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       Howard Gunn is a retired professional teacher, who possesses a initial and higher educational (Teaching) degrees in maths and science.  He has the same qualifications as the Chief Inspector of Schools and Professor Graham Donaldson.

        Howard has had training at initial and higher degree level in curriculum development and assessment; educational research methodology; readability and the presentation of teaching materials; child development, psychology and behaviour management; and computing in education. He has teaching specialisms in maths, science, history, and music.

     Howard has also undertaken classroom based research at initial a degree level. He has advanced skills teaching status. He has had thirty years of classroom teaching practice.

      Howard also possess a post graduate diploma that covers the primary curriculum. He is Q.T.S. qualified to teach English and Welsh.

       Howard is an authority on formative learning, working memory, cognitive overload and language cognition, which he has researched in his retirement.

       Howard has no political affiliations.
        Howard has done some part-time teaching maths to adult learners with learning difficulties.

   Howard in his retirement has researched second language acquisition, language cognition and working memory. He has written six privately researched privately published book.

 Howard improved his Welsh language in his retirement. He had a fascinating insight as a professional teacher into basic skill learning. He can understand Welsh, but he cannot speak it very well. He simply has no opportunity to speak it.

     Howard gained an insight into learning Welsh from a professional learning perspective that native Welsh speakers never see. He was the first legal qualified teacher to write a privately published researched book that addresses how to learn Welsh.
        Howard has written a leading edge Welsh language learning methods, which he wrote for Welsh adult learners. If any retired Q.T.S. Welsh language (English medium) teacher would like to develop Howards work they are invited to email socpie.uk

 Howard has created H.Gunn Educational Consultancy (hgunn.uk) website where he is offering free professional advice, where the issues referred to in this website are discussed in more detail. He is not selling his services for financial remuneration. Howard remains a member of his professional association NAS\UWT.

       Howard has written the following books. They are privately published limited distribution books. They should become available on Amazon on Demand in 2024/5.

Gunn, H.J.D. (2010) Developing Effective Second Language Teaching and Learning Strtegies Pontypridd:Denbigh Publications

Gunn. , H.J.D. (2016)  Developing a New Perspective on First and Second Language Learning; including Working Memory.  

Pontypridd. Denbigh Publications


Gunn. H.J.D.  (2017)  A New Applied Perspective on First and Second Language Learning; including Music and Mathematics.  

Pontypridd, Denbigh Publications

Gunn H.J.D. (2017)  Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics. A Review of Pisa. Six papers.  Pontypridd, Denbigh Publications.

Available in pdf form soon.

Gunn, H.J.D. (2017)   Political Dreams. Practical Realities. The Future of the Welsh Language and Welsh Medium Education..  

Pontypridd, Denbigh Publication.   

Gunn, H.J.D. (2021) Learners book for learning Welsh and other Language. 

Gunn, H.J.D. (2022) Concerns about the Donaldson Report.

Gunn, H.J.D. (2022) Concerns about Welsh Medium Education.