is dedicated to promoting openness and honest in respect of all educational issues. It relates to the fact that education is now a science. The reason why the focus is on Welsh Langauge issues is that there appears to too much political interference on all Welsh Language issues.

The Donaldson  School Welsh Curriculum 

          The Donaldson Curriculum has its roots in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence that was concevied in the 2000s and it was implemented in 2010. 

          The Donaldson Curriculum must have been composed in 2014 and it was published in 2015. There is has been considerable develops in educational and cognitive-neurosciecne research that suggest the report is past-its-sell by date.

The Professional Status of Teachers

       There appears to have been a failing in the Welsh Government in respect of its Welsh Langague policies to respect the professional status of teachers.

      There is clear evidence that the Welsh Language Board, which decided that it was beneficial for English speaking children to learn Welsh so they could be educated through the medium of it did have any qualified teachers on their Board. They made the blunder of 'deviating from the mean..