The Articles and Points pages will provide specific details of educational issues. Printable information is provided. An important aim of socpie is to educate the public about educational issues.
  consultancy is not a business. Howard is entitled to his website as a consultancy because he lobbies the Welsh Goverment on educational issues and he provides advice, and information and resources on his website. 

        The website is being upgraded in 2021. References to the issues presented on are more fully covered on the website.

Children's Lost Schooling

         A vast speculative experiment on a vast population of learners has arisen because of Covid, but the quality of learning does not equal quantity

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Howard's Researched Books  

       Howard has written five books in his retirement which are privately published and limited distribution.  Two are freely available in pdf on his website. One is on the future the Welsh language teaching in the Welsh language and the other Pisa, the school international rankings. 

          Howard has also written a book for Welsh Language Learners, which is completed and to make them available in the Spring. The book is not research referenced, but it draws upon the research that exists.


          A vast speculative experiment has been applied to a large population of learners. The fact the children's education damaged cannot be questioned, but there is evidence of positives may arise from what is learnt about children education. There is and there will be a will be a neeed to identify what are the most important priorities in a curriculum. 

Howards Donaldson's Concerns

        Howard has no written four researched papers on Professor Graham Donaldson's recommendations and the associated policies for Welsh language learning in Wales. He has has concluded that the philosophical teaching base of the curriculum is fundamentally flawed. 

        This simply reflects the fact that education has moved on since the report was compiled in 2014. Most research I was refers in the literature is dated 2017 to 2020.

        Howard expects to publish the papers in March 2021. It is extremely Iikely the Welsh Government will take Howads advice. What has occurred has not been a Welsh Governments fault.  

Mark Drakeford Admission Welsh Meidum Education

        The Welsh language is a high political issue in Wales, but there cannot be a lack of openness  and honesty in respect of Welsh languages issues. Mark Drakeford in his Covid interview about schools reopening has admitted that parents who children to learn Welsh to be then educated through through the medium of Welsh are unable to support their learning of Welsh at any time. 

      Howard is preparing papers on this issue to be published on the Institute of Affairs Website.

E.S.T.Y.N. Welsh for Adult Service Requirement

  All Welsh for Adult tutors are now required to apply proven practices. They are not allowed to practice anything they like. Proven practice are those that have been professionally applied to large populations of learners. Research must be related to proven authorities in their field, research accepted by a wide range of authorities in them. Not simply Welsh speakers .

         Tutors, who are unregistered and unregistered course providers, must conform to the same exacting practice expected of a Welsh Government, E.S.T.Y.N. inspected service, they must be open and honest, their conduct must be commensurate with the E.S.T.Y.N. requirements.

         Grammar must be taught, reading and writing must be practised on E.S.T.Y.N. inspected Welsh for Adult courses. All course providers are no using the Cwrs Mynediad series.

 The service in Further Education conforms to these standards because they are registered and tutors legally have to conform to them high standards of conduct and practice.