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      There has been a failure in Wales to understand that the leading Welsh Language teaching authorities are registered Q.T.S. teacher trainers in university schools of education, who teach professional teachers how to teach Welsh  and they teach their students teacher Welsh as language. 


       The university academics, who provide the Welsh for Adult Service in Wales, are providing a further education service to community learners, not undergraduates. They are  primarily tutoring Welsh up to A-level standards.  They have no legal teaching qualifications and they are not registered. They are applying 1950s behaviourist methods.
        All professional teacher have required to practicising real teaching since 1987. Effectively teaching a second langauge is challening. Learning methods are not like wine. They do not mature with age. They will become putrid.

         Although Howard is not a Q.T.S. teacher trainer, he has a teaching masterate and advanced skills teaching status. He has  learnt Welsh as an Adult to a very basic level. He  has viewed learning Welsh from a learning perspective. He has  also researched and written research book on how to learn second languages and Welsh. 


      Howard can resonanbly claim to be the leading authority on the process of learning Welsh in Wales.  The university academics including those in the Nation Welsh Language Learning College have never been to a school of education. Their teaching competency and understanding of pedagogy has never been assessed.  

      Teaching  has a legal professional meaning. All qualifications are accredited in the United Kingdom. Only those with acute "Q.T.S " qualifications are legally teachers. The academics do not possess that qualification.

        Since 1987 all Q.T.S. teachers have applied the same core teaching practice to cater for all children's needs in all subject in the curriculum. There is no such thing as second langauge learning methods.

       Professor Margaret Brown is a very distinguished retired mathematical educator. She is a leading authority on mathematical education. University academics teaching undergraduates and postgraduate students do not teach maths in the community up to A'level. This is because advanced teaching skills are needed to teach children and community learners, not academic experise.


      Providing second languages courses up to A'Level is an exception in universities. They are provided because certain languages need to be learned from scratch for certain degree courses. This does not make academic second language teachers experts on formative language teaching and learning.             

Historical Anachronism

        The provision of Welsh Language Learning in Wales is a historical anachronism. It has been historically provided in  universities as a lifelong learning service.  They academics were, are still applying  1950s Skinnerist behaviourist method that was imported from Israel. It is referred to as Wlpan.

        The university academics were expecting learners to learn through drilling phrases so they could memorise them like 'parrots'. It is recognised as a inhumane, brain dead method of learning anything.  Professional teachers would be struck off for practicising it.

        In 2006 the Welsh Government created the Welsh for Adult Service. There was a requirement for tutors to teach but the curriculum leaders continued to practice their appalling Wlpan based methods. Professor Sioned  Davies at al. Cardiff University wasted £300,000 of public money undertaking research to justifying the appalling Wlpan method. 

       All professor Sioned Davies et al. needed to do was to borrow Coleman and Klapper 2006 researched book on university tutoring for her 2012 research. They approved 1950s behaviourist Skinnerist methods instead.

         The new Welsh National Learning College has since Autumn 2018 has been required to apply proven methods to ensure that DIY methods in the Welsh for Adult Service were abandoned so the service could conform to the same standards of practice as in all other further education courses such as maths up to A'Level. The university academics possess  such a lamentable lack of understanding most elementary principles of pedagogy that they did not understand what proven methods were!

  Coleman and Klapper second language university authorities refer to languages being complex, difficult to learn (See below). The academics are still applying  DIY methods that any Tom Dick and Mary can practice without any training. The college has been supporting Aran Jones, a Welsh language campaigner, who has been applying the appalling Wlpan method playing being a teacher and researcher. His only profession was Council environmental officer. 

       Aran Jones conduct proves that any Tom Dick and Mary can tutor Wlpan. He was making ridiculous promises he could not deliver and giving reckless learning advice. This did not appear to concern the college.

 Welsh Language R.I.P.

         There is absolutely no evidence that the ambition to create a million Welsh speakers by 2050 can be achieved. There no evidence  anyone knows what is meant by  speak a language. It can mean anything.

     .  Research illustrates that proven methods yield proven results. Whatever learning success is claimed what is being achieved n the Welsh for Adult Service, learners will always learn more effectively if they are provided with proven methods. Research illustrates that the quality of teaching that delivers positive learning outcomes.

      Research proves beyond reasonable doubt that behaviourist methods are a totally ineffective method of learning anything.

        Howard has written a new book so that learners can be educated on how to learn Welsh effectively and so they can be informed about the quality of service that they are contractuallly entitled to receive, which will become available as soon as practical. It has been written.

     Hunter and Turner honest Welsh tutors stated that many Welsh learners start learning Welsh without having any appreciation how much time and work it takes. There is no evidence in the National Welsh Language Learning College is interested in informing leasrners and the public this. 

      Howard mission statements on this website and on website is to serve learners interest and provide open and honest advice. Howard has been open and honest.

      Howard has advised learners that learning a new language is like climbing Ben Nevis. He argues that learners should have realistic expectations about what they are aiming to achieve. He advises learners to aim for GCSE Welsh language level in the first instance. 

    The habit of creating celebrity learners claiming their Welsh Language Learning is more than successful is deceitful. 

         The vintage behaviourist being applied in the Welsh for Adult service, which concentrates on the memorisation of phrases, will not provide secure avenues that will lead forward to developing anything resembling native like fluency.  If adult learning Welsh can save the living Welsh Language, which there is no evidence it can, then the university academic is killing the Welsh Language.

The Future

        Governments invest a vast amount of of public money into its educational services. Q.T.S. teachers have been trained since the 1850s. They now trained in schools of education. Modern professional teaching is becoming a very deep science. Intelligence is needed to teach.

        The professional training of teachers is based upon the master apprentice model of learning. Trained teachers appoint new students who become practising teachers and a small proportion of them will become teacher trainers in the next generation. 

