Aran Jones SSIW - 

       Aran Jones runs the SaysomethinWelsh website. He has no teaching qualifications. He appears to believe he can Say-anything-he-likes.

      He is charging for his service.

      Aran Jones promised the population of Isle of Man that he learnt Manx in a day, in  8 hours, from scratch to basic conversational level using his website lessons. Hieni Gruffud a respect Welsh tutor and text book writer claims it takes 1,500 hours to reach a basic conversational fluency in Welsh. 

      Aran claimed that he was experimenting whether drinking Manx Vodka could aid his learning. He claims that learners can become able to speak anyone they like in Welsh in a couple of months. Colin Miles an honest chemist who has learnt Welsh claims it is virtually impossible for adult to learn to speak proper Welsh. 

      It defies credibility that it appears a professor has given Aran Jones a testimonial. The professor does advise him that his methods 'fly in the face of accepted theory and method, but she claims that they work.
       How Aran Jones can work out how his claimed miracle methods of language learning work when all he is doing is providing learners with arbitrary phrases to memorise on  a website, is a complete mystery. It would be impossible for him to engage with all his claimed  learners face to face, especially those across the world.
       Aran Jones appears to have deceived politicians and a range of other respected institutions including Venture Vannin Isle of Man through misrepresenting the quality of his service and the integrity of his lessons.
        Dr Margaret Newcombe (2009) Cardiff School of Welsh  (2019) states that:-

  “Heini Gruffed is surely right in stressing that it is not attendance on courses of two or three hundred hours that produces fluency. This is the foundation on which learners must build. According to Heini, attendance on courses or exposure to the language for about one thousand five hundred hours is what produces confident speakers.

Hieni Gruffud unlike Aran Jones is a respected Welsh language course book author and writer of dictionaries. Aran Jones appears to believe he knows more about Welsh language learning than Cardiff School of Welsh and Gareth King, who is a Cambridge University graduate, who is an authority on languages, despite the  fact that Aran has no teaching qualifications. 

     Aran Jones has been very personally abusive about professional teachers on his website forums (2013). He appears to be under the delusion he knows how to teach. There is reference of him offering his service to children. 

     Read on for more information.

 Research book:-   "Political Dreams, Practical Realities" 
This is a researched book that criticises Aran Jones behaviourist methods.

     Aran Jones uses every opportunity to aggressively market his methods. Below he is with his son giving nightly Covid Welsh lessons. He is offering free lessons so he can encourage learners to use the charged lessons, the phrases he provides them with.
       He admits it cost him virtually nothing to create. 
       Aran Jones castigates all proven language learning methods, those who criticised his Kindle book stated this, but he claims those who pay listen to his phrases can become confident fluent Welsh speakers in extraordinary short time scales. 
       Ruth Jones was recently on the B.B.C "One Show" referring to his methods. She claimed all learners need to do was listen to the Welsh language and read subtitles. 
     Aran Jones appears to be the only person planet earth who believes this is possible. It appears he now has an S4C series giving his so called lessons. 

Here is Link to his Bedtime 'Covid) Lessons (Click)

          All Aran Jones is doing is providing arbitrary phrases for learners to memorise. He refers to his methods are the fast memorisation method. It is a slow impoverished, inefficient way of learning anything. It is his 'cut out the complicated stuff' method of learning. 

     There is no structure or thinking applied to his methods apart from his marketing and the support he recruits.

Criticism of Standard Language Practices

     The evidence is that Aran Jones criticises all standard proven second languages methods in what he refers to as his 'cut out the complicated stuff' learning methods so he can promote his methods as unique, so he claim anything he likes, and he can discourage learners from taking other courses.   He has even promised that it is possible for learners to learn to fluently speak Welsh to anyone they meet in months, as opposed to years.

Aran Jones claims:-

You should listen to radio so that you can learn Welsh. H.G. There are no gaps between spoken language so learners cannot identify the specific words, let alone learn them, especially when languages are applied at speed.

You should listen to language twice or three times normal speed. H.G. Learners need to listen to it at half speed. They would struggle to listen to language at three times normal speed.

You should not refer to written work, language should be learn aurally. H.G. Visual learning is the strongest learning sense in all of us, unless they are blind, some learners are stronger aural v visual learning potentail. New language learners will benefit from developing literacy skills (See Coleman and Klapper).

It is crazy to to believe grammar needs to be learnt.  H.G. Grammar learning is essential, beacause it will equip learners to construct language, as opposed to regurgitating phrases like parrots.  Learners cannot learn a new language without learning it. It is how it is learnt that is of critical importance.

Learners should not learn through translation, positive language transfer. H.G. If you not want to learn a new language, this what you must do, it provides a learning scaffold for language learning.

