Foward -  

       The reason why was created to promote openness and honesty in all educational affairs. Howard is a highly qualified and experienced retired Q.T.S. teacher. In common with pharmacists teachers, are not accredited the professional status they deserve. Many people view pharmacists as glorified shop keepers.

       We live in a society where Tom, Dick and Mary believe that they are authorities on teaching. The Welsh Language is a very political issue in Wales. Just because someone can speak Welsh does not mean they can teach Welsh and be an authority on Welsh language issues. 

       Howard took six years as a practising Q.T.S. qualified teacher, taking an initial and higher degree. His professional status is equivalent to that of a consultant in medicine. There are educational solicitors, but in common with medicine consultants, they are the authorities in their field.

       Howard has been intensely trained to promote curriculum development and to defend professional criticism. Researched papers are legal recipes for pedagogic practice. He never asserts anything that he cannot substantiate legally.

         Howard has been subject to vicious attacks on his integrity by Welsh speakers for professionally criticising their claims and methods. 

The Freedom of Speech is one of the most cherished values in our society. We do not live in a police state. is dedicated to promoting openness and honesty in respect of all learning issues. It also lobbies the Welsh Government on educational issues.