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Freedom of Speech Police Attack upon Scopie

        Howard is amongst the most highly legally highly qualified teacher, educationist in Wales.  He has been arrested by the police and treated like a common criminal for professionally challenging a Welsh for Adult tutor about his, her appalling misrepresentations and reckless learning advice.

       It is not a crime for a professional Q.T.S. teacher to ctiticise a tutors practice who had no legal teaching qualifications. Howard was summoned to a magistrates court where he was cleared.   

          Freedom of speech is when most cherished rights in a democratic society. is dedicated in promoting openness and honesty in respect of all learning issues up.

Is the Donalson School Curriculum Past its sell by date

       Howard has written a new researched book should be available on Amazon on demand shortly and raises the question of whether Thomson curriculum is past its sell by date. 

The Donaldso Report was presented in 2015. It is now seven years later. 

There has been radical research that time that suggest the Donaldson report is now outdated.

Welsh Medium Education

       There is evidence suggest the Welsh government have failed to understand it Welsh medium education is a teaching issue and not a language issue.  

       The evidence is that the Welsh Language Board decided it was worthwhile for  English speaking children should learn Welsh so they could be educated through the medium of it had no legal teaching qualifications. Bilingual learning is a very deep science.

        Howard is a legally qualified teacher and he has written a book on bilingual education should be available shortly.  The education of children is too important to be left to a spirit of hope and optimism.

Welsh Learners Book

       Howard has written a book for language learners which has been written independently of the Welsh for Adult Service, which is aimed at informing learners this the practices and standards they are entitled to achieved. It is written for all second language learners.

       University academics are not qualified Q.T.S. teachers. 

        The book is not some source reference but it will refer to leading edge second-line language practice. The book should be available on Amazon's are on demand very shortly. It has developed from Hurd and Murphy (2006) "Success with Languages", but is a very different book because written from professional teaching perspective.   

Justice for English Speaking Learners

          Although the Welsh travel services primarily directed and provided in universities, it is actually a further education service.  Teaching skills needs the teach in further education because the needs of learners is very different to those of academic students.

          The Welsh language is the only community, further education, school and youth services that is not required to be registered. The reason why the Welsh government's require registration of not only practising tutors and teachers but for education support staff is because it invest a lot of money into the service it is and it also exists to protect learners safety, especially sexual misconduct.

           Further education colleges are educational institutions, where they have educational management and understands community learners needs, the needs of the village postman, as opposed to the academics.  

         When university maths egg academics do not teach maths in further education colleges. It does not seem no valid reason why the English-speaking population were discriminated against by not having a service directed by Q TS qualified teachers. 

        Viewed from a cognitive learning perspective, there is no significant difference between teaching children up to A level  than adults. Professional teachers are highly trained to teach children, all university academics training can only be described as feeble. 

          They university academics appear  to have nothing to offer development service.  The academics applying the Wlpan method were  expecting learners to drill phrases like musical scales. It is recognised a brain-dead method for tutor and learners. There expecting learners to memorise phrases like parrots.

          Professional teachers be struck off for practising the method.

A very interesting Story will Appear Here on the 31st March 2020 @ 3 p.m.

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There is no Evidence that Creating a Million Speaker by 2050 is Attainable

         Ed Miliband M.P. was mocking Boris Johnston about his climate plans for 2050 and is standing in for Starmer Smith in the House of Commons.  The one thing is very certain is that Boris Johnson will not be prime minister in 2050.  Boris Johnson with be 85 years and Mark Drakeford 98 years.

       There is no definition 'speak' a language. It can mean absolutely anything. Learning any new languages are now everlasting journey as opposed to a destination and will be reached fluency of anyone in her native language is always a matter of degree.

        A bank would not invest in a project unless is convincing plan. If anyone knows the back of the stamp of this policy is based on be most interested to find out what is on it.  There is no convincing evidence in the literature the ill-defined dream is attainable.   was

deulingo Political Marketing
          The reason why Howard is referring to language issues is that parents would choose their tune children to learn Welsh they can become educated for the medium that are not professional teachers undertake Welsh for adults courses support their children and professional teachers use Welsh in the classroom. This is why Howard improved his Welsh as an Adult.
            All Welsh language issues appear too be far too political.                   

            deulingo is engaging in aggressive political marketing campaign in Wales claiming that Welsh is fast growing language because learners are using their poxy website lessons, but the fact that learners use their website lessons does not mean that achieve anything tangible.  It is well known that learners cannot learn new languages from websites            

Future  Development 

       This website will be further developed when next few months as education hopefully the children returns to normal.  This website has been suspended because a police conduct. Police officers are not qualified to inform on pedagogic issues.