Language cannot be learn from text books. H.G. This  appears to be newspeak to  encourage learners not use courses that use text book. Learners must bring the contents of grammar on books into their head so they can apply it. This cannot be achieved through memorising grammatical rules.

All you need to do is listen to new language and speak it H.G. This is nonsense, learners need to acquire and apply aural to language, but spoken language is very transitory and literary skills provide a value scaffold to developing aural skills.

Some learners can learn to speak Welsh to anyone they meet in short-time scales.
H.G. This is absolute nonsense, it takes around six years to learn Welsh and there are range of different dialects in Welsh which means that they learners will struggle to speak to all Welsh speakers. See Dr Margaret Newcombe (hyper link needed). It takes around 10,000 hours to reach fluency.

H.G. Aran Jones has created the 'Cut of the complicated stuff' binge 'Feed the Duck' method of learning, where his impoverish concept of learning is that it can poured into learners like petrol into a tank. He promised on a video presentation that if learners put 2 to 4 hours a week on his the course it  could turn it into a confident Welsh won't think of your self as fluent....but you will look fluent to your friends!" i.e. He implying they will be fluent.

       The McAlister and Blunt Report referred to many learners referring to Aran Jones website, but learners were too frightened to use Welsh because of lack of understanding of grammar and a fear of getting it wrong.  Aran Jones advises learners it is crazy to learn grammar.

       Howard has written a research book on language learning in 2010. He has also written 2020 book for learners. It should be available within the next few months.


       Aran Jones appears to believe that despite the fact that many learners are failing to successfully learn Welsh in Wales that he is and can create Welsh speakers overseas, despite their having no one to speak Welsh to and that he can create Welsh speaking colonies to come to Wales. There is no evidence he has created Welsh speaking colonies in Wales or Manx speakers on the Isle of Man.

     "I believe that you will translate it into dozens of different languages so that more people than anyone would have though possible all round the world will learn Welsh. I believe that will lead to a transformation in the Welsh tourism industry. I believe that you will start and run groups and meetups and make it easy and fun for anyone who wants to become a Welsh speaker, anywhere in the world, to do just that".

      "I believe that all the people learning Welsh through different languages will make it suddenly real and fun to speak Welsh - because huge numbers of them won't be able to speak English, so if you Skype them, you won't have the age-old temptation of slipping back into English!

      I believe that increasing numbers of you will move to Welsh speaking communities, and will create your own Welsh speaking communities in parts of Wales where the language hasn't been heard on the streets in a hundred years - and in parts of the world where it has never been heard on the streets"!!!!!

SSIW Say-any-thing he Likes in English

Aran Jones Method (Click)

Aran Jones History (Click)

Aran Jones Jeremy Vine What Aran Jones did not tell him is how much money David Vine gave Aran Jones to pay him to give him free lessons. The B.B.C. was entrapped into giving him free advertising and money. Just because David Vine said something about the Welsh language.

Criticisms of Aran Jones £0.99 Kindle Books

Aran Jones £15 Bob Sled Runs

Why did he do his Manx in Day Stunt
          It appears Aran did his Manx on a Day stunt because he promised two English speaking housing ministers in the North Wales Post that if they accepted his free offer to give them a series of binge Welsh language weekend lessons for around two months, they would then be able to speak Welsh in their workplace.

          Aran Jones appears to done the stunt, where he was featured on a podcast copying Manx phrases that were said to him by Manx speakers, so he could prove that it was possible to learn Manx in Day. He has not teaching qualifications. Even if he attempted to read an educational book, he clear did not understand it.

        What he claimed was cognitively impossible. The problem with ignorance is people do not know what they do not know.

How did he do it? 

     The only person who knew what he achieved was Manx speakers. They had vested interests. Saysomethin in Welsh were working on the Manx version of their website  for months. Aran Jones is quoted as claiming he used a alogrithm to translate his Welsh SSIW lessons into Manx. It is impossible to do that.

      Aran Jones had clearly must have developed some command of the Manx language phonology, because he and his partner created the course. He had computer screen in front of him throughout his podcast. The evidence was he was listening and reading what he needed to say. He was speaking phrases 'parrot fashion'.

        Human beings are not glorified tape recorders. Learning is not an instant process. Learners will struggle to hear the individual words in new spoken language because there are not gaps between word. 

         Anyone can easily prove this by listening to someone speaking an unfamiliar language. It amazing that Aran Jones who claimed on Manx T.V. to have discovered 'fast memorisation' method of language leaning that no one else knew about.

       What he was claiming was cognitively impossible.

