anoint themselves as teaching experts. Aran Jones does not only goes around playing be a teacher, he also slanders them.  He was claiming on his website in 2012 that U.K. teachers were incomptent to American's.

      It cannot be acceptable for tutors with no legal teaching qualification to self-proclaim themselves as expert teachers and researchers, especially when they are to lazy and apathetic to undertake any training.  Even if they undertake research they are just reading words on paper and making things up.
       Aran Jones  has been cited by  socpie.  He does not know how to teach and he is making ridicolous claimes. He has still not answered the challenge. He appears ignorant of the fact that professional teachers undertake intense training to obtain their qualifications. 

       Anyone who wishes to challenge Howard about the challenges are most welcome to contact solicitors, but they will not get far if they do not possess teaching qualifications.  Howard has defended solicitor threatening to sue him on two occasions. 

    Coleman and Klapper (2006) in their research book on university language tutoring contend that:-

 "Yet Junior lecturers are required to spend a lot of their time  teaching language classes, and it might be thought unsatisfactory, not to say unprofessional, that they are not being better prepared for what is a complex task. In the absence of dedicated training, most new academics are likely to remain only vaguely aware of the substantial pedagogical research base of their subject, reinforcing perceptions among colleagues in English language teaching and second language acquisition.....While language centres are able to draw on a reasonable pool of trained teachers, often with experience in secondary schools and FE, and regularly promote an active culture of C.P.D. in language pedagogy, academic language departments face a tougher task"

Aran Jones has never taught in university or anywhere else, he has no training and he believes he knows more that the 22 experts contributor to the research book. He was advised by a linguist his method flew in the fact of established theory and methods.

   Children's Behaviour 

        The evidence that being a teacher provides those who practice it with an experience of what was like to be placed in the stock during Mediveal Times, everyone throws mud on them.

    Teachers looked down upon because they do not possess generally possess Ph.D. by those who possess Micky Mouse degrees.  They only way students can complain about standard in universities is for them to sue them
  Every Tom, Dicks and Mary's believe they are authorities on teaching and can teach. Howard has personally witnessed primary teachers beginning children to do homework for their Sats, but if they do poorly teachers get castigated.

    Howard is one of the highest qualified teachers in Wales, but all he tends to have is contempt for his professional opinions, whilst medical consultants and solicitor receive high fees for university.

Nas/Uwt Media Wales


Howard's New Language Book        

    Howard is in the process of  completing a book on how to learn new languages. He has written it so Welsh and other language learners can learn about the quality of service that they are entitled to receive in the Welsh for Adult service.
         It is currently going to print.

What Professional Teachers Really Do

 Professor Paul Howard Jones a neuro-scientist educationalist refers to "Teachers rewire and restructure the brain in other that can be as biological, and ultimately as life changing as neuro-surgery". The notion that Tom, Dicks and Mary's can discover miracle methods of learning is delusional.
Evolution of the Learning Brain (2018)

E.S.T.Y.N. Welsh for Adult Service Requirement

  All Welsh for Adult tutors are required to apply proven practices. They are not allowed to practice anything they like. Proven practice are those that have been professionally applied to large populations of learners. Research must be related to proven authorities in their field, research accepted by a wide range of authorities in them. Not simply Welsh speakers .

         Tutors, who are unregistered and unregistered course providers, must conform to the same exacting practice expected of a Welsh Government, E.S.T.Y.N. inspected service, they must be open and honest, their conduct must be commensurate with the E.S.T.Y.N. requirements. 

         Grammar must be taught, reading and writing must be practised on E.S.T.Y.N. inspected Welsh for Adult courses. Grammar is taught in all schools.

 The service in Further Education conforms to these standards because they are registered and tutors legally have to conform to them high standards of conduct and practice.

The Professional Status of Teachers 

       There appears to be an endemic lack of respect for professional teachers in Wales. They are highly trained, they have legally accredited teaching qualifications, they are trained in schools of education, and they must be registered to practice like solicitors and doctors. Legally anyone without Q.T.S. and Q.T.L.S. qualifications are tutors.      

 Curriculum Debate

      There is an extremely interestingly debate in the Times Educational Supplement, which Howard intends to contribute to.