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         The Welsh Language is not the intellectual copyright of those who speak it. The future of the Welsh Language will be dictated by science. There are and never will be magical methods of learning a new language.

 1.  The term 'speak' a language can mean anything. It is used to refer to someone who can fluently speak a language. It can applied to someone who can say 'bore dda' in Welsh

 It often used to imply learners should and will become able to apply native like fluency.

 2.      The term fluency can mean anything. If someone speaks some Welsh and they frequently listen to station announcements then they will become able to fluently  understand them and they are likely to become able to say them. Fluency is always a matter of degree. Native language fluency is extremely well developed and fast.

The word fluent is often used to imply 'native' like language to imply fluency.

3. Learners are encouraged to learn Welsh and they are described as learning it, but what is never said is that it will take around six years for learners to develop  A Level Welsh language fluency and that the rates of adult learning is diverse and discontinuity rates are high.

 Many learners are never honestly told how hard it is to learn Welsh and how long it takes.

4.  Learners are not learning Welsh. They are learning an artificial language called Cymru Byw.

It rarely admitted that learners are not learning the proper Welsh Language.