        It will take learners years before they would be able to engage in a twenty minute conversation in a new language that Aran Jones claimed him did in Manx. The conversation was clearly rehearsed and read from a computer screen in similar way to singers learning to perform, successfully sing in a language they do not speak.

Overview 1   

     This down loaded provides a detailed overview of Aran Jones Manx in  Day stunt and his other publicity stunts. It refers to his erreonous claims and activities.
         Teaching is legal process. This section includes reliable researched papers that prove all Aran Jones claims and practice are bogus, they have no validity. No one would be silly enough to take a medicine for illness that was not proven. 
         Bill Gates is attributed to loosing his life through using bogus cancer cures.


Overview 2 

   This refers to his methods and history. Links to his website


Overview 3

     This contains citicism of his practice relating to his method and fictional Kindle Book


Overview 4
          This is Aran Jones Slandering Professional Teachers. (Paper not shown).


Overview 5  
t     This illustrates Aran Jones relationship with Welsh Universities. He admits he only has Welsh literature degree. There is also an interview where he refers to creating Manx using a alogrithms. He is also attributed to wanting to creating five SSIW new language versions of his course every year.
       There is the issue is why he can only as claimed speak Manx, which only Manx speakers who have vested interests can verify, but not language like Spanish, where he knows he could be challenged.

Overview 6
        This how Aran Jones personally abuses mocks, teachers.

Overview 7

    This illustrates scathing review Aran Jones had for  his £0.99 Amazon uk book.


Overview 8

       This an extract from Aran Jones fictional £0.99 Kindle Book. There is reference to his accelerated learning claim and the ridicolous claim that learners should practice listening to language at double speed.


Overview 9

        This illstrustes Aran Jones David Vine B.B.C. Publicity Stunt. It also illustrates his new app and promises, claims. The notion that learners are spending £2,500 to attend his non-residential courses in no credible. He appears to be claiming this to deceive readers about the quality of his courses. It does include accomodation. He video is refers to 'expensive' option that he admits many learners will not be able to afford to market cheaper alternatives.

         Aran Jones has been charging £3.60 per month for his lessons recordings, which has admitted cost virtually nothing to produce in a Media Wales Article.


Overview 10  

      These are pictures of his video captions. It is a selection of them. He admits his claims, methods are so insanely intensive that it puts the brain under a remarkable strain. His concept of learning mentally is that it is similar to weight training.  He promises 'staggering results'. 

       Staggering means deeply shocking; astonishing.

        Aran Jones claims learners need to do will be to be "willing to put in 2 to 4 hours a week" so "so we can turn you into a genuine conversation Welsh speaker in 6 months."

        Genuine means  possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin; not counterfeit; authentic; real: 

        Aran Jones even claims it will never take learners more than 4 hours a week over 6 months to achieve his claims and that although "You will not think of yourself as fluent, learners will never do, but you will look fluent to your friends and you'll know that you're capable of real conversations in Welsh.

CV 22.pdf
Aran Jones Claims

Aran Jones:-

  •  appears to have decided to give website Welsh lesson after his Welsh language Cymuned pressure group lost finance in 2010 

  •  has no legal teaching qualifications and there is no evidence he has read a book on pedagogy;

  •  is giving website lessons into cyberspace, he only has the word of the thousands of learners serves of what they achieve;
  •  is claiming to have taught learners Welsh across the world, he claims he wants to create colonies of Welsh speakers abroad, and that he want some to come to Wales to increase the number of Welsh speakers here;
  •    claims that it possible for learners to  speak Welsh to level where they will b able to speaking it to anyone they meet in weeks;
  •     claimed that two English speaking councils could learn to use Welsh  in their workplace after a few binge learning weekend of learning using his methods;
  • claimed to have learnt Manx to a conversational level from scratch in 11 hours;
  • claimed on Manx T.V. he had invented a new ‘fast memorisation’ method of learning languages;
  •      claimed it could be done in any language;
  • claimed he intents to create five version of is website course in different language each year (He appears to have Dutch, Latin and Spanish versions of it);

  •  when he was asked if he had learnt any of these languages he explained only Manx;
  •    he claimed he used algorithms to translate his Welsh course into Manx;

       Research illustrates it is impossible to binge-learn a new language to a conversational level in 8 hours. It also illustrates that it requires practice every day for three years to reach a fluent vocabulary of 500 words in any new language. Fluent native languages cannot be learnt exclusively in classrooms. It takes around 10,000 hours to develop anything resembling native like language fluently.

        It is very interesting that Aran only claims to have used his method to learn Manx. It is extremely strange Adrain Cairns Manx Language officer did not attempt to learn Welsh. He would have been able to independently demonstrate the validity Aran's methods. 

