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  Aran Jones is a quack. He is playing being a teacher and researcher for financial remuneration. He only has an English Literature degree. He has never even practiced in the Welsh for Adult Service.

     Aran Jones does not have a clue how to teach or how learners learn. His promises are ridiculous. His methods are delusional. He demonstrates no respect for the law.

     All qualifications in the United Kingdom are legally accredited. Aran has not legal teaching qualifications. For some mysterious reason he approached the Welsh Government in 2013 because he wanted his behaviourist animal training method practiced in schools. Children and adults are not parrots. They are intelligent human beings.

       Aran Jones has claimed to perform one of the greatest miracles since biblical times. He claimed he learnt Manx from scratch to basic conversational level in seven binge hours of learning from his  Manx version  of his S.S.I.W. cyberspace website lessons. There must have been divine intervention because what he claimed is cognitively impossible.

         If Aran Jones had appeared on the B.B.C. Apprentice Lord Sugar would not have been amused because the title of Aran Jones website should have been SayAnythingHeLiked, because this is what he was doing. He is an amazingly creative person. Most new language learners struggle to hear spoken language at normal speed. Aran Jones advised learners to listen to it double speed!!

     Aran Jones has very strange ideas.  He claimed somone in Spain, who had never spoken Spanish before was able to have limited conversation to his Spanish speaking friend in Mexico. He claimed he did nothing for 14 months. Aran Jones then claimed he reactivated 80% to 90% of what he knew.  It is no sensical. 

       It is a great disappointment that Aran Jones never wrote the book he promised in his "Some Sex and Hills" where he promised to write a book tiled *Lunatis Guide to Building a Language Course*. On one of his promotional viedeos he referred to his "Brain shock method" as being "insanely" intensive. It is unclear if all those who patronised his methods know this.