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Popeth yn Cymraeg

       We all accept products and services in good faith because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them. This method that is being practised in the Popeth yn Cymraeg charity, which is partnership with Coleg Cambria,  providing the North East Wales Welsh for Adult Service, is a pseudoscience. 

        The 1970s method has been developed by the late Lazanov, who is a psychotherapist, who is an expert on Mental Health. Ioan Talfryn claims to be trained by him. Professional teacher are taught by leading teaching authorities in schools of education. They refer to leading authorities on cognition.

        Proven  methods of those practised by large populations of practitioners that pertains to research and accepted by large populations of practitioners, especially the authorities in the field.  The public tend not to understand that professional teachers is so absolutely thoroughly research the teachers are trained to practice it. It is practised by millions teachers each day across the world.

       Ioan Talfryn appears to believe he discovered how to teach. All is expecting learners to do was memorise phrases. He dreamt up if he reduced it adults to a child like state they could subconsciously absorb the language of the children's pantomime, without consciously learning it. It is a delusion. The only people can learn like three-year-old children.


          The reason why adult cannot learn like three years is because native language learning is biologically primary. Children are primed to learn it.  Language is generally learnt naturally, not subconsciously. It is much harder for an adults to language like children.

       Now your tarring claims to speak five languages there is no evidence his work done that isis between spoken words and writing. Anyone enlisted someone speaking on unfamiliar foreign language will struggle to identify a single word. His concept that novice learners can subconsciously absorb a thousand words from the pantomimes and playing is delusional.                            

        There has been a belief that listening to music, what is referred to the Mozart Effect, enhances learners learning. Ioan Talfryn believes it enables learners to listening to music while they learn.  But the concept only referred to spatial. It does not apply to word or grammar learning. The research suggests there is no validity to the Mozart Effect.

       All learners are expected to do in his lessons was listened to language, bark at print reading it and to the poor performing parrot fashion from memory. He celebrities including Derek Brockway on his S4C Cariad@iaeth were observed speaking Welsh to toy animals. He was expecting to novice learners to learn  about woodland animals. Derek Brockway was speaking GCE Welsh on the programme.

         I told was given as learners a folder woodland story in English on one side and Welsh on the other. The relevant phrases in each were colour-coded so they could work out the translations . Asking them to do that before going to bed. All he was doing was entertaining learners allowing them to do all the work.  There is no evidence of learners generating language speaking last with others.

        The fundamental problem with language learning it is one of the most difficult subjects to teach the curriculum and most difficult for learners to learn. It resembles maths because learners are learning a basic skill. The fact that someone can speak a language does not mean you can effectively teach it.

         The problem with learning a new language is it is an everlasting journey as opposed to a jet destination that can be reached. Ioan Talfryn was preaching the gospel to learners that if they learn sufficiently long applying these appalling methods that they will experience a flip, then suddenly the language become gushing out  of them.  He was retaining learners by entertain them.

         It unlikely that those without professional teaching qualifications will understand that Ioan Taflryn has been teaching absolutely nothing. He was not even tutoring. He was practising a method that any Tom Dick and Mary can practice. If there was award for the most incompetent tutor United Kingdom, Ioan Talfryn would almost certainly win it.  Legally he was not teaching a