Welsh Medium Education Scandal

  Pleasel refer to the editorial.

Professor Sioned Davies, who has now retired, and the Welsh Language Society, which is a direct action group, is demanding in a Nation Cymru article  that her 2015 Donaldson Curriculum recommendations should be implemented. Her legal teaching status is Tom, Dick and Mary.  The recommendations are eight years old and contemporary research illustrates that her findings are passed their sell-by date.

         Mark Drakeford has promised in the media that English-speaking children will never be compelled to learn a new language to be educated through the medium of Welsh. It would be an infringement of their human rights if they were, because children will always learn most effectively in their most fluent language.

          Professor Sioned Davies is a Professor of Welsh, not education. Her recommendation that all children in Wales should take the a common Welsh Language G.C.S.E., the one children in Welsh-Medium take, can only be  implemented if all children are compelled  to learn Welsh to be educated through the medium of it so they can achieve that standard. It appears to have been a surreptitious proposal. The intent was not clearly articulated to the public. 

         Hedledd Fychan Plaid Cymru expressed her dream of making every child in Wales confident bilingual speakers. She clearly wants children to devotes thousands of hours to learn Welsh instead of devoping their reading, maths and science.


       Q.T.S. teachers, who are intensively trained in schools of education, not Welsh, who are registered, are the legal authorities on children’s learning, not professors of Welsh who have never taught a child nor university academics with Welsh Language degrees. Unlike teachers they not registered.They are not required to be open and hones, and there is no protection for the public from institutional cover ups.

     Professor Paul Howard-Jones is a educational neuroscientist in Bristol School of Education. He refers to teachers having the equivalent impact upon the brain as neurosurgeons. University Welsh Language academics are not legal authorities in community or school teaching up to A'Level. Professor Margaret Brown, who is a very brilliant mathematical educator, for instance. She spent her career in school and schools of education. University maths academics do not teach maths up to A'Level.


        Children in Wales have a legal human right to have the opportunity to reach their full learning potential. Gold plated research illustrates that children will always learn most effectively in their most fluent language and that if they learn a new language and a subject content simultaneously this will cause cognitive overload. Their learning of both will be retarded. 

       There has been a failure in Wales to understand that the language children learn through the medium of  is fundmanetal to determining their learning attainment, Welsh or English, and fluency takes thousands of hours to develop and the fluency, including literaracy that children will develop will also be a matter of degree.


      English speaking parents invest a vast amount of time in their children’s education by developing their early language skills and knowledge and they continue to provide rich language environments for their them. The Princess of Wales is encouraging parents to support their children's learning.


      Parents cannot support their children if they are educated in a language thay they cannot speak. Native speakers develop their oral language learning naturally from birth. Older language learners and adults cannot jump back into the pram.

       Parents have a legal human right to support their children’s learning. Children have a legal human right to receive that support.         

         Shah on paper on the Irish Language refers the emphasis on developing the Irish language in schooling is simplistic, and it does not address the core issue of language survival (See hgunn.uk - Welsh Language Papers). It putting the blame for the decline of the Welsh Language on English speaker

      Welsh speakers will be engaging in xenaophobic prejudice if they do not respect children's human rights and demand that native English speaking children must be educated through the medium of Welsh. They have a human right to be educated through their native English language as much Welsh speakers theirs.


         The Welsh Government is preparing create a Bill that it appears for English medium that schools must create confident Welsh Language speakers. This will require more lesson and learning time to be devoted to it. Children are not even learning proper Welsh. They are learning an artificial language because Welsh is such a difficult language to learn.

        It takes adult around 10,000 hours for adult to develop anything resembling native fluency in a new language. Children will need to learn the same language as adults.


          Professor McChriost who is an authority on language planning in Cardiff School of Welsh has claimed that minority languages cannot be resurrected and children will always prefer to speak their mother tongue. Dr Margaret Newcombe Cardiff School of Welsh admits that most children in Welsh medium education speak Welsh in the school yard and at home.  


        Hywel Jones Cardiff University who was on statistician on  the Welsh Language Board stated that ambition to create million Welsh Speakers by 2050 is unattainable. He also refers to in a B.B.C. article the figure of  Welsh speakers being misrepresented in the public domain @ 27% and the population of Welsh speakers being around 10% to 12%. This is the figure Howard has referred to in his researched book. It must accepted the larger stamps were available for whoever created the ambition to write their rationale on the back of it.


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