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         Ducan Astle of Cambridge University Insitute of the Brain, who is a neuro-cognitive science, which investigate children's learning difficulties  has contended that politicians tend not to be scientists and that they do not understand educational issues. Few of them throughout the world understand the simple maths of Pisa, the international school assessments.


         Dr William Salaman, who was a respected music HMI once said that the skills and understanding needed to teach a subject can be as deep, if not deeper than the subject knowledge needs to be taught to children (or adults). Professional teachers have Q.T.S. teaching status. University academics do not have that. The fact they may have a PhD in Welsh does not make them authorities on Welsh language learning and education issues.

        Professor Sue Garthercole C.B.E, who recently retired as head of the Institute of the Brain, said in a Learnus lecture she gave to teachers that they knew more about teaching than her.  Professor Michael Thomas is a neuro cognitive scientist in the University of London School of education stated teachers need to understand the processes of neuroscience but not they do need to understand the the raw researched data.

        Irrespective of how passionately the Welsh population  feel about the Welsh language, children go to school to be educated, not to learn Welsh or to save the living Welsh language. They have a human rights to have the opportunity to reach their full learning potential. Their human rights will be violated in Wales unless this is accepted. The purpose of education is to prepare children for their current and future lives.

       Professor Dylan William, who was born in Wales, who lectures on education across the world contends we do not know what type of future children will confront. They only have one education. They only have life. The education of children is too important to be left to a spirit of hope, optimism and guesswork.

         We live in a country where if anyone says anything negative about Welsh medium education in the public domain they tend to be criticised and even harassed. Determine what is in children's best learning interests is in the province of professional teachers not Tom, Dick's and Mary's. 


        The principles of Adobe referred to human does not mean that an argument is being unquestionably made for the upon abolition of Welsh medium education, but the Welsh language tail should not be allowed the educational dog. No bank would invest in something unless there is convincing business plan.


       Howard's reasearch on Welsh medium illustates that is extremely complex. The concept bilingualism itself is complex. 

          We are living in a world where the importance of sciences raised the surface in respect of covid. Professor David Reynolds and Daniel  Mujis called for education abandon DIY methods and it should resemble medicine. The problem with top down educational research is so many variables all affect children's attainment Cognitive research provides an indication of children's attention attainment. 

            The third principles cannot be questioned all about the medication.  

           The first is  proven research illustrates that it takes around five average child to reach the standard of native speaking children in a class and the majority language. Welsh is minority language.  Welsh is a extremely minority language. 67% speakers is recognised as the tipping point of a living language.

       The second  is that proven research suggests parents have a profound influence on children's language development from birth is predicted the later school attainment and English-speaking parents would choose medium Welsh cannot offer the head start that Welsh speaking children can be offered in.

        The third his children always learn most effectively in their most fluent language. This is because working memory is a gateway to all learning than the more fluent children's language is, the more effectively the learn.

          The following is a book refers to a research book researching bilingualism. It appears to suggest that they know more than these Tom, Dicks and Mary, who have no legal teaching qualifications can only be expressing their own unqualified personal opinions and prejudices on Welsh Medium Education,