The Articles and Points pages will provide specific details of educational issues. Printable information will  be provided. An important aim of socpie is to educate the public about educational issues.

The Welsh for Adult Service

        The Welsh for Adult Service has been run as a university lifelong learning service but Estyn does not inspect them. The service they are providing is a community one.  All teachers and tutors that are inspected by Eestyn are registered apart from the academics will have no legal teaching qualifications and all other tutors in Welsh for adults service.

     This only possesses a Ph.D in Welsh not become an expert on language teaching. Teaching skills are needed to teach Welsh in a community not academic expertise. has made representations to the Welsh government that English-speaking Welsh learners should have the same protection as anyone else learning in further education colleges. There should surely be no difference in accountability the quality of service offered English-speaking Welsh learners  in comparison with someone learning maths, history or geography.

The National Welsh Learning College

          Welsh has been taught in schools many generations. They are taught by qualified UTS teachers. There Athro y Bros giving specialist Welsh language lessons to children in primary education. There are local authority Welsh language advisers. There are also Q.T.S. teacher trainers will train teachers how to teach Welsh and they also teach Welsh is subject to the students who are trained to be teachers. 

          What is not generally understood by the public as professional Q.T.S teachers have to conform to the same basic principles of teaching and learning across the curriculum. Schools of education do not research how to teach because that is understood and must be practised by all registered Q.T.S. teachers. Researcher takes place in schools of education including holds research is developing the effectiveness of teaching. 


           The evidence is that the National Welsh Learning College have been trying to reinvent the educational wheel developing thier own D.I.Y. methods. It takes around five years of training.