        We all accept service in good faith because we do not have the expertise to evaluate them. This applies to governments.  We are all inclined 
into believing that what we read or are told without pausing to ask whether it is accurate, true and reasonable. If teachers did not need to be trained, then there would need for schools of education to exists. 

     The problem with the school of life is that kills all its learners. This why children go to school and students go university schools. This why language cannot be learn naturally like children. This why their endemic incompetence in the Welsh for Adult Service.

        It is counterintuitive to believe that university academics can be so talented that they can provide  the same standard of service tutoring Welsh up to A'Level without having the intense training that Q.T.S. teacher have. Primary English speaking teachers are intensively trained how to teach English.


    The university academics have  be undertaken the educational equivalent of inventing a square wheel, which featured on 'Carry on Cleo'. Aran Jones is a quack playing being a teacher and researcher. He is claiming to be a leading authority on Welsh Language teaching.

         There are no experts in professional teaching. The 'ex' refers to someting that is 'past'. A 'spirt' is a flow of water, a 'drip'.  Professional educationalist share their expertise with other leading authorities in their field. The college support for Aran Jones is grosslely offensive to every Q.T.S educationalist in the country.

         Welsh for Adult learners will never be able to recieve quality Welsh Language experiences until they the Service is directed by qualified Q.T.S. teachers. The Welsh Adult is the only further education  Estyn inspected course that is not dictated by university schools of edcuation.  Dick Moritmer in blog refers to need for professional teaching to offer in the service. Colin Miles, Chemist, in Welsh Insitute of Affairs paper referrred to rote teaching taking place in the service.

    The term rote teaching easily be reseasrched  "It is a memorization technique based on repetition." There appears to have been nepotism and a conspiracy of complacency in the service.

Welsh for Adult Service Key Points.pdf

The Real Truth about Learning Welsh 

What they Do not Want you to Know

The National Welsh Learning College is advising learners to learn from 'crap' websites.

         Professor Sarah Eaton, who is a professor of education and a second language authority, who learnt Spanish as an Adult and was in a second language research institute, states that:-

       “Let’s be honest. Learning a language is not easy. There are companies out there who make big bucks selling slick packages with audio programs and pocketbooks, touting the idea that you can listen to their CDs or MP3s in the car or on the bus and learn a language. There’s even been an idea circulated that if you listen to these programs while going to sleep, you’ll magically wake up with that knowledge embedded in your brain, and words will flow from your mouth with ease.”

          “I have heard that there are those people with a rare gift, for whom learning a language this way is possible. But in over a decade of teaching languages and a few more decades of being alive, I’ve never met such a person myself.”

“What these companies are selling is hope. They are selling the idea that learning a language is effortless. What is more common is that people struggle. Even Mahatma Gandhi, who was deeply intelligent and patient, confessed to finding it difficult to learn languages.”

      Duolingo offers free lessons, but they obtain income from other sources. They have no direct interaction with their millions of subscribers, and they have no means of assessing what learners attain. Just because someone on website clicks a button on it does not mean learners will successfully learn from

       Why it should help Welsh Learners, as the National Welsh Language Learning College claims, is a complete mystery because learners cannot learn languages from websites.

        Welsh Language activists like Aran Jones’ S.S.I.W. have been more than brainwashing the public about how easy it is to learn Welsh using his 'crap' website that the college is amazingly supporting. He appears to believe he is charity because he has been taking money out of learners pockets for doing 'bugger all'.  Why should public money be spent supporting the quack.

       Children and adults with low working memory capacity will struggle to learn a new language, especially a minority language that is not all around them. Eaton also states:-

“The challenges of learning another language are immense. There's vocabulary to be acquired, grammar to master and verb conjugations to memorize. All of this information must be internalized, synthesized and then reproduced spontaneously as interactive speech. It's an enormous feat. It's an enormous feat that millions have undertaken. Those who achieve fluency put in lots of hard work."

Eaton also states:-

        In his book, Outliers, author Malcom Gladwell highlights a study orirignally published in the Harvard Business review by Ericsson et al. The general premise has become known as the “10,000 hours to become an expert rule”. In the book Gladwell explains the research behind the notion that true expertise is achieved after an individual has invested 10,000 hours in learning or practicing a skill. This may be a sport, a musical instrument or the study of something.

       There are many ways to define “fluency” If, for the sake of argument, we consider fluency to be the same as being an “expert” in speaking a language, then a learner may well invest 10,000 hours in their language studies to attain fluency. People will shake their heads when they hear that. No one wants to believe it really requires that much work.

The 10,000 hour is recognised by cognitive scientists. It is not an exact figure but it indicates the scale of task. The problem with learning Welsh in Wales is that it is not all around leasrners.

          Parrots can memorise phrases. Human can memorise. Parrots cannot have conversations with people, because, as Skemp said:-

"The behaviourist model is helpful in understanding those forms of learning which we have in common with the laboratory rats and pigeon; and it has been admitted that for far too many children mathematics has become a conditional anxiety stimulus; but the learning of maths with understanding exemplifies the kind of learning in which human being differs from the lower animals: so this is why a different kind of theoretical model is needed."

This applies to all subjects i the curriculum. Behaviourism pertains to Pavlov’s research with dogs. Quacks like Aran Jones should be applying dog training methods, and he should not be imposing his inhumane (dogs are not human) on intelligent human beings. The National Welsh Language Learning College should not be practising 1950s animal training methods, especially those practised by quacks.      

     QTS teachers do not treat learners like animals. They are intensively trained to teach human beings. They do not make up D.I.Y, methods. They are constantly referring to new research to improve their teaching. They do not approach 'quacks' like Aran Jones to advise them. Learners have been promised to recieve proven methods they are not recieving them.