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        The Welsh for Adult Service provides a service for parents, who chose for their children to educated through a language that they cannot speak, older children who want to improve their Welsh and professional teachers who want to learn Welsh to use in the classroom.

      deSuggestopedia, which has been practiced in the Popeth yn Cymraeg Welsh for Adult Service is a pseudoscience. Ioan Talfryn has been trained to practice it by Bulgarian psychotherapist. Professional teachers are trained in schools of education. 

     It has been claimed that "The method has a somewhat mystical air about it,  partly because it has few direct links with established learning educational theory in the West and partly because of the arcane terminology and neologism, which one critic has unkindly called ‘a package of pseudo-scientific gobblygook”.

         Mr Ioan Talfryn appears to believe that all Q.T.S. Welsh Language teachers; Welsh Language Advisory Teachers and Teacher trainers and incompetent. In his 'Welsh Knot" article he claims he wants his pseudoscience method practiced in schools.

     Scovel stated that "There is nothing of use apart from the misuse of citations, terminological jargon, experimental data and states that a careful reading of Suggestology and Outlines of Suggestopedy reveals that there is precious little in suggestopedia which is scientific"

     There is nothing scientific about Ioan Talfryn research where he claims a thousand words can be absorbed in learners first lesson. They will travel around the brain like ants, and they will start to come out three days later.

           Hagan stated, "The method works according to the SkyMail program: "You will learn the language stresslessly [sic], as a child does, by hearing new vocabulary and phrases in alternately loud, whispered, and emphatic intonations, all accompanied by slow rhythmic music in digital stereo."

     All Ioan Talfryn was doing was expecting learners to listen to language so they could subconsciously pick it up, read words barking at print, and to mouth words. He was entertaining learners and expecting them to do all the work.

      The deSuggestopedia is a 1960s method that has never been practiced in schools that was developed by a very, very eccentric psychotherapist. 1960s must at best only be practiced in the 1960s.

        It is morally abhorrent for any teacher or tutor to make false promises to learners and to give reckless learning advice. Representations have been made to Welsh Government and the Chief Inspector Estyn about the deSuggestopedia practice.

      Mr Ioan Talfryn has claimed he now want offer his Suggestopedia method on website form. He is offering a 50% discount to learners. He should be offering them a -100% discount so he pays them to use he pseudoscience methods.

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