is dedicated to promoting openness and honest in respect of all educational issues. It relates to the fact that education is now a science. The reason why the focus is on Welsh Langauge issues is that there appears to too much political interference In all Welsh Language issues.

Police Conduct - Freedom of Speech
           All qualifications in the United Kingdom are legally acrredited. Only those with "Q.T.S" or "Q.T.L.S" are legally qualified teachers in Wales, even university academics are not legally qualified teachers, they are lecturers and tutors. Professional teachers obtain qualifications in schools of education.
          North Wales and South Police believe that it is a criminal offence for professional teachers to criticise tutors method and, or those  playing being teachers and researchers.                               

            Howard has had four unlawful harassment warnings from South Wales Police. They are not legally qaulified to inform on pedagogic issues.  The allegations were civil. Wales appears to becoming a police state, where Freedom of Speech is being suppressed.

       Countries who respect their teachers are have the highest attaining educational systems.  The Welsh Government