      Adrain would have gained an insight into his methods. He did not appear to have any interest in supporting Manx learners.

         If Aran Jones had learnt Spanish to a basic communicative fluency in 11 hours, surely many Spanish speakers willing to speak to him, even if it was basic Spanish. This would allowed him to market his methods to potential Spanish learners.

      It is strange the 'great markeeter' missed this opportunity. Was it because he knew what he had done?

       Alogrithms are very complicated computer calculations. They are black box calculations.
They proved to be a diaster when they were used for school examination assessments.

Languages do not directly translate from one to another. Aran could not afford for a university to create such alogrithms for him even if was humanly possible.

They require repeated complex computer computations. It could not be done automatically.
Spell check and speech recognition are not perfectly accurate. It would take thousands to create such a device for a minority language. 

It appears he was trying to find a way out to support his claim be had never heard a work of Manx in his Manx in a Day stunt.

     Aran probably did not know what the word meant!!

       What Aran Jones is so ignorant of is that all educationalist such as myself are merely magpies that have had the conviction to learn from authorities in their field. The Harvard manuscript that I posses, which blows Aran Jones silly methods out of water has 10 testimonials from leading authorities. No other country in United Kingdom has to put up with Aran Jones nonsense.

Aran Jones Method

Aran Jones states that:-

  •      learners should cut out all the complicated stuff;
  •      it is crazy to learn grammar; 
  •      learners should  listen to languages at double speed;
  •     learners should not use positive language transfer
  •     learners should not use text book.

       What Aran Jones is skillfully marketing is that his website so unique that it differs from every other course that exists. He even advises learners not to use books. He is implying that learner's will learn successfully learn them if they do not take courses that employ these toxic practice them. He even implies professional teachers do not know how to teach. 

     Aran Jones even claims teachers make him ‘angry’.

       I am confident that a degree is common sense is not need to suggest that it there was simple way of learning, then someone would have found it. Respected course providers like the Open University must apply courses that equip learners to learn a range of language across a range of different language, otherwise they would be sued.     

        Aran Jones is too ignorant to understand that word learning is no different to learning anything else. Is it credible that professional teachers across the world do not know how to teach?. He appears and those university academics who have supported his practice, appears lamentably ignorant that proven practice is those which is applied on a large sample of people. Professional teachers teach millions of learners across the world.

  Aran Jones referred to proven second language learning methods are 'old fashioned'. All he was expecting learners to do was to copy what was said to them. It was demonstrated on his Manx in Day stunt. It is the 'Feed Duck' view of learning. It dates back to Confucious in 479 B.C.

     Aran Jones is a brilliant marketeer. He does not have a clue about how we learn. 

I would like to thank Aran Jones for demonstrating his methods on his podcast. Socpie has videod them.

     I am Q.T.S legally trained and qualified to teach Welsh. Aran Jones and Professor Tess Fitzpatrick are not. My evaluation of Aran Jones are legal professional one's.

Gareth King has a Cambridge degree. Aran Jones only has a poxy Welsh literature degree.  

Gareth King is leading authority on world language. Aran Jones is not.  

Gareth King learnt Welsh Adult and other languages in some form. Aran did learn Welsh.

Aran Jones has not bothered to learn Spanish because he knows he could be challenged.

Gareth King has produced quality learning support material.

Aran Jones advises learners to 'cut out the complicated stuff'.

Gareth King approves books for Routledge.

Aran Jones gets his friends to support his methods and unqualified authorities.

There is no teacher in the world who would support his silly methods.

Aran Jones has no teaching qualifications.

The Welsh for Adult service are required to apply proven methods. 

Aran Jones methods are proven  'trash'. has more evidence about Aran Jones conduct.

Watch this space to find more about his conduct.

The stuff that Aran Jones cites illustrates he is too ignorant to understand the complexity of learning. It is equivalent to someone advising people to avoid eating the substance of an apple and that should only eat only the skin. 

      Aran Jones appears to believe he is the only person on planet earth who knows how to teach language. They are so unique no one else practices it. He is no quite the most incompetent tutor in the United Kingdom. Some of his claims are risible.

     Professional teachers relate research to contexts. He is demonstrating 'concrete thinking'. He is too ignorant to understand what he does not understand. He is prostituting research that he refers to. He makes £150 for each learners who uses his method for year. All his providing is phrases for learners to listen to.

       In simplest terms if some has been to Caswell Bay and they have been there, then they will be able to create a picture of it when it is referred to, otherwise they will be reading words on paper. Aran Jones has never had his competence or pedagogic understanding assessed by qualified teahers. He is a 'quack'.

