Llanfair Carerinion

           There is dispute abuot Llanfair Carerinion about compelling children in the village school to change to learning through the medum of Weslsh as opposed to English. This currrently unlawful. It is a violation of the Welsh Language Act.

        It appears that it is in intended to be immediately implemented across the school. It is unclear of how children can learn Welsh instantly to be successfully be educated through the medium of it.

Teacher Status

       Howard has been subject to attack upon his professional integrity.  Stigler, James W.; Hiebert, James. The Teaching Gap states that:-

"Society unfairly targets teachers because teaching has not been granted the status of other professions, like medicine or law or business. Society thinks that anyone can be a teacher, that little expertise is required. Because teachers are not fully appreciated for what they do, they are vulnerable to public attacks."

The problem in Wales is that any  Tom, Dick and Mary believe they can appoint themselves as experts on Welsh Langauge teaching and learning.  Anyone who does not have Q.T.S. teaching qualifications are expressing their unqualified personal opinions and prejudices. 

Welsh Medium Education - Howards Book

      Howard is the only Q.T.S. teacher who has written a researched book on Welsh Medium Education. The subject of bilingual education is extremely complex. The book is a set a papers. It is private published and it will be limited distribution. It is written for professional educators. It is current available and it should be available on Amazon on Demand some time in 2024      

Learning  Welsh

There is notion that new langauges are easy to learn.  Millions failed to learn Welsh using the Duolingo website. The first pdf is presenation by Professor Sarah Eaton who refers to it taking 10,000 hours to learn a new language from sratch to a basic coversational Level.  Colin MIles has also described his adult learning experiences.

School Summer Holidays

        Howard made detail summissions to the Welsh Government on the School Holidays. The papers are available on this website.  Professor Lee Major who made the proposals had no legal teaching  qualifications. He was social scienist. He never referred to any improvement in school standards. He was not qualified to do so.