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Howard Gunn B.Ed., M.Ed. 4th May 2024

      Amanda Spielamn Head of Ofsted stated "Education is the great force of human advancement, of advancement of civilisation "and that “It a lovely combination of the human and the intellectual- it’s big, it’s complicated, but above all it has such a profound influence upon people’s lives!" The proposal is huge one. It was a decision that required advanced Q.T.S. professional appraisal.

     The Welsh Language Society wants all children in Wales to be educated through the medium of Welsh. In their coalition agreement, Plaid Cymru has decreed that from 2025, native English-speaking children will have a legal right to be educated through their native language. 


    Parents devote a great deal of time investing in their early and continuing development. The Princess of Wales is encouraging this. English-speaking children will need to catch up. It will take around five years before they can learn effectively in a new language. When children are developing their Welsh academic vocabulary, they will not be developing an English one.


     Children will always learn most effectively through their native language because of working memory. Children in Need recognise this. Children's cognitive learning potential will always be greater when they learn through their native language. This is why Welsh speakers parents want their children to learn through the medium of Welsh.


      While Welsh-speaking children will continue to learn through their native language English speaking children will be treated like immigrants in their own country.


      The proposal appears to be intended to reverse the Treason of the Blue Books that took place in 1847 when Welsh-speaking children were compelled to learn through the medium of English instead of Welsh. English-speaking children in Wales will be compelled to learn through the medium of Welsh instead of English. This will be language apartheid. It is an attempt to suppress the Welsh Language. Even in South Africa children were allowed to learn through their native language since 1967.


      Many parents in Wales have voted with their heads and their feet. They have made informed decisions that they want their children educated through the medium of English, where they will be able to support their children's learning, and with their feet. They take their younger children to school.


    Mark Drakeford was the first First Minister during the Covid-19 schooling crisis because he admitted that parents who were in Welsh medium schools could not support their children's learning.  


    The Welsh Language Society is promoting the proposal. They and their Welsh-speaking members are campaigning for the futures of English-speaking children, who are a distinct ethnic group.


    English-speaking parents in Wales appear to be disenfranchised. They have had no political say in the proposed Bill. It is not credible that they would have voted for Plaid Cymru to have their children needing to change to a new language. A school in North Wales was preparing to imply it immediately, but 600 parents protested. It is common knowledge that most children in Welsh medium schools speak English in the schoolyard.


      The law exists to protect the citizen. The Human Rights Act stipulates that children have the opportunity to reach their full learning potential.


    All children are facing a very uncertain future with the effects of social media, which is affecting children's mental and physical health, artificial intelligence and what is being referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Thirty-three per cent of the current employment type opportunities will exist within five years. I am confident English-speaking parents want their children's education dictated by professional educators, not the Welsh Language Society.


     The time is overdue for the English speakers of Wales to have their rights respected. Please print and pass it on to others.

Howard Gunn B.Ed.,M.Ed. Retired Q.T.S. School Teacher. .


     I am reminded of being in Cardiff Bay when a group of four year of children passed me. They appear to be very young. A boy asked his teacher what was the words for 'mountain' in Welsh.  He should have around 10,000 words by the age of five. He knew what the word 'mountain' was in English. This is because the English Language is all around him.

The following is the full Sarah Eation Paper. This is honest account  given by a Professor of Education in Canada

It illustrates how difficult languages are to learn.