         Professional Teachers devote their lives to teaching. I have written 500,00 words in my privately published, limited distribution researched books. If the academics who have colluded with Aran Jones had the depth of my pedagogic understanding, then they would be incompetent in their professional domain.

       Learners have trusted Aran Jones including Leanne Woods A.M. They would not have expected him not to offer sincere, open and honest constructive advice. He knows what he has been doing. It cannot be accidental. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

       Aran Jones is not a registered charity. His only interest appears to be to take money out of English speakers pockets. Learners want to be offered support and help. They do no deserve to be offered reckless advice.

      Unlike Aran Jones the Welsh for Adult service tutors are not allowed to say-any-thing-they-like and practice-anything they-like, they are now contractually required to practice proven methods. They will be reported to their compliance departments if they do not.

     Readers are invited to complain to the universities that have supported Aran Jones, who clearly have extremely low expectations for community learners, and submissions are being made by to the Welsh Government and E.S.T.Y.N. for the Welsh for Adult service to be taken out of these universities.

Apparently Aran is charging around £150  a year for his lessons.

Learners deserve quality  courses.
Socpie will advising learners on quality Welsh language services from Nov.

Evidence of Aran Jones response to my concerns and the Agored Cymru issue will be posted on this website after legal advice is obtained.

What Right has Aran Jones to behave in this way?

There are laws in this country to protect the citizen?

What Aran Jones Does Not know

1. There are no gaps between words which is why new language learners find it difficult to identify individual words.

2. Words are stored in semantic memory, they cannot be learnt subconsciously in formative learning. There is no such thing as a subconscious memory store.

3. Children's language acquisition is biologically primary, which means that adults cannot learn like young children.

4. Young children are more conducive to learning a new language especially the language phonological and grammar. Unless adults learn new language phonology in childhood there is some language sounds they will never be able to produce.

5. Learners are not inanimate objects that words or chunks of language can be poured into the brain like petrol in a tank. What is referred to feed the duck method of learning.

6. Facts like words and phrases are learnt through distributed practice. It a process like painting, where the paints needs to dry before what is being leant us revisited.

6. 50% of facts, which words are, is lost within a hour of learning them.

7. Learners learn around 1,000 words in their native language in a familiar language. It will take a very long time for new language learners to learn and bring the words into fluency.

8. Cramming will cause interference it will be like attempting to hold to many oranges in one's hands at at once. All will be lost.

9. Learners can successfully learn a language through memorising phrases or stories. Learners need to engage in extensive construction to develop fluent language capabilities.

10. There is no credence to the Mozart effect. Music does not enhance learning. It does not allow a vast amount of language to be learnt. Music and language both pass through the phonological loop of working memory.


     Proven methods are derived from proven methods there are no 'miracle' methods of learning as Processor Sarah Eaton. Anyone practising 'unique' methods will not be applying proven methods. A vast amount of research has gone into education in the last two decades. Learners are advised to purchase the Open University *Success with Languages" Hurd and Murphy (2004). Academics Coleman and Klapper (2006). There are twenty-one second language authorities contributing to that book.

How Aran Jones Abuses English Speakers

This what Colin Miles said about Aran Jones conduct.

There are other Welsh attitudes to take into account as well.  In general, there is goodwill towards the language, but it is a fragile thing. The antics and attitudes of some Welsh campaigners risks losing it. For the people at to support Osian being sent to prison by sending him a letter of support may just about be acceptable. However, to then bring up John Redwood and suggest that the YouTube video be passed around is just childish.

Colin Miles

How Aran Jones Personally Abuses
and Mocks English Speakers who critises him

Aran Jones cannot defend that the fact that knew I was a professional teachers.

It appears beneath his dignity to accept that an English speakers

can be talented educationalist.

There is no evidence of Aran Jones having any mutual agreement of Agroed Cy,mru..

They rejected his methods. has the correspondence

Aran Jones should be more cautious what he says in the public domain.

Aran appears to be the Dominic Cuminings of the Welsh language, he appears to personally abuse professional people over issues he does not understand. This the definition of formulaic language:-

Formulaic language (previously known as automatic speech or embolalia) is a linguistic term for verbal expressions that are fixed in form, often non-literal in meaning with attitudinal nuances, and closely related to communicative-pragmatic context.

The problem with Aran Jones he does believe "he can say anything he likes" and he become personally abusive when people question his methods. (The presentation is repetitive). Even Derek Trotter in 'Fools and Horses' never went around personally abusing people

What Aran Jones is doing is claiming he is offering Peckham spring Water of Service, as opposed to the Peckham Tap was he has been offering in his service. Derek Trotter conduct was fraudlent.

Read About It